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About Hands

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  1. About Hands Products and Services Portfolio Hands +55 (11) 3711-4531 +55 (21) 2533-9425 June 2008
  2. Agenda About Hands Mobile Ads Unit Mobile Sites Unit Mobile Trends Unit
  3. About Hands Brief History 1998: Hands project begins at CyberTech Positioning: similar to AvantGo in USA, offline browsing in PDAs + WAP 1.x initiatives Business Model: Mobile Advertising! Since ever!!! 2000: Hands spin-off as a company Received R$ 1.46 million VC round from Ideiasnet (a BOVESPA traded investment company) 2005: Hands new positioning (similar to Enpocket or ThirdScreenMedia) Hands proprietary WAP 2.x platform launch: Mobile Site publishing and Mobile Ad Server Almost 50 content and service partners’ channels in operation/sales New M-Ads Sales team 1st banner in cell phones (Itaú bank), off-deck, displayed in all operators 2007: 1st banner in brazilian carrier: VIVO (65% WAP market share) Over 200 content and service partners’ channels in operation/sales Approx. 100 advertisers! 2008: Division in three business units (for better sales performance): Mobile Ads : AdServer, “OPEC” and M-Ads Sales ( including external inventories ) Mobile Sites : Mobile Site publishing and off-deck Hands Mobile Portal Mobile Trends : Mobile Interactive Custom Projects and Creative Bureau
  4. About Hands 2008 Business Model Mobile Ads Unit Modular Fee, based on each client’s selected services: Hands AdServer: 20% of M-Ads Net Sales Hands Campaign Management (OPEC): 10% of M-Ads Net Sales Hands Sales Team: 30% of M-Ads Net Sales (when Hands do the selling) Mobile Sites Unit Corporate Sites: custom setup fee + monthly operation fee Publisher Sites: 15% of all mobie site’s related revenue (m-ads, data traffic, subscriptions) Hands Mobile Portal: annual sponsorship quotas Premium Content Subscriptions: on hold, will be back with new adult content sites Mobile Trends Unit Modular Fee, based on each client’s selected services: Projects: custom setup fee (accordingly with creative/idea, time-effort and vendors used) Production Fees: 15% of mobile sites developing fees 20% of advertising media plans 20% of SMS or Bluetooth media plans
  5. Mobile Ads Unit Hands | June 2008
  6. Some Advertisers
  7. Hands Sales Team covers All Major Agencies (and... we receive almost all briefings!)
  8. Hands Mobile Advertising Cases SENAC Microsoft Mizuno Motorola Petrobras Fiat AMEX Honda TIM Intel SAP Land Rover Bradesco Peugeot Mitsubishi
  9. <ul><li>Format: only one in this phase (for simplicity sake) </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Clickable Animated GIF Banner </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Input: 468x60px full color; output: device compatible </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Linked to Mobile Hotsite (included, exists only during banner flight) OR Mobile Site (corporate mobile presence) </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Sales Offer: sponsorships quotas only </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Minimum: 15 days or multiples (we estimate delivery) </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>No CPM or fractions sales! </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Quotas of 500,000; 75,000 or 25,000 approx. impressions </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Depends on content and service category </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><li>Reports: flight period, CTR and impressions delivered </li></ul>Mobile Advertising – Standard Format Mobile Banner + Mobile Hotsite
  10. Mobile Advertising – Customized Format Banner + Action Mobile Hotsite (LBS, Click-to-call, SMS, opt-in) Mobile Banner LBS Hotsite
  11. Hands iPhone Portal (Pre-Launch Beta) 5 Annual Sponsorship Quotas: Home + Semantic Search Pages
  12. Mobile Sites Unit Hands | June 2008
  13. Hands REMIX Platform (80% complete) (Mobile Sites Publishing, Mobile AdServer & Campaign Mgmt )
  14. Hands REMIX Platform – Services Layer APIs (60% complete) (REMIX = Recommendations Engine for Mobile Integrated Experience ) Integrated With America Movil Network in 14 LTA countries (SMS, pre-paid, subscription)
  15. Corporate Mobile Site Examples (access through Hands Mobile Portal)
  16. Some of Hands Content and Service Partners (with M-Ads Selling Agreements)
  17. New! Community Blogs (with M-Ads Selling Agreements)
  18. Publishers Mobile Site Examples (access through Hands Mobile Portal)
  19. New! iPhone Mobile Sites (Hands REMIX Platform)
  20. Mobile Trends Unit Hands | June 2008
  21. Mobile Agency Case (Kraft Foods @ TIM Festival 2007) User Generated Content + Bluetooth + Mosaic Projection User generated content (pictures) sent for a computer-generated mosaic projection screen through bluetooth.
  22. Mobile Agency Case (Kraft Foods @ TIM Festival 2007) SMS Projection + Laser Brand Users sent SMS to a shortcode and their messages were projected in a large screen, side-by-side with the advertiser’s brand (in laser) Mensagem: BJORK THE SHOW WAS GREAT Para:2222
  23. Mobile Agency Case (Kraft Foods @ TIM Festival 2007) Branded Mobile Site Branded Mobile Site with micro-blogging, interactive SMS templates, downloads and match-making Entre com o número do celular com DDD e clique em Ok para enviar. Ex. 2199990000. Celular OK Escolha o torpedo que te tira da roubada: * Amor, vem correndo pra casa! Preciso de vc! To passando mal!
  24. Contact Us! +55 (21) 2533-9425 Hands | June 2008