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October 2009 . Volume 150 . Number 10

Endocrinology   October 2009 . Volume 150 . Number 10 . pages 4463–4818
The Endocrine Society
                                          8401 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 900
Introducing our latest additions
                   The Model 1004 Pump                                      The Model 200...
ESAP ’09 & ESAP ’09 MOC—The most respected
                                Affirmation of Originality and Assignment of Copyright
      Fax this form t...
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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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  1. 1. October 2009 . Volume 150 . Number 10 Endocrinology
  2. 2. Endocrinology October 2009 . Volume 150 . Number 10 . pages 4463–4818
  3. 3. The Endocrine Society 8401 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 900 Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815-5817 USA Phone: 301-951-2615 / Fax: 301-951-2617 Mission Statement of The Endocrine Society The mission of The Endocrine Society is to advance excellence in endocrinology and promote its essential role as an integrative force in scientific research and medical practice. THE ENDOCRINE SOCIETY 2009-2010 ROBERT A. VIGERSKY, President CAROLE R. MENDELSON, Vice-President—Basic Science KELLY E. MAYO, President-Elect NANETTE F. SANTORO, Vice-President—Clinical Science ROBERT M. CAREY, Past President ANDREW F. STEWART, Secretary-Treasurer LISA H. FISH, Vice-President—Physician-in-Practice JOHN C. MARSHALL, Secretary-Treasurer Elect PUBLICATIONS CORE COMMITTEE—MARGARET A. SHUPNIK, Chair COUNCIL—ROBERT M. CAREY, LISA H. FISH, JAN-ÅKE GUSTAFSSON, JENNIFER L. LARSEN, SUSAN J. MANDEL, JOHN C. MARSHALL, KELLY E. MAYO, DONALD MCDONNELL, CAROLE R. MENDELSON, MARK MOLITCH, ALVIN C. POWERS, NANETTE F. SANTORO, ANDREW F. STEWART, PETER TRAINER, ROBERT A. VIGERSKY, TERESA WOODRUFF. EX OFFICIO: SCOTT HUNT, MARGARET E. WIERMAN, JOY Y. WU. SCOTT HUNT, Executive Director and CEO INSTRUCTIONS TO AUTHORS AND ETHICAL GUIDELINES: These appear in the first issue of each volume and at The online versions of these documents should be treated as the most current. CHANGE OF ADDRESS: Notify The Endocrine Society 60 days in advance using the contact information above. DISCLAIMER: The statements and opinions in Endocrine Society journal articles are solely those of the authors and not of The Endocrine Society. Advertisements are solicited and placed without knowledge of the particular order of articles in any issue. The Editors are not permitted to engage in discussions about Journal content for forthcoming issues with agencies involved in soliciting advertisements, or companies purchasing advertising space. The Endocrine Society does not evaluate advertised products or services nor assess advertising claims. The appearance of advertising in The Endocrine Society’s publications, or reference to a product or service within a paper published by The Endocrine Society, do not constitute endorsements by The Endocrine Society. The Endocrine Society reserves the right to decline any advertisement in its discretion. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING: Contact The Endocrine Society Placement and Classified Advertising, c/o Christine Whorton, 12366 N. Red Mountain Drive, Tucson, AZ 85737 USA. Phone: 800-361-3906 or 520-544-2760; Fax: 520-297-4466; Email: PRINT DISPLAY ADVERTISING: Contact Scherago International, Inc., 525 Washington Blvd., Suite 3310, Jersey City, NJ 07310 USA. Phone: 201-653-4777; Fax: 201-653-5705 ONLINE ADVERTISING: Contact Walchli Tauber Group, Inc., 2225 Old Emmorton Road, Suite 201, Bel Air, MD 21015 USA. Phone: 443-512-8899; Website: Endocrinology Email: Website: 1A
  4. 4. Introducing our latest additions The Model 1004 Pump The Model 2006 Pump 100 µl reservoir 4 week duration 0.11 µl/hr 200 µl reservoir 6 week duration 0.15 µl/hr An ideal delivery system for reproducible results. With ALZET Catheters – test your drug’s effects ALZET® pumps are proven technology; over 10,000 published nearly anywhere. studies demonstrate their reliable use to deliver a wide range If your study requires the need for a catheter, such as for IV of test agents. We offer 12 pump models designed to infuse or targeted delivery, select from a range of ALZET catheters continuously from 1 day to 6 weeks. Small sizes are available for available. Designed with your methods and convenience in use in small mice and bigger ones for use in larger lab animals. mind, these catheters include features such as leak-free ALZET pumps are easy to use, with no complex programming connections, suture anchors and specially-sized tips to or software. With no batteries or electronics to fail, you can use streamline your surgeries. Connect a catheter to any the peace of mind and extra time to design your next study. ALZET pump and deliver the agent right to the target site. Visit for more information on our two newest pumps, or references in your area of interest. Or, contact us directly for more details by phone (877-922-5938) or e-mail ( ©2009 DURECT Corporation. ALZET is a trademark of DURECT Corporation.
  5. 5. ESAP ’09 & ESAP ’09 MOC—The most respected testing and training tools on the market. Based on the ABIM blueprint for endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism. ~ Case-based question, answer and discussion format. ESAP 2009 TWO OPTIONS FOR CAREER ADVANCEMENT ESAP ’09 has 160 case-based questions and ESAP ’09 MOC has 50 questions. ~ Each question is associated with an Up-to-Date topic review. ~ Created by a distinguished panel of specialists to ensure that information is applicable to clinical practice. Seeking your initial ABIM certification Certified after 1990 and seeking or just looking for a refresher? recertification? ESAP ’09 is the tool for you. ESAP ’09 MOC is the tool for you. Ideal for fellows seeking initial certification ESAP MOC is an ABIM-approved Self- or for practitioners seeking a review. Evaluation of Medical Knowledge Module in Earn up to 50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. s Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism. 93% of questions are new relative to ESAP ’08. 20 MOC credits toward Maintenance of Certification. Available in print and web-based format. All new questions. ESAP 2009 Earn up to 20 AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™. s MOC OC Fellows $199 — Member Discount $250 $200 Non-Members $350 $300 © 2009 The Endocrine Society® For more information, please visit THE JOURNALS of The Endocrine Society World leaders in diabetes, endocrinology & metabolism Renew Now or Begin Your Free Trial! JCEM was recognized as one of the top 100 most influential journals in biology and medicine over the past century by the Special Library Association. COMING IN 2010! The Journal of Endocrine Reviews Endocrinology & Molecular Endocrinology Hormones & Cancer Clinical Endocrinology An In-depth, Essential Resources on the Cutting Edge Translational Research & Metabolism Enduring Resource With of Endocrine Research on the Effect of the Highest Impact Factor Hormone Action on Cancer The Most Cited, in Endocrinology and Must-Read Clinical Journal Metabolism in the Field View subscription information at oncology/journal/12672
  6. 6. ENDOCRINOLOGY Affirmation of Originality and Assignment of Copyright Fax this form to: Jeffrey D. Blaustein, Ph.D., Editor-in-Chief, Endocrinology Manuscript No.: 8401 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 900 Chevy Chase, MD 20815-5817, USA 301-951-2615 (phone) 301-951-2617 (fax) The author(s) hereby affirms that the manuscript entitled: is original, that all statements asserted as facts are based on author(s) careful investigation and research for accuracy, that the manuscript does not, in whole or part, infringe any copyright or violate any right of privacy or other personal or property right whatsoever, that it has not been published in total or in part and is not being submitted or considered for publication in total or in part elsewhere, and that author(s) has full power and authority to enter into this copyright assignment and to make the grants herein contained. In signing this form, each author acknowledges that he/she participated in the work in a substantive way and is prepared to take public responsibility for the work. If the above statement cannot be certified, justification for duplicate publication and permission to republish copyrighted material must be included with the covering letter. Please include a statement declaring any commercial relationships that may pertain to this paper. In signing this form, each author further affirms that he or she has read and understands the “Ethical Guidelines for Publication of Research” and consents to the investigation of any improprieties or violations thereof that may be alleged. Each author further releases and holds harmless The Endocrine Society from any claim or liability that may arise therefrom. The author(s), in consideration of the acceptance of the above work for publication, does hereby assign and transfer to The Endocrine Society all of the rights and interest in and to the copyright of the above titled work in its current form and in any form subsequently revised for publication and/or electronic dissemination and does hereby appoint The Endocrine Society to obtain all right, title, and interest to the copyright for the above titled work. Publication Charge Agreement: The undersigned agree to honor publication charges as outlined in the Instructions to Authors if the manuscript is published. The Journals are copyrighted by The Endocrine Society to protect The Society and authors from unauthorized use of its contents. The Society grants to authors the royalty-free right of republication in any work of which they are the author or editor, subject only to giving proper credit in the work to the original publication of the article by The Endocrine Society. Therefore, authors do not need to contact The Endocrine Society office to request permission to reproduce their work. All authors must sign in the order in which each is listed in the authorship. Authors may submit copies of this document independently if they are located at different institutions, but authors signing independently must sign on the line that reflects their authorship placement. Date Name (print) Signature Date Name (print) Signature Date Name (print) Signature Date Name (print) Signature Date Name (print) Signature Date Name (print) Signature Date Name (print) Signature Date Name (print) Signature Date Name (print) Signature Date Name (print) Signature ______Check here if this article exists in the public domain because it was written as part of the official duties of any of the authors as employees of a government. A signature confirming authorship is still required for each author. Full Instructions to Authors and Ethical Guidelines for Endocrinology can be found in the first issue of each volume and http://endo. The online versions of these documents should be treated as the most current. 10A