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  1. 1. Program Coordinator’s Meeting June 7, 2007; HHC 519 Meeting Minutes Attendees: Adamson, Carolyn ~ Pediatric Gastroenterology Program Coordinator Carver, Terri ~ Pediatric Radiology Program Coordinator Foster, Jennifer ~ Pediatric Endocrinology Program Coordinator Gardner, Tonia ~ Rehab Program Coordinator Garrett, Irene ~ Pediatric Dermatology Program Coordinator Greene, Sylvia ~ Pediatric Ophthalmology Program Coordinator Hallock, Shasta ~ Developmental-Behavioral Pediatric Coordinator Harris, Robin ~ Pediatric Pathology Program Coordinator Haskell, Joan ~ Pediatric Allergy/Immunology Program Coordinator Herdman, Lisa ~ Neonatology Interim Program Coordinator Jones, Carrie ~ ENT Program Coordinator Jordan, Kerrie ~ Graduate Medical Education Coordinator Kallur, Ravi, Ph.D. ~ Administrative Director for GME McBrien, Jim ~ Neonatology Program Coordinator Morgan, Roberta ~ ID Program Coordinator Savner, Sally ~ Plastic Surgery Program Coordinator West, Pam ~ GME Administrative Assistant Wolf, Amy ~ Child Neurology Program Coordinator Meeting commenced at 12:03 p.m. Review & Approval of Minutes Minutes from the May 10, 2007, Program Coordinator meeting were approved. Introductions of New Coordinators • Jim McBrien for Neonatology • Carrie Jones for ENT • Roberta Morgan for ID New Innovations Conference September 6-7, 2007 New Innovations is having their next conference on September 6 & 7 in Cleveland, OH. For those Coordinators who would be interested in attending, the GME Office will consider picking up 50% of the costs to attend. Coordinators can choose between the Introductory and the Focus Programs. The Introductory Program is for those who want to learn the basics of the System. This program is designed for the administrator who has received no formal training of the software or for those who have been trained but have had limited use of the software. The Focus Program is designed for the administrator who has already received some formal training and who is also using the software on a regular basis. It assumes that the administrator is familiar with the basics of the modules. As such, the trainers will only zero in on new and special features. 1
  2. 2. Program Coordinator’s Meeting June 7, 2007; HHC 519 Meeting Minutes GME Projects The GME Office is currently working to get all Resident and Fellow files scanned into ImageNow. All current residents and fellows’ information will be uploaded from ImageNow into New Innovations for Program Directors, Program Coordinators, and GME to view. All alumni residents and fellows’ information will be stored in ImageNow. Web Site implementation status The following programs still need to submit program information to be published to the hospital web site. • Clinical Pharmacology • Pediatric Otolaryngology (ENT) • Surgical Critical Care • Surgical Scholars REMINDER ~ Paperwork required for all outside Rotators The new form introduced at the September 21, 2006, meeting, “The Children’s Mercy Hospital Resident/Fellow Information Form,” must be completed by all rotating residents and fellows, excluding those who rotate from KU. Rotator will not be allowed if the information is not received by the GME Office at least 1 week prior to the scheduled rotation. REMINDER- When you have outside residents, fellows, and medical students who are interested in rotating to CMH, please check with the GME Office to see if an affiliation or clinical participation agreement is in place for the Hospital, institution, or medical school they are rotating from. An affiliation agreement must be in place before any outside resident or fellow can rotate to CMH. A clinical participation agreement must be in place before any medical student can rotate to CMH. Duty Hours REMINDER- The web site is no longer available for duty hour login. Duty hours should be logged through New Innovations. Resident/Fellow Survey 2007 The GME Office asks that each program develop an annual program survey. This is required by ACGME. Fellows may send their surveys to GME office (attention Dr. Ravi Kallur). GME office will compile the results and will share the same with the P.D. Program Directors are provided with a sample copy of such survey that was developed by ACGME. The same is also is in your packet. Please contact Kerrie Jordan in the GME 2
  3. 3. Program Coordinator’s Meeting June 7, 2007; HHC 519 Meeting Minutes Office if you need assistance getting this survey onto New Innovations and set up to be emailed to the residents/fellows. Employee Clearance Form All residents and fellows completing training at CMH need to complete the Employee Clearance Form and Medical Records Form before their last day of employment. These forms require sign off by several departments including Medical Records at Truman Medical Center if they have rotated during their training at CMH. If they are staying on at CMH as a fellow or staff, they are still expected to complete these forms. Parking stickers are to be removed and returned to Security. Fellows are to return the completed form and their badge to Kerrie Jordan in the GME Office. Pagers should be returned to your department. Alumni Information Form All residents and fellows are asked to complete the Alumni Information Form. This information will be maintained for future reference of physicians after graduation. Fellows are to return the completed form to Kerrie Jordan in the GME Office. Orientation for New Fellows July 2nd and 3rd New Fellow Orientation is scheduled for July 2nd & 3rd, 2007. Logistics for orientation are being worked out with Vicky Clarke and HR. The orientation agenda has been finalized and is provided in your packets. Graduation Dinner June 15th The Residency and Fellowship Graduation Recognition & Dinner is scheduled for Friday, June 15, 2007, 6:30pm at the Radisson Hotel & Suites located at 1301 Wyandotte Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri. All coordinators have been invited and will be given one complimentary admission. Additional tickets may be purchased for $40. Program Directors have been given 2 complimentary admissions. Graduates have been given 4 tickets. All other faculty and trainees have been given 1 complimentary admission ticket. RSVP by calling the GME office at 3373. Tickets will be distributed 1 week prior to the event. Medical Student Orientation The GME Office is conducting student orientation for those students who have not rotated to CMH before. Kerrie Jordan will meet with them to go over hospital policy, get their badge and then bring them to your department. Kerrie Jordan will be contacting you to set up times to have the students arrive for orientation. A checklist of how medical students are handled is in your packet. Please refer to this checklist to prepare for incoming students. 3
  4. 4. Program Coordinator’s Meeting June 7, 2007; HHC 519 Meeting Minutes New Innovations – supplemental training – Duty Hours Kerrie Jordan provided additional training on logging duty hours, signing off on duty hours, approving duty hours, and generating duty hour reports. Preparing for the New Academic Year (2007-2008 Checklist) Kerrie Jordan went over the New Innovations Academic Year checklist to prepare Program Coordinators for the 2007-2008 year. Program Coordinators will need to build the new Academic Year and intervals, verify advancement of residents/fellows, create block schedules, build and/or copy conferences, upload new curriculum, update or create new evaluation questionnaires, and create or copy evaluation sessions into the 2007-2008 academic year. The checklist outlines what steps to take in New Innovations to set all of this up. If you have any questions, please contact Kerrie Jordan in the GME Office. Questions/Comments/Announcements Utilize the GME website and let Kerrie Jordan in the GME Office know if you recommend any changes. The next Fellowship Coordinator meeting is schedule for Wednesday, July 18, 2007. Meeting adjourned at 1:00pm 4