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The Truth about Your Lead Generation


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Slides from my O2 workshop

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The Truth about Your Lead Generation

  1. 1. Welcome to TheTruth about YourLead Generation Rod Sloane O2 TCR #TTAYLG June 19th 2012
  2. 2. About Rod• Worked for IBM, CA, BAT, BT & BCPD• Roles Sales, Marketing, Business Development• Author 2 books, Sales and Marketing Alignment Podcast• Married, live in Ealing, play tennis and support Blackpool FC• Core Process "Showing Up"
  3. 3. Your Turn• Name• Job Title• Company• Responsibilities
  4. 4. What is Lead Generation?"Lead generation is a marketing term used  todescribe the generation of consumer interest orinquiry into products or services of a business. Businesses strive to generate quality leads.Quality is usually determined by the propensityof the inquirer to take the next action towards apurchase."
  5. 5. The Quiz!!The Quiz!!
  6. 6. How do Sales People define a Qualified Lead?1. Buyer in target market willing to meet 532. Budget, Authority, Need & Timeframe %3. Authority, Need backed by trigger event 6 %4. Contract and pen in hand, press hard ha ses r P urc ajo of M OT f y ear 7 3% N rt o rt sta at ted Gen R epo bu dge nd De ma
  7. 7. Your new responsibility,should you choose toaccept it is... "To meet the short and long term revenue targets of your company within the context of the corporate strategy.”
  8. 8. About today• Not tactical i.e. NOT 121 Lead Generation Ideas• Strategic• What is your current Lead Gen doing for you?• Whats it costing you?• How you can fix it.
  9. 9. Why spend timetalking about Lead Generation?
  10. 10. CEO Speak on Lead Generation "We need more better clients!" "We need to lear n to ear n new business better than we do today!" What would your CEO say? "We need to...."
  11. 11. According to the SLMA....In the average company,  whatpercentage of marketing generatedraw leads ever make it to a closedwon deal? f es t o in b 3% 1 5% lass c
  12. 12. Statistics for Qualified Leads10% will close within first three monthsAnother 16% will close within six monthsAnother 19% will close within one year45% of all Qualified Leads buy within a yearHow ef fective is your company at staying ontop of qualified leads?
  13. 13. The big question for Marketing is....
  14. 14. Whats the one thingthat Marketing can do better than Sales?
  15. 15. Marketing Sales
  16. 16. SalesMarketing Ignore Sucks Leads
  17. 17. Whatever you do dont give unfiltered,unqualified raw leads to your Sales Team
  18. 18. Please discuss in pairs, at a strategic level• What Sales wants from Marketing• What Marketing wants from Sales• What the business wants from both of them
  19. 19. What Percentage of yourClosed Deals Star ted off in Marketing?
  20. 20. What is the top challenge facing your marketing strategy?
  21. 21. Your Sales Cycle• Do you understand it?• Can you explain it?• Is it still relevant?• Does it matter?
  22. 22. Your Clients Buying Cycle • Do you understand it? • Can you explain it? • What % of your competition can? • Is it documented? Is it unique?
  23. 23. You need to become astudent then an expertabout your clients and their challenges.
  24. 24. Buying is changing, as a result so are Marketing and Sales.
  25. 25. "Its not about blame, we are all Accountable!"
  26. 26. "Be an intelligent team,learn when to do take theappropriate action at the appropriate time."
  27. 27. Average growth in Annual Company RevenueTop 20% had 31.6% average growthMiddle 50% had an 18.2% average growthBottom 30% a 6.7% average decrease
  28. 28. What do the top 20% do thats different?Sales and Marketing 1.9 meetings perweek, 69% more than other firmsRelationship between Sales and Marketingis strong by 79% average is 61%
  29. 29. Percentage of the Sales Forecasted Pipeline Generated by MarketingTop 20% had 40%Middle 50% was 22%Bottom 30% was 13%
  30. 30. Who is responsible for what...hold Marketing responsible forquality and value of leads...hold Sales responsible for qualityfeedback and results
  31. 31. What your company needs to do. Focus on1. Clients2. Revenue3. Culture4. Language5. People
  32. 32. An Action PlanPlanCustomer SurveyLead Definition WorkshopBuild Customer Buying CycleRegular Sales and Marketing Alignmentmeetings based on the Plan, CRM & clients
  33. 33. Required Actions - Level 1Establish a formal planning process betweenSales and Marketing (Lead Definition, Scoringand Go-to-market messaging)Define roles and responsibility for LeadManagement ActivityPlan to adopt marketing technology
  34. 34. Required Actions - Level 2Identify an individual or group responsiblefor improving marketing performance-- a marketing operations positionMarketing should involve sales in obtaining"voice of the customer" inputShare results with key stakeholdersand decision makers
  35. 35. Required Actions - Level 3Accelerate adoption of lead management &MAInvest in campaign management capabilities - CBA for individual marketing campaignsSales better understands the goals and actionof marketing to better understand the buyersper-sales journey
  36. 36. Universal Lead Definition Workshop1. Refine ULD as sales ready2. Qualify leads based as ULD3. Nuture early stage leads until sales ready4. Define handoff process5. Work on closing the loop
  37. 37. What I can work with you onUniversal Lead Definition WorkshopBuying Cycle WorkshopSales & Marketing Alignment Plan
  38. 38. The Sales Lead InstituteStarting Autumn 20126 month programme for you to decide whichof the latest SalesLead strategies you needto adopt in your businessSmall non competitive groups
  39. 39. Thank You for Listening Please complete and return the feedback form Pickup your copy of Alignment