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  1. 1. 2006 IF = Impact factors for peer reviewed articles. Total CBD publications = 63 Books = 1 Book chapters = 8 Invited journal papers = 10 Papers submitted to peer review journals = 44 Percentage with an IF of >5 = 37.2% Articles submitted and either published, or accepted for publication, in 2006. Al CI’s, Associate CIs and Centre-funded Postdoctoral fellows/PhD students are highlighted in bold. Ainsworth, C., Jansen, R.P.S., Nixon, B. & Aitken, R.J. (2007) First recorded pregnancy and normal birth after ICSI using electrophoretically isolated spermatozoa. Human Reproduction 22, 197-200. [Impact factor = 3.67] Aitken, R.J. et al (2007) Editors. World Health Organization Laboratory Manual for the Examination of Human Semen and Semen-cervical mucus interaction. Cambridge University Press (in press). Aitken, R.J., Skakkebaek, N. & Roman, S.D. (2006) Editorial. Environmental influences on male fertility. Medical Journal of Australia 185, 414-415. [Impact factor = 2.13] Aitken, R.J. & Baker, M.A. (2006) Oxidative stress, sperm survival and fertility control. Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology 250, 66-69. [Impact factor = 2.62] Aitken, R.J. & Bennetts, L. (2006) Reactive oxygen species, friend or foe? In, The sperm cell production, maturation, fertilization, regeneration, pp. 170-193. C. DeJonge & C.L.R. Barrett, Editors. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge. Aitken, R.J. & Bennetts, L. (2007) Reactive oxygen species and their impact on fertility. In, Diagnosis and treatment of male infertility, pp. 255-268. S.C. Oehninger & T. Kruger, Editor. Francis & Taylor, Parthenon Publishing Group, London. Aitken, R.J. & De Iuliis, G. (2007) Origins and consequences of DNA damage in male germ cells. Reproductive Biomedicine Online (in press). [New Journal: no impact factor available] Aitken, R.J. & De Iuliis, G. (2007) Value of DNA integrity assays for fertility evaluation. Reproduction (in press). [Impact factor = 3.14] Aitken, R.J. & McLaughlin E.A. (2007) Molecular mechanisms of sperm capacitation: progesterone- induced secondary calcium oscillations reflect the attainment of a capacitated state. Reproduction (in press). ). [Impact factor = 3.14] Aitken, R.J. (2006) Sperm function tests and fertility. International Journal of Andrology 29,69-75. [Impact factor = 2.3] Aitken, R.J., Nixon, B., Lin, M., Koppers, A.J., Lee, Y.H. & Baker, M.A. (2007) Proteomic changes in mammalian spermatozoa during epididymal maturation. Reproduction, Fertility and Development (in press). ). [Impact factor = 1.55]
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