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Saas: Software AND Service


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Presentation held on the Heliview conference on SaaS for end users.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Saas: Software AND Service

  1. 1. What things do I have to take into account? “SOFTWARE AND SERVICE”
  2. 2. Agenda What is SAAS? + Why SAAS? + Questions for your SAAS supplier + Software AND Service? +
  3. 3. service CRM web-based CMS business cloud computing multi- SAAS tenant e-mail SOA shared data model video conferencing central location asp mashup virtualization accounting software ownership payroll
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  7. 7. That’s why SAAS: Garantee 24/7 + Scalability Grow along with organizations + Availability Right versions, fast deployment + Transparency Usage and cost + Price Pay-per-use + Flexible Adaptive, configurable + But mainly: + Concentrate on core business
  8. 8. SAAS vs. ASP ASP SAAS Legacy applications Modern applications + + using webinterface Long term licences + Subscription + Upgrading is not easy + Patches, updates and + Customer owns the + new versions licence SAAS-supplier owns + licence
  9. 9. Questions for the SAAS-supplier: Where’s my data? + How modular is the service? + How configurable is the service? + How much do I pay and for what? + How long will I be stuck to a contract? + What is the support? + How portable is the data and configuration? + How easlily can the SAAS-environment be + migrated? Is there a vendor lock-in? + How safe and secure is the service? +
  10. 10. Where’s my data? data data data data data data data data data data data data data
  11. 11. How modular is the service? Saas Service
  12. 12. How configurable is the service? Saas Service
  13. 13. How portable is my data? config data Saas Service Saas Service
  14. 14. Software AND Service financieel Your company Your webservice SAAS ERP Payroll Doc. Man. Your application CMS E- Database mail overheid vastgoed Gemeentelijke Basis GBA-V Administratie Verstrekkingen
  15. 15. Software AND Service Integration + Identity Management + SOA, BPM, Mashups + Standards? + Customizations + Advice, consultancy + Reporting + Support: Migration,Configuration +
  16. 16. Vision BPM Business Intelligence: KPIs, Customers Rule Engines dashboarding integration: BPM, SOA, Mashups SAAS CRM ERP E-mail Accounting CMS Infrastructure SAAS: “Sector as a Service”