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ATIS International. 2012 Services


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ATIS International. 2012 Services

  1. 1. ATIS International Advanced Technology inInvestigations and Security 2012 SERVICES
  2. 2. Executive Protection Armed Executive Security Unarmed Executive Security Security Transportation Advance Vehicles / Site Survey personal Chase Vehicles / Armed Personal
  3. 3. Emergency Response Interactive facilitators Troubleshooter Security Guards Legal / Full Service Law Firm, Attorneys and Notary Services
  4. 4. Investigations Due Diligence  Financial and personal details Personal and Business Investigations Fraud Investigations Liability  Product, auto and professional insurance claims Intellectual Property Investigations Product Counterfeiting and Black Market
  5. 5. Investigations Insurance  Life  Accident  Health Claims Background Investigations Surveillance Undercover Investigations / Infiltrations Infidelity Investigations
  6. 6. Information Security Electronic Debugging Information Security  Information Classification  Strategic Restricted Areas / Access Control  Information Security Audit IT Information Security  Encryption Encrypted Communications  Mobile / Cellular Phone  Land Line
  7. 7. Notes Above are the principal areas of security services offered by ATIS. Our extensive network of professional contacts throughout Mexico permit us to take on small or large commitments, using either in- house or local associates for security details or investigative cases. In ATIS we have a broad network of sources able to provide unimaginable information on our targets. We also have an extensive line of security equipment and advance technology which we use and sell to government and the private sector. Our executive security agents are highly trained ex military or private industry personal. All armed guards have a legal gun permit for most states in the Mexican Republic, cleared and authorized by the federal government and the department of defense in Mexico. They are required by law to renew this permit every year and to do so are mandated to take a revision course to update their skills and abilities in the use and safe handling of their weapon. Our armed guards are committed, loyal and dedicated to the clients safety.
  8. 8.  We are not a transportation company and therefore do not provide airport to hotel transportation. However when our services require transportation we can provide it. This includes vehicles to transport principal as well as our executive protection personal, advance and chase car. Investigative rates are determined by the duration, complexity, degree of involvement and person or case being investigated. We don`t investigate hard criminals. White collar crimes, fraud, robbery or theft, insurance, due diligence, etcetera are welcome. Information security is often overlooked and its importance underestimated. We have experts in this field, extensive experience and the sophisticated technology required to go along with it. Debugging a corporate office or setting up an information security program with encrypted communications is our specialty.
  9. 9. Contact For further information please contact Rogelio Villarreal at: Our web page in Spanish:ápoles 48 segundo piso, Colonia Juárez. CP 06600 México D.F.
  10. 10. Recommendation Letter