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Emerson Epub Coding Day


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Slide for the epub presentation as part of the Coding Day celebration at Emerson College, September 15, 2012.

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Emerson Epub Coding Day

  1. 1. Making an EPUB file
  2. 2. Professional Workflow
  3. 3. Personal Workflow
  4. 4. Opening the EPUB• mimetype• META-INF• OEBPS/ Content
  5. 5. EPUB is a packagemasquerading asa file format. -Bill Kasdorf, APEX content solutions
  6. 6. mimetype• Text file• Contents of file: application/ePub+zip• Defines the media type as Open Container Format (OCF)
  7. 7. META-INF• Contains the container.xml file<?xml version="1.0"?><container version="1.0" xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:opendocument:xmlns:contain er"> <rootfiles> <rootfile full-path=”OEBPS/content.opf" media- type="application/oebps-package+xml"/> </rootfiles></container>
  8. 8. META-INF• Optional files: – encryption.xml – signature.xml – rights.xml – manifest.xml – metadata.xml
  9. 9. OEBPS/ Content• Contains all viewable documents (XHTML & .jpg) and stylesheets (CSS)• Contains the .opf file• Contains the . ncx file (replaced in EPUB3 with a simplified toc.html file, but only for EPUB3 devices)
  10. 10. .ncx file
  11. 11. Finishing the File• Once all files are created they and added to the appropriate files, you will need to rezip the files.• Every file but the mimetype gets zipped (mimetype must be read first).• You can do this through the command line/ terminal, script, or through an Epub program like Calibre.• Once zipped, you need to validate.
  12. 12. Validation• Like all mark-up languages, EPUB needs to be validated.• It will pick up errors in ncx opf and html files.• It will alert missing or miscapitalized files.• Use EPUB Check available from Google code or Safari.
  13. 13. Free Tools• Coding – Notepad++ (PC) – TextWrangler (MAC) – iBooks author (MAC)• Creating/ Zipping – Sigil – Calibre – ePub Zip from MobileRead• Quality Checking – Adobe Digital Editions – EpubCheck – Kindle Direct: Gen & Previewer
  14. 14. Resources• Twitter: #eprdctn• Liz Castro – EPUB Straight to the Point – Pigs, Gourds, & Wikis• Mobile Reads Forum• IDPF•