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Exploring Linked Data


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Exploring Linked Data

  1. 1. Exploring Linked Data Roberto García Lotico Semantic Web Meetup San Francisco, August 8th 2012Human-Computer Interaction Universitat de Lleida and Data Integration Spain Research Group
  2. 2. Who• Associate Professor, Universitat de Lleida, Spain• Visiting Associate Professor, Standford University – Stanford HCI Group• +12 years Semantic Web research – 1999 MSc Thesis: Knowledge Management using RDF plus reasoning (SiLRI) – 2006 PhD Thesis: A Semantic Web approach to DRM – 2006- Copyright Ontology – 2007- Lleida HCI Group, Semantic Web User Interfaces
  3. 3. Tons of semantic data…
  4. 4. Fine for computers… but people? M. Harper (developer) I’m developing a bird watching application. Can I reuse DBPedia?
  5. 5. Proposal Ontologies and dataset structureAutomatic UI Generation Information Architecture Components [Morville] Overview Menus, Sitemaps,…InteractionPatterns for Zoom & Filter FacetsData Analysis [Shneiderman] Details Lists, Maps, Timelines…
  6. 6. IA Components. Menus7 menus with 10 submenus Automatic Generation
  7. 7. DEMO IA Components. MenusDBPedia overview… …but what about 12.334 birds?
  8. 8. IA Components. Facets• Pre-computed list of facets / class or topic – Ontologies, Thesaurus + instance data – Facets for all inverse properties (explicit or implicit) • Actor  actor – Film: – Actor has facet “is actor of Film” – Pivoting: switch from faceted view to related faceted views (keeping filters) • E.g.: from Birds facets to Places facets through the “geo” facet
  9. 9. DEMO
  10. 10. DEMO Conclusions• Users build queries without SPARQL or dataset structure knowledge• Example: – Who has directed more films in Oceania? SELECT DISTINCT ?r1 WHERE { ?r1 a movie:Director . ?r2 movie:director ?r1 . ?r2 a movie:Film. ?r2 movie:country ?r3 . ?r3 movie:country_continent ?r3var0 FILTER(str(?r3var0)="Oceania") }
  11. 11. Example: OMediaDis project• Explore dataset about works, recordings, licenses,…• Integrate visualisation plugins – Timeline, map, license viewer,…
  12. 12. Thanks for your attention Roberto García roberto.garcia@udl.catHuman-Computer Interaction and Data Integration Universitat de Lleida Research Group