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Roger G Thompson

  1. 1. ROGER THOMPSON EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Over 30 years progressive experience on various hardware and software platforms. The last 18 years have been primarily around Telecom OSS/BSS platforms for Tier 1 and Tier 2 Telecoms. Highly skilled in people management and motivation with a proven track record in development management from idea inception to product implementation. Unique ability to interface with executive management, developers and clients using applicable language for audience. Use demonstrated technical skills in design, development, and problem solving to facilitate interfacing with system professionals. Followed standard SDLC for software development, tracking and implementation. TECHNICAL EXPERTISE Languages JAVA, XML, PHP, C++, C, Cobol, RPG IV, Assembly, Clipper, xBase, VBA Operating Systems Linux, IBM MQS, BEA Tuxedo Servers, Citrix Servers, Unix Queues, HP Unix 11i, Sun Solaris, Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP, IBM Mainframe, IBM AS/400, NCR V Series Database Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, MySQL, DB/2, xBase, VSAM, TOICAM Tools MS Office (Project, Excel, Word, Access), MS Visio, IBM MQS, BEA Tuxedo Servers, Citrix Servers, Unix Queues Other Operator Support Systems/Billing Support Systems for Telecom, A/R, Payroll, Personnel, (Telecom) Event Acquisition and Formatting, Guiding, Rating, Price Plans, Billing, Customer Service, Error Management, Manufacturing, Banking, Education (Elementary and Secondary) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Advanced Technology Group - St. Louis, MO 05/2006 Director and Senior Delivery Manager at Sprint Serve as Requirement Manager for Sprint-Boost Pre-paid System since October 1, 2007. Prior to October 2007 served as a Subject Matter Expert on the Unified Billing Project with primary interface responsibilities between Sprint Nextel ITand Amdocs and Sprint Business and Amdocs. These roles supported the OSS/BSS requirements and solutions
  2. 2. provided by Amdocs and other 3rd party vendors for a Tier 1 Telecom provider. Responsibilities include:  Manage delivery of requirements  Work with Business to develop Business and Functional Requirements  Facilitate Functional Requirement meetings acrossBusiness, IT, Quality, Testing and 3rd Party Vendors  Facilitate System Requirement meetings across Business, IT, Quality, Testing and 3rd Party Vendors  Review High Level Solutions and Impact Assessments to ensure coverageof requirements and satisfactory solutions  Review estimates from vendor and recommend approval or challenge  Manage logging, tracking and reporting of changes, Action Items and Open Issues  Work with business to develop Change Requests  Report status to management  As Director / SDL of ATG: o Assist in generating new clients / business o Assist in developing Statement of Work o Assist in developing proposals Environment: OSS/BSS, MS Suite, RM Tools, DOORS and DocShare RIVER CITY INTERNET GROUP - St. Louis, MO 09/2005 – 05/2006 Vice President, Software Development Responsible for overall OSS/BSS application development, recruitment, quality assurance and served as Customer Interface on several projects. Main responsibility was overall development for Operator Support Systems and Billing Support Systems for ClearWire. Responsibilities included:  Project Manage VoIP customer project  Project Manage ISP Broadband production  Project Manage ISB Broadband enhancement project for VLAN & Roaming  Manage Quality Assurance Group  Manage Recruiting  Creation and management of SDLC processes and implementation  Creation of QA processes and matrices  Participate in Executive Management meetings  Participate in Requirements Gathering with clients  Participate in pre-sales activities  Customer Interface for major clients  Resource Allocation planning  Manage application developers Environment: OSS/BSS, Unix, MySQL, PHP, SOAP, JAVA, Apache, Tomcat, Web Based MASTERCARD - St. Louis, MO 06/2005 - 09/2005
  3. 3. Project Manager - Contractor Responsible for Managing projects within the Virtual Data Warehouse. Primary projects were:  Bank of Montreal - capturing and processing transactions from BMO Canada to be included in the VDW reporting.  Client Data Mart - designed and managed the development of the CDM to be used as a repository for Client provided information. This information included payment, inventory, customer and store information used to report sales and card use using Business Objects and Oracle. The load and validation processes were designed to be quot;black boxquot; and driven by soft definitions from tables.  Interfaced with Sponsors in New York and Montreal as well as infrastructure, DBA, and other managers in St. Louis Environment: PM Methodologies, MS Office SBC - St. Louis, MO 05/2004 – 04/2005 Project Manager - Contractor Responsible for Change Management of large network components as part of SBC's IT Data Services Project Management Office. Managing internal clients within the Integrated Program Plan to improve national data services capability and improve SBC's competitive position in the data services marketplace in areas such as product capability, service provisioning and cost. These enhancements were to SBC’s OSS/BSS software solutions provided by Amdocs. Responsibilities included:  Served as PMO Project Manager for Billing, Long Distance, and Enterprise Integration Testing Project Plans and Change Requests associated with same.  Represent Program Management Office in meetings with Business, Vendors and IT.  Monitor status of individual project milestones and jeopardy reporting using SBC's EXPRESS SDLC.  Manage Change Requests for the PMO for the 4M Conversion project and the Project Plan for conversion activities from two systems to the SBC CRIS System. These systems have over $500 million budgets.  The WINDS project involves multiple vendors that are providing COTS solutions in the areas of ordering and provisioning. Environment: OSS/BSS, VBA, EXPRESS SDLC, Oracle, MS Project, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, and Outlook. AMDOCS, INC. - St. Louis, MO 01/1999 - 05/2004 Director Managed project development activ ities ranging from definition of requirements to implementation of product at customer site for CLEC, ILEC, and wireless telecommunications industry. Directed 40 people on multip projects at multiple sites. le Managed department budget of over $5 million and determined resource allocations and implementation schedules. Responsible for design and development of OSS/BSS solutions. Responsibilities included:
  4. 4.  Director for Integrated Communications Providerend-to-end product and determined roadmap for product.  Primary development responsibilities for event acquisition and formatting, pricing catalog, guiding and rating, error management, billing, and bill presentation.  Made presentations and demonstrations of software and interfaced with client executives and members of client groups as sales and marketing support.  Led development of first wire line and wireless convergent rating/billing solution for Amdocs North America.  Designed and led development of queue-based guiding and rating, which was used as base for Amdocs new product.  Integrated with 3rd party COTS solutions using IBM MQS and UNIX POSIX Queues and files  Developed a COTS solution for end-to-end Telecom ordering, provisioning, billing and service.  Used J2EE to develop Open Interfaces to Amdocs' application software. Environment: C, C++, JAVA, COBOL, HP Unix 11i, SUN Solaris, Oracle 8i & 9i, IBM MSQ, Unix POSIX Queues, Citrix Servers, BEA Tuxedo, MS Project, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Visio, and Outlook. MCLEOD USA (FORMERLY CONSOLIDATED COMMUNICATIONS) - 08/1997 - St. Louis, MO 01/1999 Senior Technical Manager Managed external client techn software support group responsible for bill generation, ical third party vendor integration, order management, client interfaces, message management, release implementations, and quot;bug fixesquot; to software product. Supported all OSS/BSS applications. Responsibilities included:  Directed multiple projects at multiple sites, provided external and internal client support, managed department budget of $2.5 million, determined resource allocation, and interfaced with software development groups and executive management.  Streamlined Technical Support Group thereby improving customer support at Consolidated Communications.  Created new centralized Technical Support Group for McLeodUSA.  Made presentations and recommendations.  Coordinated software and support issues across departments.  Managed software enhancements and bug fix tracking and reportin g. Environment: OSS/BSS, IBM AS/400, DB/2, RPGIV, MS Project, Word, and Lotus Notes ALLIANCE SYSTEMS AND PROGRAMMING, INC. - St. Louis, MO 08/1996 - 08/1997 Manager of Application Development Managed development and performedconsulting services and systems analysis and design. Consulted for Consolidated Communications Systemsand Services in OSS/BSS for nine months in Revenue Management Software Development Group.
  5. 5.  Managed multiple projects at multiple sites, interfaced with client's executive management, and prepared proposals and presentations.  Gathered requirements to determine resource allocation and implementation schedules.  Performed systems analysis and design. Environment: OSS/BSS, IBM AS/400, DB/2, RPGIV, MS Project, Word, and Lotus Notes INTERTECH MANAGEMENT GROUP, INC. - St. Louis, MO 02/1993 - 08/1995 Director of Software Development Group Directed software development for OSS/BSS including orders, PIC CARE, LEC interfacing, message collection, guiding and rating, and billing software for telecommunications reseller industry in service bureau environment. Responsibilities included:  Managed multiple projects at multiple sites, gathered requirements to determine resource allocation and implementatio schedules, designed software solutions, n interfaced with client's executive management, and performed presentations and recommendations.  Designed and led development of new Rating and Billing System.  Designed and led development of new dictionary-driven Bill Presentment. Environment: OSS/BSS, Novell, MS Project, C++, Clipper, and Word TOTAL SOLUTION SOURCE, INC. - St. Louis, MO 06/1992 - 02/1993 Director of Software Development  Performed consulting, custom design, and programming for customers.  Managed multiple projects at multiple customer sites, gathered requirements, designed software solutions, and interfaced with client executive management. Environment: Windows, Lotus, Clipper, and Assembler PIPKINS, INC. - St. Louis, MO 06/1990 - 06/1992 Manager of Development and Technical Support Directed staff of 10 developers and servedas Project Manager and main point of contact on joint project with AT&T and British Telecom, with approximate value of $3 million. Coordinated team activities at local and remote sites. Attended meetings with AT&T and BT in US and England.  Designed and led development of new data base system.  Reviewed and approved design of application systems and determined resource allocations for project.  Designed and led development of Text Editor program.  Designed and led development of Graphical User Interface development tool. Environment: IBM PC 80x86, Clipper, AT&T Star Systems, and Unix V
  6. 6. VOLUNTARY INTER-DISTRICT COORDINATING COUNCIL - St. 02/1988 - Louis, MO 06/1990 Director of MIS Managed all aspects of IS including analyzing and making recommendationsfor software and hardware, and making presentations to public school executive committees. Responsible for design and development of court ordered reporting. Submitted documents to U.S. District Court as part of the desegregation order.  Converted from EXXON CPM to IBM computers running NOVELL NETWARE SFT 2.12 using ARCNET.  Designed and developed new Novell-based student accounting system.  Implemented company-first Novell network to support real-time events. Environment: C, Excel, Word, xBase, FoxPro CENTRAL INFORMATION SYSTEMS, INC. - St. Louis, MO 08/1984 - 02/1988 President Co-owner of a software development company that developed education and government sector business software on NCR mainframes.  Responsible for financial record keeping of business and marketing and sales calls to executives.  Developed payroll/personnel, student accounting, and financial accounting software solutions for school districts and local governments.  Sold software to community colleges and city government in West Virginia, Missouri, and Illinois, and performed facilities management for particular local government.  Designed and developed first simulator on NCR to support TTY under polled environments, which allowed TTY software to run, unchanged.  Negotiated agreement to use college's mainframe in exchange for consulting services.  Designed all marketing and advertising materials. Environment: Cobol, Assembly, NCR Criterion, VRX OS DECATUR PUBLIC SCHOOLS - Decatur, IL 08/1979 - 08/1984 Director of Data Processing Managed all facets of Data Center using NCR mainframes including data entry, operations, and development services. Negotiated and signed all contracts for hardware/software purchases and leases. Prepared and managed department budget. Developed specifications for bids on supplies and equipment. Assisted in bid evaluations and vendor selections.  Served as Chairman of Data Processing Council.  Member of Superintendent's Advisory Council and General Cabinet.  Served on school district contract negotiation team.  Sold services to create District's first service bureau.
  7. 7. Environment: Cobol, Assembly, NCR Criterion, VRX OS, Multiplexer, 33 buildings online, Service Bureau for other schools