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Editorial Boards

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Date Prepared: August 2006 Name: Anthony Neil Hollenberg, M.D., FRCP(C) Office Address: Division of Endocrinology Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Boston, MA 02215 Home Address: 50 Victoria Circle Newton, MA 02159 E:Mail thollenb@caregroup.harvard.edu Fax: 617-667-2927 Place of Birth: Montreal, Quebec, Canada Education: 1983 A.B. (cum laude) Harvard College, Cambridge, MA Biochemical Sciences 1986 M.D. University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, Calgary, Alberta Postdoctoral Training: Internship and Residencies: 1986-1987 Intern in Medicine, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA 1987-1989 Resident in Medicine, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA 1990-1991 Chief Medical Resident, Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, MA Fellowships: 1989-1990 Clinical and Research Fellow in Endocrinology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA 1991-1993 Clinical and Research Fellow in Endocrinology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA Licensure and Certification: 1988 Board of Registration, Commonwealth of Massachusetts 1989 Diplomat, American Board of Internal Medicine 1990 Fellow, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Canada) 1993 Diplomat in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism Academic Appointments: 1993 Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School 1996- Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School 2003- Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School 1
  2. 2. Hospital Appointments: 1992-1993 Assistant in Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital 1993 Physician, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Major Administrative Responsibilities: 1994-2000 Director, Internal Medicine Training Program-Beth Israel Hospital and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 2000- Chief, Thyroid Unit 2000- 2005 Director Clinical Endocrinology – Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center 2001.2004Co-Director BIDMC Endocrinology Fellowship Training Program 2004- Director, Clinical Investigator Training Program, HMS and HST 2005- Director Strategic Research Planning and Development BIDMC Major Committee Assignments: 2000.2004Chairperson, Education Committee, American Thyroid Association 2004.2006Member, Endocrinology Panel, Canadian Institutes for Health Research 2005- Member, NIH GCRC Study Section and PPG Study Section Professional Societies: 1993- Endocrine Society 1994- American Thyroid Association –2001-04 Chair, Education Committee 2004- American Diabetes Association Editorial Boards 2003- Endocrinology Member Awards and Honors: 1983 Harvard Scholar 1983-1986 Nat Christie Foundation Medical Entrance Award 1985 Joseph Albert Award for Elective Study 1999.2003 Fellowship, Medical Research Council of Canada 1999.2000 Milton Award, Harvard University 2000 Isadore Rosenberg Lectureship, Metrowest Medical Center 2000 Van Meter Award, American Thyroid Associatio 2004 Jack Oppenheimer Lecturer - Division of Endocrinology, University of Minnesota 2004 - Haines Lecturer, Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes, Nutrition and Metabolism, Mayo Clinic 2
  3. 3. Research Funding Information: Past: 1991-1993 Medical Research Council of Canada Research Fellowship 1994-1995 Boots Pharmaceuticals, PI Dominant Negative Activity of Mutant Thyroid Hormone Receptors on Genes Negatively Regulated by Thyroid Hormone. 1996-1998 National Institutes of Health- DK 46200 PI Functional Antagonism Between C/EBPα and PPARγ on the Leptin Promoter. 1995-2000 National Institutes of Health KO8-DK02354 PI Thyrotropin-releasing Hormone: A Study of Gene Expression. 1999-2000 National Institutes of Health R03 PI Thyrotropin-releasing Hormone: A Study of Gene Expression. 2000-2003 National Institutes of Health R21-DK57658 PI Regulation of Hypothalamic Gene Expression by Leptin and Thyroid Hormone 2002-2004 Hershey Fund for Prostate Cancer Research PI Regulation of Androgen Receptor Action by Nuclear CoRepressors 2002.2004 Thyroid Research Advisory Council Abbott Pharmaceuticals PI Regulation of TRH by Leptin Current: 2005-2009 National Institutes of Health R01 DK56123 PI CoRepressor Regulation of Nuclear Receptor Action 2003-2007 Takeda Pharmaceuticals Program Project in PI Metabolic Disease 2003-2006 American Diabetes Association Research Award PI Transcriptional Targets of Leptin Action 2005.2007 American Diabetes Association- Richard and Susan PI Smith Family Foundation Pinnacle Program Project Award Transcriptional Regulation of Arcuate Nucleus Function 2004-2007 Department of Defense Research Award Co-PI 3
  4. 4. The Role of CoRepressors in Prostate Cancer 2005-2009 Merck and Pfizer The Cliniccal Investigator Training Program PI C. Report of Current Research Activites 1. The Role of NCoR in NR Signaling Principal Investigator 2. The Regulation of Hypothalamic Gene Expression Principal Investigator D. Report of Teaching. Local contributions 1999-2004 HMS Endocrine Pathophysiology Lecturer 150 Harvard Medical Students 10 hours of preparation and contact time. 1999-present Harvard Science and Technology Endocrinology Lecturer 60 HST students 20 hours of preparation and contact time. 1999-present HMS Core II Thyroid Course 60 Harvard Medical Students 20 hours of preparation and contact time. Continuing Medical Education 1998-present Thyroid Disease-An UpDate: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center Review Course in Medicine. Lecturer 15 hours of contact and preparation. 2000-present PriMed in Los Angeles and Boston, two hours of lectures on Thyroid Disease. Lecturer 20 hours of contact and preparation time. . 2005 Harvard Medical International, Tokyo Japan Lecturer-New Developments in Endocrinology 30 hours of prepration 4
  5. 5. Advisory and Supervisory Responsibilities 1995- Attending in Medicine BIDMC. 40 hours year 1995- Attending in Endocrinology. 60 hours year. 1995-2005 Preceptor, Endocrine Clinic, 160 hours per year. E. Report on Clinical Activities I currently spend two weeks per year attending on the Internal Medicine service and 2 weeks per year as the consult attending in Endocrinology. Advisees and Trainees 1997.1999 Tsuyoshi Monden MD, Ph.D. Asst Professor Gunma Univ. School of Medicine. 1997.2000 Ronald Cohen MD Asst Professor Univ. of Chicago 1999-2000 Brian Kim MD Instructor, BWH 2000.2002 Marisol Lopez Ph.D. 2002- 05 Feifan Guo Ph.D. Research Assistant Professor Pennsylvania State University 2002-present Inna Astapova Ph.D post-doctoral fellow 2003-present Michelle Sugrue Ph.D. post-doctoral fellow 2003-05 Alison Cohen MD Endocrine Fellow 2003-05 Larissa Lee AB Harvard Medical School (HST) 2005-present Franck Chiappini V.MD, Ph.D. 2005-present Preeti Ramadoss Ph.D. Regional, national or international contributions 5
  6. 6. 1998 Endocrine Grand Rounds, Northwestern University School of Medicine 1999 Endocrine Grand Rounds, University of Chicago 1999 Plenary Lecture, American Thyroid Association 2000 Van Meter Lecture, International Thyroid Congress, Kyoto Japan 2001 Plenary Lecture, Endocrine Society Annual Meeting 2001 Invited Lecture. Fourth International Workshop on Resistance to Thyroid Hormone, Verbania Italy 2001 Endocrine Grand Rounds, University of Rochester School of Medicine 2002 Endocrine Grand Rounds, University of Chicago 2002 Invited lecture, International Congress on Obesity, Sao Paulo Brazil 2002 Plenary Lecture, American Thyroid Association Annual Meeting 2003 Invited lecture, German Endocrine Society, Cologne Germany 2003 Invited lecture, Sao Paulo Endocrine Society, Sao Paulo Brazil 2003 Guest Speaker, Endocrine Research Day, University of Toronto 2003 Guest Speaker, McGill University Thyroid Club, Montreal, Quebec 2003 Invited Speaker Transcription Research Group, National Institutes of Health 2004 Endocrine Grand Rounds, Brown Medical School 2004 Jack Oppenheimer Lecture, University of Minnesota 2004 Samuel F. Haines Lecturer, Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN 2005 Invited Short talk, Keystone Symposia Diabetes and Obesity, Keystone CO 2005 Invited lecture, International Thyroid Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina 2006 Invited Lecturer, American Thyroid Association Meeting, Phoenix AZ Bibliography Original Articles: 1. Jameson JL, Chin WW, Hollenberg AN, Chang AS, Habener JF. The gene encoding the beta subunit of rat luteinizing hormone - analysis of gene structure and evolution of nucleotide sequence. J. Biol Chem 1984; 259-15474-80 2. Hollenberg AN, Arnold A. A novel biochemical presentation of primary hyperpara- thyroidism. Am J Med 1991; 91;547-548 3. Bauer-Dantoin A, Hollenberg AN, Jameson JL. Dynamic regulation of GnRH receptor mRNA levels in the anterior pituitary gland during the rat estrous cycle. Endocrinology 1993; 133; 1911-1914 4. Hollenberg AN, Pestell RG, Albanese C, Boers ME, Jameson JL. Multiple Promoter Elements in the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin β-subunit genes distinguish their expression from the luteinizing hormone β gene. Mol and Cell Endo, 1994; 106;111-119 5. Pestell RG, Hollenberg AN, Albanese C, Jameson JL. Distinct domains of c-jun are involved in repression of the human chorionic gonadotropin α and β genes. J Biol Chem , 1994; 269;31090-6 6. Flynn TR, Hollenberg AN, Cohen O, Menke JB, Usala SJ, Tollin S, Hegarty MK, 6
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  12. 12. 12