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  1. 1. National Clinic Type List for Choose and Book Programme NPFIT DOCUMENT ID KEY Sub-Prog/ Booking and Choice NPFIT-EBS-DES-0053.033 Project Prog. Director Clare Mitchell NPO Contact John Rahtz Author AG/SR Issue Date 18/05/2005 Status Version 6.0 National Clinic Type List for Choose and Book Page 1 of 17
  2. 2. Amendment History: Version Date Amendment History 1.0 04/06/2004 First Clinic Type list for circulation by communiqué by Arun Gupta and Steve Marchant 2.0 30/09/04 Second Clinic Type list for circulation by communiqué by Arun Gupta and Tom Denwood 3.0 06/12/04 Third Clinic Type list for circulation by communiqué by Arun Gupta, Steph Reid, Tom Denwood and Lucy Ison 4.0 12/01/05 Fourth Clinic Type list for circulation by communiqué by Arun Gupta and Steph Reid 5.0 16/03/05 Fifth Clinic Type list for circulation by communiqué by Arun Gupta and Steph Reid 6.0 18/05/05 Sixth Clinic Type List for circulation by communiqué by Arun Gupta and Steph Reid Approvals: This document requires the following approvals. Name Signature Title Date of Version Approval Dr. Arun Gupta Senior Clinical Lead, National Clinical Team, Booking and Choice Programme Document Location This document is only valid on the day it was printed. Please contact the Document Controller for location details or printing problems. This is a controlled document. On receipt of a new version, please destroy all previous versions (unless a specified earlier version is in use throughout the project). Related Documents These documents will provide additional information. Doc Reference Number Title Version NPFIT-EBS-DES-0034.03 Describing Services Available in Choose and Book 1.5 NPFIR-EBS-DES-0053.03 Service Naming Convention for the Choose and Book 0.6 Directory of Services Communique 05-018 Timetable of Publications of Clinic Type Lists to support Incentive Scheme Additional information can also be found at click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 2 of 17
  3. 3. 1.Overview of Clinic Type Services registered in the Directory of Services (DoS) are mapped to ‘clinic types’ and Specialty and Treatment Function, so that referring clinicians using Choose and Book may more easily locate appropriate Services when referring and booking patients. Document NPFIT-EBS-DES-0034.03 - Describing Services Available in Choose and Book v1.5.DOC available to download from has more information on how Services are mapped to clinic types, and how Services are listed in the DoS. This document also includes full information on all aspects of the DoS. An initial list of clinic types was produced by the Early Adopter sites by combining their clinic type categories, and engaging in dialogue with the relevant clinical staff if a ready solution was not identified. This single list below represents the clinic types currently available in the live system, and forms the basis of a national list from which the NHS in England must categorise their services in the Directory of Services. As more adopters prepare for and begin using Choose and Book, new clinic types must be added. A Clinic Type Working Group (or similar) and the Choose and Book National Clinical Reference Panel will review, authorise and ratify new requests and suggested amendments to the national Clinic Type list. Any requests for new clinic types or changes to the clinic type list should be sent on the required form to The Clinic Type ‘Request for Assessment’ form and supporting documentation, including the approval process, are available from the Choose and Book website at: Service definition within the Choose and Book Directory of Services required the service to be defined as a combination of: a) Specialty or Treatment Function b) One or more Clinic Types The Service Definer will be presented with drop-down lists from which to select both Specialty/Treatment Function and Clinic Types. Each service is then given a locally defined name (for further information about the format of locally defined service names see the Service Naming Convention for the Choose and Book Directory of Services document available from the Choose and Book website. Further information about conditions treated, exclusions etc. can then be attributed to each service via Service Specific Guidance which acts as a repository of keywords associated with the service. A Service in CAB may in reality be one or more clinics listed within PAS. A Service is a concept used to allow Service Providers flexibility on how their Services are organised and appear to referring clinicians. For example, a large teaching hospital may have 10 consultants all providing generalist orthopaedics clinics, each with their own diary slots. The teaching hospital may wish to publish these clinics as 10 distinct generalist orthopaedics Services on CAB. Alternatively, the Service Provider may wish to publish them as a single pooled generalist orthopaedics Service. Amalgamating the 10 clinics into a single CAB Service will not only simplify choosing an orthopaedics Service at the hospital (there is 1 rather than 10), but will also allow the hospital the flexibility associated with a pool of consultants, i.e. that the Service can continue to operate even if one of the consultants is on leave. click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 3 of 17
  4. 4. Table 1 - National Clinic Type list at 18/05/2005/055 Notes: 1. This list is subject to review by the Clinic Types Reference Group and the Choose and Book National Clinical Reference Panel. Version 6 will effectively be frozen until October to allow Local Health Communities to populate their Directory of Services using a static list. During this period, the Choose and Book Team will be carrying out a consultation exercise with Royal Colleges, Specialty Associations and Clinical Professional Associations to review the list. 2. Those entries in bold text are newly added specialties/treatment functions and Clinic Types. It is important to note that the Choose and Book application is required to use the National Standard list of Specialties and Treatment Functions (available in DSCN 26/2003) 3. No Clinic Types have been removed from the previous version of the list. Clinic Types and Specialties/Treatment Functions have been added. 4. The column ‘Keyword Examples/Service Name’ provides examples of key words that may be included as key words in the Service Specific Booking Guidance and/or service names. This is provided purely for illustration and these key words, together with the Clinic Types will be subject to the consultation exercise outlined above over the coming months. Local Health Communities should ensure that local clinicians (in both primary and secondary care) are involved in developing the keywords and service names for local services. 5. The use of the ‘Rapid Access’ Clinic type denotes suspected cancer (2 week wait) referrals and Rapid Access Chest Pain referrals only. These should be further defined by the use of appropriate clinic slots and service names. In those instances where we have received requests relating to services providing speedy access to patients with acute conditions, the Clinic Type ‘Acute Access’ is provided to distinguish between these referrals/bookings and suspected cancer referrals/bookings. 6. There have been efforts to ensure consistency across the Clinic Types in different specialties (e.g. use of the terms ‘Rapid Access’ and ‘general’). 7. Proposed changes to clinic types are indicated in the list below (see footnotes). These changes will not take effect until the autumn. Notification is provided here to allow local health communities to make the necessary adjustments to local service descriptions, clinic mapping, commissioning rules and Service Selection Guidance. There may be other changes that will come as a result of review and consultation. There will be sufficient notice of any further changes. 8. The initial scope of Choose and Book is GP/GDP direct referrals and booking into first outpatient appointments in consultant-led services. A number of health communities have expressed the desire to describe services outside this scope in the Directory of Services (e.g. AHP and nurse-led services, GPwSI services, Clinical Assessment Services). Where this is the case, service definers and commissioners must use the specialties and clinic types within the list below to define these services then provide further clarity about the service in both service name and keywords as well as ensuring that the correct appointment type (e.g. nurse –led, GPwSI-led etc) is attributed to the service from the list of appointment types available within Choose and Book when describing services. 9. All submissions from Local Health Communities requesting Clinic Types relating to AIDS/HIV referrals have been referred to the Chief Medical Officer for advice about publication of these services. Further guidance will be provided when available, via communiqué. 10. Mental Health services Clinic Types will be reviewed in light of further guidance from the Department of Health on Clinical Assessment Services and will be treated as exceptional items for addition as required. Further information will be released via communiqué. As an interim measure, however, we have included a ‘general’ Clinic Type with each of the Mental click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 4 of 17
  5. 5. Health specialties to support service definition of those services where there remain some direct referrals/bookings between GPs and consultants (i.e. without MDT involvement). Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Varicose Veins (see also Vascular Surgery 107), Anti-reflux surgery, Hernias, Obesity, Incontinence (see also Urology 101,Gynaecology 502, General Surgery 100 General Surgery Paediatrics 420 ) Dyspepsia Minor Surgery Upper GI Dysphagia, Syspepsia Lumps and Bumps1 Goitre, Thyroid and Endocrine Endocrine Surgery Surgery, parathyroid, adrenal Family planning also under Male Sterilisation/Reversal Gynaecology 502 Rapid Access Suspected Cancer referrals Endoscopy GP Access Endoscopy, Gastroscopy Minor electives (routine penile and scrotal), Urological Stones, Male Urology 101 General Urology Infertility Urodynamics Prostate investigations/Flow rate Haematuria Haematuria One Stop, Fast Track2 Cancer Erectile Dysfunction/Andrology Paediatric See also Paediatric 420 Suspected Cancer Referrals (Abnormal scrotal lump, Elevated Rapid Access Urology PSA) Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Continence/Incontinence, prostate See also Medical Oncology 370 and Urological Oncology Clinical Oncology 800 Female and Reconstruction Gender Reassignment Prostate Assessment Prostate Investigations Urogynaecology See also Gynaecology 502 Male Sterilisation/Reversal Vasectomy/ Reversal Male Reconstruction General Transplantation Transplantation Surgery 102 Surgery Breast Surgery 103 General Breast Surgery Family History, Male Breast Breast One Stop Unit Rapid Access Breast Surgery Suspected Cancer Referrals See also Medical Oncology 370 and Breast Oncology Clinical Oncology 800 Breast Reconstruction, Onco-plastic Mammoplasty breast service, plastics Colorectal Surgery 104 Colonoscopy General Colorectal Surgery Family history, Functional Bowel General Rectal Flexi Sigmoidoscopy 1 Proposed Change: ‘Lumps and Bumps’ to be merged with ‘Minor Surgery’ to form ‘Minor General Surgery’ 2 Proposed change :‘fast track’ to be combined with ‘rapid access’ as ‘Rapid Access Urology’ click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 5 of 17
  6. 6. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Rapid Access Colorectal Suspected Cancer Referrals (rectal Surgery bleed etc) Hepatobiliary and pancreatic General Hepatobiliary and Gall Stones surgery 105 pancreatic surgery Upper Gastrointestinal General Upper Gastrointestinal surgery 106 surgery Rapid Access Suspected Cancer Referrals Endoscopy See General Surgery 100 also General vascular venous disease, general vascular lymphoedema, lymphoedema, arterio venous malformation, varicose veins, hyperhidrosis, Raynauds, Thread Vascular Surgery 107 General Vascular veins Doppler Test Leg Ulcer Aneurysm General Adult Trauma and Soft tissue injury, Sports injury Trauma & Orthopaedics 110 Orthopaedics General Paediatric Trauma and Orthopaedics Back pain, neck pain. See also Pain Management Rheumatology 410 Foot and ankle, Hip and knee, Lower Limb Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy Carpal Tunnel, Shoulder, Hand, Upper Limb Elbow, Arthroplasty, Arthroscopy Spinal Back pain, Scoliosis, neck pain Podiatry Footwear, Orthotics, Chiropody Fracture See also Medical Oncology 370 and Orthopaedic Oncology Clinical Oncology 800 Suspected Cancer Referrals Rapid Access Ear Nose and Throat 120 General Adult General Paediatric Nasal Disorders3 Voice Disorders Balance and Dizziness General ENT Audiology Adult Audiology Paediatric Rapid Access ENT Suspected Cancer Referrals Acute ear infections, Acute Acute Access ENT tonsillitis/quinsy See also Maxillofacial Surgery 144 Craniofacial Surgery and Plastic Surgery 160 Thyroid/parathyroid Tumours Otology Snoring/Sleep Apnoea See also Sleep Studies 341 Swallowing Disorders 3 Proposed change from ‘Nasal Disorders’ to ‘Nasal Disorders/Rhinology’ click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 6 of 17
  7. 7. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Facial Plastic Surgery Salivary Gland Disease Ear Disorders Ophthalmology 130 Cataract Corneal (anterior segment) eye disorder External Eye Disorder Eyelid (adnexal) disorder Specify Lid Cyst/lumps Glaucoma Paediatrics (Proposed Change Also see Paediatric 420 to Paediatric Ophthalmology General4) Strabismus/Ocular Motility Vitreo-retinal Metabolic Eye Diseases Diabetic Eye Clinic Define whether paed or not with watering eyes/lid cyst, General Ophthalmology DOS Sore Dry Eyes Neuro-ophthalmology Medical Retina Orthoptics Ophthalmic Emergency Acute iritis, Sudden loss of sight, (Change to Urgent Retinal detachment Ophthalmology)5 Rapid Access Ophthalmology (Remove)6 Diabetic Medical Retina Paediatric Strabismus/Ocular Motility Low Vision Lacrimal Laser Dental infections/cervico-facial infections, buried/impacted teeth, dental cysts/apical surgery, dental extractions, gingival inflammatory disease/frenectomy, dental trauma/toth fractures, TMJ Dysfunction/ oro-facial pain, non- malignant oral ulceration, non General Oral Surgery(Change malignant white patches, dental Oral Surgery 140 to General Adult Oral Surgery)7 implants for trauma/malignancy/clefts General Paediatric Oral See above Surgery Restorative Dentistry 141 General Restorative Dentistry Endodontics Periodontics Prosthodontics Surgical Dentistry 4 Proposed change from ‘paediatric’ to ‘general paediatric ophthalmology’ 5 Proposed change from ‘ophthalmic emergency’ to ‘urgent ophthalmology’ 6 Proposed change – remove rapid access ophthalmology (rapid access denotes suspected cancer referrals – tertiary service in ophthalmology) 7 Proposed change ‘general oral surgery’ to ‘general adult oral surgery’ and add additional clinic type: general paediatric oral surgery click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 7 of 17
  8. 8. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Paediatric Dentistry 142 General Paediatric Dentistry Orthodontics 143 General Orthodontics Routine Paediatric Orthodontics Dental infections/cervico-facial infections, buried/impacted teeth, dental cysts/apical surgery, dental extractions, gingival inflammatory disease/frenectomy, dental trauma/tooth fractures, TMJ Dysfunction/ oro-facial pain, non- malignant oral ulceration, non malignant white patches, dental implants for trauma/malignancy/clefts, facial fractures, facial trauma, facial deformity, cranio facial deformity, /TMJ ankylosis/dysfunction/arthrosis,ocular- facial deformity, oral and facial reconstruction, cervico-facial inflammatory swelling, pre-malignant lesions of mouth, benign swellings of mandible/maxilla, radiolucencies of mandible/maxilla, General Max-Fac Surgery anaesthesia/dysaesthesia/weakness (Change to General Adult of cranial nerves (See also Plastic Maxillo-facial Surgery 144 Maxillofacial Surgery8) Surgery 160) General Paediatric See above Maxillofacial Surgery Rapid Access Head and Neck Suspected Cancer referrals Oncology Rapid Access Neck Lumps Suspected cancer referral Rapid Access Facial Skin Suspected Cancer Referrals Cancer Salivary Gland Disease Neurosurgery 150 General Neurosurgery Syringomyelia Spinal Spinal Assessment, scoliosis Movement Disorders Parkinson’s Disease Plastic Surgery 160 General Plastic Surgery Lymphoedema Rapid Access Plastic Surgery Paediatric Plastic Surgery Also see Paediatric 420 Minor Plastic Surgery Breast Reconstruction, Onco-plastic breast service. Also see Breast Mammoplasty Surgery 103 Cleft lip and palate, facial reconstruction, ear reconstruction Craniofacial (see also Maxillofacial Surgery 144) Lower Limb Lower limb reconstruction Laser Spider naevi, port wine stains Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, wrist, hand, Upper Limb rheumatoid hands Vascular Malformation Vascular anomalies Gynaecology and Perineal Reconstruction 8 Proposed change from ‘General Max-fac Surgery’ to ‘General Adult Maxillofacial Surgery’ click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 8 of 17
  9. 9. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Burns Care 161 General Burns Care Scar management Acute Access Burns Care Re-integration, psychosocial, Burns Care Rehabilitation therapies Cardiothoracic Surgery 170 General Cardiothoracic Surgery Paediatric Surgery 171 General Paediatric Surgery Urology Cardiac Surgery Upper Limb Hand surgery Neurosurgery Cardiac Surgery 172 General Cardiac Surgery Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Thoracic Surgery 173 General Thoracic Surgery Neuropathic, paediatric pain management (see also paediatric specialty 420), hand pain (see also trauma and orthopaedics 110), pelvic pain, mechanical back pain (see also Trauma and Orthopaedics 110), visceral pain, acupuncture, TENS, Pain Management 191 General Pain Management hypnotherapy, chronic pain General Medicine 300 Hypertension ( DOS and service name define whether under/over 16 or 17 see also paediatric 420), nutrition and dietetics, General Medicine obesity, chronic fatigue, respiratory Endoscopy/Gastroscopy (see also Upper GI Gastroenterology 301) Metabolic Medicine Osteoporosis Rapid Access Suspected cancer referrals Also see Endocrinology 302 and Lipid Disorders Chemical Pathology 822 Hepatomegaly, Dyspepsia, IBD, Colitis, Coeliac Disease, anaemia and malabsorption, Also see Paediatric Gastroenterology 301 General Gastroenterology 420 Endoscopy (Upper GI) See also General Medicine 300 Endoscopy (Lower GI) Direct Access Gastroscopy See also General Medicine 300 Gastrointestinal Oncology Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Functional Dyspepsia, Functional Vomiting, Functional Bowel Disorders Chronic Abdominal Pain Inflammatory Bowel Disease Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis Liver Conditions Hepatitis, Hepatology, Jaundice click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 9 of 17
  10. 10. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Lower GI (not endoscopy) Upper GI (not endoscopy) Rapid Access Suspected cancer referrals Thyroid, Obesity, transitional adolescent, paediatric (see also Endocrinology 302 General Endocrinology paediatric 420) Rapid Access Endocrinology Suspected Cancer referrals Metabolic Bone Disorders Osteoporosis, Calcium Disorders Polycystic Ovaries (PCO), Reproductive, Turners, Primary Ovarian Failure (POF) (See also Gynaecological Endocrinology Gynaecology 502) Endocrine Pregnancy See also Obstetrics 501 Metabolic Disorders Acromegaly Lipid Disorders Thyroid lump (use rapid access for Thyroid Disorders suspected cancers) Retinal Screening, Diabetes and Renal Disease, Diabetes and cardiovascular risk. See also Diabetic Diabetic Medicine Medicine 307 Anaemia, phlebotomy. Also see Clinical Haematology 303 General Haematology Paediatric 420 Haemoglobinopathies Sickle cell, Thalassemia Anti Coagulant Rapid Access Clinical Suspected Cancer referrals Haematology Lymphocytic Leukaemia , Lymphoma, Haematological Oncology Myeloma, Haemostasis Thrombosis, Haemostasis and Thrombosis thrombophilia Clinical Physiology 304 General Clinical Physiology General Clinical Hypertension (See also General Clinical Pharmacology 305 Pharmacology Medicine 300), Lifestyle Clinic Alcoholic Liver Disease, Haemochromatosis, Cystic Fibrosis, Hepatology 306 General Hepatology Biliary Disease Viral Hepatitis. Also see Infectious Infectious Diseases Diseases 350 Metabolic Liver Diseases Steatosis, Fatty Liver Disease Diabetic Medicine 307 General Diabetic Medicine Lipid Disorders, dietetics, education Paediatric Also see Paediatric 420 Paediatric Transitional Also see Paediatric 420 Renal Diabetes Pregnancy and Maternal Pre-conception Podiatry and Foot Foot ulcer, Foot clinic click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 10 of 17
  11. 11. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Young Adult Erectile Dysfunction Diabetic Andrology Bone and Marrow General Bone and Marrow Transplantation 308 Transplantation Haemophilia 309 General Haemophilia Bleeding Status, Prothrombotic Status Paediatric Haemophilia Also see Paediatric 420 Audiological medicine 310 General audiological medicine General Adult Audiological Adult rehabilitation, neurotology Medicine Speech Disorders, Hearing, General Paediatric Vestibular, Baby Clinic. Also see Audiological Medicine Paediatric 420 Renal, Thrombophilia, cardiology, diabetic, Von Hipple Lindau, Marfans, Clinical Genetics 311 General Clinical Genetics Paediatric, Ovarian, Clinical Immunology and Also see Paediatric 420 , Allergy 317 Allergy 313 Adult and Clinical Immunlogy 316 General Clinical Immunology Food Allergy, Paediatric specified in and Allergy service name and/or key words Autoimmune Diseases Immune Deficiency Rehabilitation 314 General Rehabilitation Therapies Neuro-rehabilitation Spinal injuries rehabilitation Palliative Medicine 315 General Palliative Medicine Chronic Fatigue, Respiratory Immunology (See also Clinical Clinical Immunology 316 General Clinical Immunology Immunology and Allergy 313) Primary Immunodeficiency (see also Immunodeficiency Clinical Immunology and Allergy 313) Asthma, Urticaria (see also Dermatology 330), Angiodema, Anaphylaxis, Bee and Wasp Venom. (See also Clinical Immunology and Allergy 317 General Allergy Allergy 313 and Paediatric 420) Food and Drug Allergy Angina/heart failure, ECHO, Paediatric. (See also Paediatric 420 Cardiology 320 General Cardiology and Paediatric Cardiology 321) Rapid Access Chest Pain Hypertension Arrhythmia Atrial Fibrillation/Flutter Cardiology Genetics Marfans, Eisenmenger click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 11 of 17
  12. 12. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Heart Failure Valve Disorders Valvular Heart Disease Congenital Heart Disease Acute Access Cardiology Acute access arrhythmia See also General Medicine 300, Endocrinology 302 and Chemical Lipid Management Pathology 822 See also Cardiology 320 and Paediatric Cardiology 321 General Paediatric Cardiology Paediatric 420 Pulmonary Hypertension Foetal Cardiology Clinical Microbiology 322 General Clinical microbiology Acne, Cryotherapy, Wart, psoriasis, hyperhidrosis, Eczema, Urticaria, Paediatric. Also see Paediatric 420 Dermatology 330 General Dermatology and Allergy 317 Changing Lesions (Assessment of Lesions)9 Genital Dermatology Vulval Oral Dermatology Skin tags, lumps, bumps and lipomas, Skin Surgery biopsy Rapid access skin cancer. Suspected Rapid Access cancer referrals Keratopathies 10 Psoriasis, Scalp and Nails Allergies (Change to Contact Patch Testing, contact dermatitis Dermatitis)11 Vascular Doppler, birthmarks, vasculitis Leg Ulcer Leg Ulcer with Plastic surgery Paediatric Paed with paed med Skin photosensitivity Skin Lymphoma Hair and Nails Cosmetic Camouflage Laser Assessment Thoracic Medicine 340 Asthma Also see Allergy 317and Paediatric Allergy 420 Sarcoid General Thoracic Medicine Cough Clinic. See also Paediatric 420 (See also Sleep Studies 341 and Ear, Sleep Nose and Throat 120) Cystic Fibrosis Immunotherapy Occupational Medicine COPD Rapid Access Thoracic Suspected Cancer referrals Medicine 9 Proposed change from ‘Changing Lesions’ to ‘Assessment of Lesions’ 10 Proposed change – remove ‘Keratopathies’ clinic type . 11 Proposed change from ‘Allergies’ to ‘Contact Dermatitis’ click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 12 of 17
  13. 13. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name See also Medical Oncology 370 and Thoracic Oncology Clinical Oncology 800 Tuberculosis BCG, Screening and treatment Sleep Apnoea (see also Thoracic Medicine 340, Ear, Nose & Throat Sleep Studies 341 General Sleep Studies 120 ) Returning Travellers, Hepatitis, Chronic Fatigue(See also Thoracic Medicine 340 for Tuberculosis; Infectious Diseases 350 General Infectious Diseases Hepatology 306 for Hepatitis) Travel Health, Post-travel advice (See Tropical Medicine 352 General Tropical Medicine also Infectious Diseases 350) Leprosy/Leishmoniasis Dermatology Ophthalmology Paediatric General Genito-urinary Genito-urinary medicine 360 medicine Hypertension (see also General Medicine 300, Clinical Pharmacology Nephrology 361 General Nephrology 305 and Cardiology 320) Renal Diabetes Autoimmune and Vasculitic Renal Vasculitis Disease, Renovascular Metabolic Disorders Tubular and metabolic disorders Medical oncology 370 General Medical oncology See also Clinical Oncology 800 Also see Clinical Oncology 800 and Orthopaedic Oncology Trauma and Orthopaedics 110 Also see Clinical Oncology 800 and Breast Oncology Breast Surgery 103 Also see Clinical Oncology 800 and Urological Oncology Urology 101 Also see Clinical Oncology 800 and Thoracic Oncology Thoracic Medicine 340 Also see Clinical Oncology 800 and Gastrointestinal Oncology Gastroenterology 301 Also see Clinical Oncology 800 and Gynaecological Oncology Gyneacological Oncology 503 Neuro-oncology See also Clinical Oncology 800 Dermatological Oncology See also Clinical Oncology 800 Head and Neck Oncology See also Clinical Oncology 800 See also Paediatric 420 and Clinical Paediatric Oncology Oncology 800 See also Clinical Haematology 303 Haematological Oncology and Clinical Oncology 800 Neurology 400 General Neurology Rapid Access Neurology Suspected cancer referrals only Cognitive Disorders Memory click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 13 of 17
  14. 14. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Epilepsy First Seizure Neuromuscular Dystonia Tremor, Dystonia, Parkinsons Movement Disorders Disease, Neuropsychology, Spasticity Multiple Sclerosis Transient Ischaemic CVA Attack/Stroke Headache Headache, Migraine Motor Neurone Disease Botulinum Toxin Acute Brain Injury Spasticity Sleep/Fatigue (see also Sleep Studies 341) Cerebrovascular CVA, Subdural haematoma Injection, Psoriatic Rheumatology, Behcet’s Syndrome, Gout, Vasculitis, Sports Medicine (see also Trauma Rheumatology 410 General Rheumatology and Orthopaedics 110) Connective Tissue Disease, Lupus12 Scleroderma Physiotherapy General, Minor neck and back pain Soft Tissue Clinic Back pain, injection, Scleroderma See also Trauma and Orthopaedics Pain Management 110 Paediatric Rheumatology See also Paediatric 420 Early/recent onset inflammatory joint Acute Response Rheumatology disease Scanning, Bone Densitometry, Metabolic Bone (see also General Medicine 300, Endocrinology 302 and Osteoporosis Geriatric Medicine 430) Rapid Access Rheumatology Suspected Cancer Referrals only Spondylarthritis (see also Trauma Spinal Disorders and Orthopaedics 110) Development concerns, DOS entry Paediatrics 420 General Paediatric Medicine Nocturnal enuresis Renal Cystic fibrosis/ TB. (See also Respiratory Thoracic Medicine 340) Genetics See also Clinical Genetics 311 Dermatology See also Dermatology 330 See also Clinical Immunology 316 and Clinical Immunology and Allergy Immunology 313 Rheumatology See also Rheumatology 410 Ophthalmology See also Ophthalmology 130 Adolescent Medicine Gastroenterology See also Gastroenterology 301 HIV, Hepatitis, Immunisation (See Infectious Diseases also Infectious Diseases 350) Sickle/genetics/oncology (See also Haematology Clinical Haematology 303) Neonatal Metabolic Medicine Endocrine/diabetes Allergy See also Clinical Immunology and 12 Proposed change from ‘Lupus’ to ‘Auto Immune Connective Disease’ click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 14 of 17
  15. 15. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Allergy 313 and Allergy 317 Gen/head injury/neuro EP. (See also Neurology Neurology 400) Immunisation BCG General Infant General Endocrinology See also Endocrinology 302 Behavioural Problems Suspected Autism Audiology See also Ear, Nose & Throat 120 Phlebotomy Paediatric Urology See also Urology 101 Paediatric Dietetics Paediatric ENT See also Ear, Nose & Throat 120 Paediatric Haemophilia See also Haemophilia 309 Paediatric Trauma and See also Trauma and Orthopaedics Orthopaedics 110 Paediatric Plastic Surgery See also Plastic Surgery 160 Acute Access Developmental General Baby Clinic Also see Well Babies 424 Continence/Incontinence Paediatric Diabetes Also see Diabetic Medicine 307 Also see Cardiology 320 and Paediatric Cardiology Paediatric Cardiology 321 Also see Medical Oncology 370 and Paediatric Oncology Clinical Oncology 800 Paediatric neurology 421 General Paediatric neurology Paediatric Epilepsy Neonatology 422 General Neonatology Well Babies 424 General Well Babies Also see Paediatric 420 Geriatric Medicine 430 General Geriatric Medicine Falls Stroke/TIA See also Neurology 400 Movement disorders See also Neurology 400 Cognitive Disorders See also Neurology 400 See also General Medicine 300, Endocrinology 302 and Metabolic Bone Diseases Rheumatology 410) Dental Medicine specialties 450 General dental medicine Medical Ophthalmology 460 General Medical Ophthalmology See also Ophthalmology 130 Eye Screening Genetic Eye Disorder Low Visual Aid Contact Lens Medical Retinal Metabolic Eye Diseases Diabetic Eye Clinic Obstetrics 501 Maternal Medicine Hypertension General Obstetrics Day Assessment Unit click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 15 of 17
  16. 16. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name USS Obstetrics See also Radiology 810 Genetics Twins Diabetes Also see Diabetic Medicine 307 Haemoglobinopathies Foetal Medicine Foetal Urology & Nephrology Foetal Cardiology Foetal Surgical Antenatal Anti D, Hypertension Endocrine Pregnancy Also see Endocrinology 302 Antenatal Drug Dependency, Hypertension, Pregnancy and Heart Maternal/Foetal Risk Disease Service, Anti D Fibroids, Smear Clinic , Chronic Gynaecology 502 General Gynaecology Pelvic Pain Perineal Disorders Colposcopy Smear Clinic Urogynaecology Also see Urology 101 Menopause Hormone Replacement Therapy Fertility/Infertility Menorrhagia Neuro-urology & fistula; DOS Pelvic Pelvic Floor pain Post Menopausal Bleeding Videourodynamics, Stipulate if physio Urodynamics led Reproductive Endocrine Andrology Recurrent Miscarriage Reproductive Medicine Menstrual Disorders PCO/endometriosis Well Woman Smear Clinic Adolescent Gynae13 USS Gynae See also Radiology 810 EPAU Psychosexual Family Planning Counselling, TOP, Sterilisation Rapid Access Gynaecology Vulval Disorders Lichen Sclerosis Pregnancy Advisory Service TOP surgical, TOP medical Gynaecological Oncology General Gynaecological Post Menopausal Bleed, Family 503 Oncology History Learning Disabilities (700) General Learning Disabilities Adult Mental Illness (710) General Adult Mental Illness Child and Adolescent General Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 711 psychiatry Forensic Psychiatry 712 General Forensic psychiatry 13 Proposed change: from Adolescent Gynaecology to Paediatric and Adolescent Gynaecology click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 16 of 17
  17. 17. Specialty Clinic Type Keyword Examples/Service Name Psychotherapy 713 General Psychotherapy Old age psychiatry 715 General Old age psychiatry Clinical oncology 800 General Clinical oncology Also see Medical Oncology 370 Orthopaedic Oncology Also see Trauma and Orthopaedics 110 and Medical Oncology 370 Breast Oncology See also Medical Oncology 370 and Breast Surgery 103 Urological Oncology See also Medical Oncology 370 and Urology 101 Thoracic Oncology See also Medical Oncology 370 and Thoracic Medicine 340 Gastrointestinal Oncology See also Medical Oncology 370 and Gastroenterology 301 Gynaecological Oncology See also Medical Oncology 370 and Gynaecological Oncology 503 Neuro-oncology See also Medical Oncology 370 Dermatological Oncology See also Medical Oncology 370 Head and Neck Oncology See also Medical Oncology 370 Paediatric Oncology See also Medical Oncology 370 and Paediatric 420 Haematological Oncology See also Medical Oncology 370 and Clinical Haematology 303 General Radiology Barium Enema, IVU, Bone Radiology 810 Densitometry Ultrasound See also Gynaecology 502 and Obstetrics 501 General Interventional Interventional Radiology 811 Radiology Chemical Pathology (822) General Chemical Pathology Lipid Disorders Also see General Medicine 300 and Endocrinology 302 Metabolic Disorders Also see General Medicine 300 and Endocrinology 302 Genetic Disorders [END] click-here-to-get-the-file2861.doc Page 17 of 17