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Content: The Fuel for Better Content Marketing


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If you're doing content marketing, you know how hard it is to manage content creation, reviews, approvals and distribution? Tracking it with spreadsheets and sending email attachments. Even file sharing sites like Dropbox can make things harder not easier.

This 30-minute live demo of SpringCM Content Cloud Services will show you a better way.

Organize all of your marketing assets in a single, secure, easily-accessible repository.
Collaborate more easily with subject matter experts and agencies.
Put targeted collateral at your sales team’s fingertips; in or other CRM, on their laptops, on their iPads.

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Content: The Fuel for Better Content Marketing

  1. 1. Becoming a BetterContent MarketerSolve the Chaos of Content Creation,Collaboration, and Distribution
  2. 2. ContentMarketing
  3. 3. ContentClearly Matters to Content Marketing
  4. 4. Delivering Content is HardManyassets, media, contributors, approvers, marketing channels + Change in messaging, products, brand, channels, markets
  5. 5. Fuel Content Marketing With Content Create & Organize Deliver & Approve & Manage Distribute
  6. 6. Analysts: Produces Serious Business Results25% cut in agency costs75% reduction in time-to-market20% increase in revenue Gartner, “Trends in MRM Vendor Selection and Implementation”, Feb 2011
  7. 7. Great Benefits to You Too What amazing things could you do with a 1 ½ days back in your week?
  8. 8. Create & Create & Approve ApproveTop 5 Hazards Clearly More Assets accessible anywhere, any1. Email and version chaos device2. Adding content cumbersome Drag-and-drop multiple files, Sync3. Using content really cumbersome One-click Edit, Sync4. Comment by email trail Document collaboration5. Time spent hounding reviewers Automated approval workflow
  9. 9. Create & ApproveDemonstration
  10. 10. Organize & Organize&Manage ManageTop 5 Hazards Clearly More1. Finding, or not finding assets Unlimited folders, search2. Finding assets for a product Customizable attributes3. What is img_063312.png? Automated naming4. Knowing what’s ready to be used Document status attribute5. Obsolete materials Expiration dates and process
  11. 11. Organize & ManageDemonstration
  12. 12. Deliver &Deliver&Distribute Distribute Top 5 Hazards Clearly More Folders, attribute search, saved 1. Finding, or not finding assets search 2. Sales and field marketing doesn’t Automated notifications, Chatter know about your latest posts, What’s New reporting Sync to laptops, access via 3. Getting sales to use latest salesforce, Mobile 4. Sales and field marketing using Automatically pull obsolete assets obosolete collateral or templates 5. Knowing what’s used, what’s not Reporting on views, downloads
  13. 13. Deliver & DistributeDemonstration
  14. 14. Getting Started It’s Easy Try it for FREE
  15. 15. @springcmFor funNightmare on Content