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  1. 1. STARSHIP CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL Sub-speciality Paediatric Registrar Run Description JOB TITLE: Paediatric Endocrine and Infectious Diseases Registrar RUN PERIOD: 4 or 6 Months RECOGNITION: This run is recognised by the Royal Australasian College of Physicians RESPONSIBLE TO: Medical Subspecialty Clinical Director Clinical Responsibility and Work Schedules On-call Responsibilities • While on call the acute Paediatric Medical Registrar pager is held. • The Medical Registrar on–call is available to advise on children in CED. The decision to admit a child is made by the Medical Registrar on-call. • On hand over of admissions from the emergency department, full and appropriate clinical notes and the ongoing management are the responsibilities of the medical registrar on call. • If a child is referred to the Medical registrar on-call from CED and the Registrar feels that admission is not appropriate they will review the child in CED and suggest an alternative plan with the CED staff. • Review of medical admissions to PICU. • The on-call Medical Registrar will take GP calls for advice and/or admission. They will notify ED if there is concern regarding the severity of the condition of the child. • Attend emergency calls alerted to by the acute pager. C:Rundecriptions/Registrar run descriptions/ current run descriptions/2002 1
  2. 2. Clinical Responsibilities • Responsibilities include all patients under and referrals to the Paediatric Endocrine and Infectious Diseases service. • Daily ward rounds and reviewing the above patients. • Attend outpatient clinics • Implement management and treatment for the above patients. • Arrange appropriate investigations and ensure follow up of results. • Legible notes are to be written in patients charts on a daily basis and when management changes are made. Entries must be dated, signed and have a legible printed name accompanying the signature. • Weekend plans will be formulated and in place. • Perform required procedures as necessary. • Liase with other staff members, departments and health professionals in the management of patients. • Communicate with patients and their families about their concerns and facilitate their understanding of the medical issues involved. • On discharge ensure appropriate follow up is in place, including written information where appropriate. A written discharge will be completed within a reasonable period of time and forwarded to the appropriate health professionals including the family doctor. All the above duties will be in conjunction with junior house staff and the consultant responsible for that patient. Where appropriate the registrar will supervise junior staff and help them with problems as needed. The Registrar will discuss with the consultant as needed and over difficult diagnostic or management areas. C:Rundecriptions/Registrar run descriptions/ current run descriptions/2002 2
  3. 3. Daily Schedule – Paediatric Endocrine and Infectious Diseases Registrar Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 0800 Handover Handover Update Handover Handover 0830 ID Journal Club 0830 Endo ward Endo ward Endo ward 0900 round Diabetes round round clinic 1000 ID ward TB Clinic ID ward round round 1100 Endocrine 1130 Plate team round and ID meeting team meeting 1200 1230 Journal Endocrine 1230 Grand 1300 Rheumatic Club teaching Round fever clinic 1400 Endocrine Endocrine 1500 clinic clinic FRACP part 1 1600 Teaching 1630 Registrar Teaching Education • Infectious Diseases Journal Club, Level 4 Main Building, Monday 0830-0930 • Endocrinology teaching, Level 6 seminar room, Thursday 1200 – 1300 • General Paediatric Journal Club, Room 5.164, Tuesday 1230 – 1330 hours • Registrar Case-based Teaching, Board Room Level 7, Thursday 1630 – 1730 • FRACP part 1 teaching, Level 1 Dept Paediatrics, Thursday 1500-1700 Cover • During Summer months, December to April there are 2 General Paediatric Registrars and 2 House Officers. During the winter months there are 3 General Paediatric Registrars and 3 House Officers. • There are 10 sub-speciality Paediatric Registrars. Respiratory Neurology Endocrinology Gastroenterology/ Cystic Fibrosis Renal Oncology/ Haematology /Infectious Diseases Oncology/ Haematology Te Puaruruhau Child psychiatry C:Rundecriptions/Registrar run descriptions/ current run descriptions/2002 3
  4. 4. Immunology Respiratory • There are 5 sub-speciality House Officers. The Respiratory House Officer is half time. One House Officer is assigned to Neurology, one to Endocrinology/ Renal/Immunology, one to Gastroenterology/Cystic Fibrosis/Infectious Diseases, one to Respiratory, and one is assigned to Oncology. Child psychiatry and Whakaruruhau/Te Puaruruhau operate without house officers. • There are 3 annual relief registrars in summer and 2 for the remainder of the year. • There are two rotating registrars to cover registrars on nights and sick relief. • On call hours; 1700 – 2300 week days, 0800 – 2300 week ends, 2230 – 0830 Night shift including handover. On call Cover during the day; 0800 – 1700, is shared between the General Paediatric Registrars in a rotating manner. • Weekend Ward round 0800 – 1300. • Call back 1700 to 2300 during the week and 1300 to 2300 in weekends. It is at the request of the on-call medical registrar. • All shifts are 1 in 12: 2-3 general paediatric and 10 sub-speciality registrars, as is designated by the roster (1 in 13 in winter). Sick Relief •The medical registrars will cover sickness during the day in a weekly rotating capacity, similar to night cover. •The cover will be from 0800 to 2300, Monday to Thursday and in extreme circumstances and only with agreement from the Registrar involved include cover for sickness from 2300 to 0800. •The registrar if not employed that day on sick cover may be free for clinical research, paperwork or library based reading. It is expected that they be at handover at 0800 and be contactable by locator during the day until 1700. Expected Average Hours of Work • The ordinary hours of work are 0800 – 1700 Monday to Friday. Thursday is paid through until 1730 for teaching. In addition a 1:12 roster operates outside ordinary hours from 1700 to 2300. Saturday and Sunday 0800 – 2300. • There are 7 days of nights 2230 – 0830 which is also rostered 1 in 12. • There is one week of sick relief which happens before the week of nights. Expected hours are 0800 – 1700 Monday to Thursday. Any extra hours will be paid as additional duties. Ordinary Hours (0800 – 1700) 40 + 5 + 0.5 Rostered Hours over above 2.2 (4 ‘L’ shifts a week at 6 hours/11) 2.7 (2 ‘L’ shifts weekends at 15 hours/11) C:Rundecriptions/Registrar run descriptions/ current run descriptions/2002 4
  5. 5. 2.3 (7 night shifts, 25 hours above ordinary/11) Call back (weekend ward round) 0.9 (2 ‘C’ shifts at 5 hours/11) Unrostered Hours 2.5 (extra ½ hour each day) Total 56.1 average hours per week Salary Category C (55 - 59.9 hours) Extended Winter Roster • Starting mid June until mid September (total of 12 weeks) extra hours are rostered for the expected increased winter work load. • Two registrars on-call from 1700 to 2300 during the week and 0800-2300 during the weekend. This is a total of 8 long days shifts during the week and 4 weekend shifts, shared between 13 registrars with the rotator registrars covering the remaining 2 long day shifts during the week. • One extra registrar on for ward rounds 0800 to 1300 over the weekends. Ordinary Hours (0800 – 1700) 40 + 5 + 0.5 Rostered Hours over above 4.0 (8 ‘L’ shifts a week at 6 hours/12) 5.0 (4 ‘L’ shifts weekends at 15 hours/12) 2.1 (7 night shifts, 25 hours above ordinary/ 12) Weekend ward rounds 0.9 (2 ‘R’ shifts at 5 hours/11) Unrostered Hours 2.5 (extra ½ hour each day) Total 60.0 average hours per week (was 56.1) Salary Category B (60 – 64.9) Includes three hours rostered time within the roster for education. Callbacks apart from weekend ward rounds are paid at a 4 hour minimum to a maximum of eight hours in any 8 hour period. These are paid as additional duties. Weekend ward rounds are calculated into the base salary as above. Cover for leave • Provided for by two annual relievers • This provides annual cover for 16 registrars. Additional cover is during the summer months by an extra reliever from December though to April. Extra cover is provided for by Locums. Study Leave provisions • Cover is provided for the annual relievers and locum cover as above with extra provision during the summer months for the FRACP part 1 in March. C:Rundecriptions/Registrar run descriptions/ current run descriptions/2002 5