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Seeking Sunshine in Cloud Technology - Spectrum 2014


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Can we keep our way of "doing business as usual" forever, or do we need to leverage online Cloud technology to accomplish our work? Learn how to plan, transition, and use Cloud technology to increase your productivity without fear of being washed out! We need to keep or profession competitive and up to speed with the demands of our clients, customers, and ultimately, our audience.

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Seeking Sunshine in Cloud Technology - Spectrum 2014

  1. 1. @RogerRenteria Seeking Sunshine in Cloud Technology Roger Renteria Rochester Chapter
  2. 2. About • Roger Renteria • Bachelor of Science, Technical Communication • New Mexico Tech • Computers, Web, Technology • Early Adopter
  3. 3. Overview • Brief cloud history – From Mainframes to Data Centers • What we use – Programs, Services, Apps • Plan for transition – Add the cloud element • Avoid the washout – Ride out the storms
  4. 4. Business As Usual? • “…with everything I have to learn, I don’t know whether I’ll ever grasp all that I need to know.”
  5. 5. Origins Flickr / scriptingnews
  6. 6. Punch Cards Photo / NASA
  7. 7. Flickr / ajmexico
  8. 8. Data Centers Flickr / schluesselbein
  9. 9. Plan to Soar Flickr / nasahqphoto
  10. 10. Where do I start? • Search for cloud technologies that are out in the wild • Does it add or replace some of my tools? • SOS: Who can help me? • Can I afford to change? • Will this cost me more or less money? • Is this worth my time and effort?
  11. 11. What tools are out there? • Storage and Physical Replacements • Collaboration and Productivity • Remote Printing • Writing and Research • General Internet Tools
  12. 12. TechComm toolkit • We can install cloud tools on our computers Box DropBox Google Voice Evernote OneDrive Office Online Pandora Google Hangouts Google Drive
  13. 13. Making the Move • Gradual? (Majority) – Preferred. – Start out slowly, like you would normally. – Make use of the free trials and free service! • Instant? (Early Adopters) – Not recommended! – If you feel comfortable. – It may not be the tool you want to stick with forever. • Never? (Laggards) – If we don't soar into the clouds, we risk getting behind in our profession.
  14. 14. What works? What doesn’t? • Cost – free vs. fee • Time and energy – convenience vs. motivation • Testing or experimenting – Were the changes a significant benefit? – Were you able to easily learn new software? – Were the nifty features helpful for you?
  15. 15. Cloud Printing Tale of Two Printers Flickr / mark_gilmour
  16. 16. Up In The Clouds Flickr / alifetale
  17. 17. Actual TechComm Cloud Use • Remote shared drive for MadCap Flare • Develop documentation with Google Docs and Markdown • Full computer backup • Video conferencing and chat • Purchasing software as a service (SaaS) • Printing remotely
  18. 18. Ride the Storms
  19. 19. Avoid Cutting It Close • Data portability or extractability • Password recovery • Data recovery • Security and accessibility • Accept the risks sometimes
  20. 20. Future Clouds Flickr / o
  21. 21. @RogerRenteria Seeking Sunshine in Cloud Technology Roger Renteria Rochester Chapter