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ISC 2011

  1. 1. May/2011 Axis @ ISC Brasil 2011 media coverage report
  2. 2. 1. Situation
  3. 3. Situation / Challenge Axis Communications, a global leader in the network video market, planned to have a booth at ISC Brasil 2011, the most important show in Brazil for the electronic security market. The show happens on April, only 2 weeks after ISC West, in Las Vegas. For this year’s event, the co-founder of the company, Martin Gren, was going to be a keyspeaker at the paralell congress. The executive had already visited Brazil and talked to the press by the end of 2009. Also, in 2010, Axis had caught the attention of brazilian journalists with an area of the booth called “Dark room”, where the new thermal cameras were demonstrated for the first time. Three TV stations aired news about it: TV Globo, TV GloboNews and RedeTV. With many competitors like Bosch, Samsung, Pelco, LG, Panasonic, D-Link, Flir and Sony willing to attract media coverage, it was necessary to create a strategy in order to outstand Axis’s performance once again. ISC 2011 would have more booths and more PR professionals than 2010. The company, though, had to follow the global guidelines for building booths and had several restrictions to change its structure.
  4. 4. Situation / Strategy Since January, 2011, Axis marketing team in Brazil started a series of meetings with Capital Informação, its PR agency in the country, to discuss strategies for ISC Brasil. It was defined that the highlight of the booth would be an intelligent room featuring advanced analytics such as people counting and PTZ cameras with auto tracking function. Other recent products, like the AXIS M50 series and the AXIS P5544 camera were also important and had to be considered for media briefings. The presence of Martin Gren in Brazil should generate at least one interview with an important mass media.
  5. 5. 2. Communication actions
  6. 6. Communication Actions / March - Planning of a PR strategy from March to April - Press release about AXIS M50 - First press release about Martin Gren’s conference <ul><li>Briefings for media partners of the show </li></ul>
  7. 7. Communication Actions / April <ul><li>Start of media briefings about Martin Gren for big newspapers and magazines, with a special attention to mass media. </li></ul><ul><li>Creation of content for ISC’s PR agency </li></ul><ul><li>Press release about AXIS P5544 PTZ dome camera </li></ul><ul><li>Press release about the intelligent room, a few video analytics and reinforcement of AXIS M50 and AXIS P5544. </li></ul><ul><li>Follow up with major TV stations, newspapers and magazines. </li></ul>
  8. 8. <ul><li>Creation of media kits to be displayed at the press room during the show </li></ul><ul><li>Direct contact with journalists during the show to suggest a visit to Axis’ booth </li></ul><ul><li>Following of interviews at the booth during the 3 days of the event </li></ul>Communication Actions / April
  9. 9. <ul><li>Second press release a day before Martin Gren’s lecture </li></ul><ul><li>Media and journalists profiles presentation for Martin Gren that were scheduled to interview him. </li></ul><ul><li>Martin Gren’s byline article: media briefing for a newspaper </li></ul><ul><li>Translation of interviews with Martin Gren, when necessary </li></ul>Communication Actions / April
  10. 10. 3. Overview of results
  11. 11. “ Olhar Digital” is a 30-minutes TV show aired every Sunday for all country on Rede TV. The show is also available at UOL, the most visited portal in Brazil. “”, a website specialized on integration of technologies, will post a 3-minutes interview with Carlos Eduardo. “ Jornal da Segurança”, a trade media in the security market, interviewed Maribel Villena to produce a video for its website. Marcelo Ponte talked to a journalist from “Varejo e Tecnologia”, a bi-monthly magazine with circulation of 10.000 copies, about AXIS M50. The newspaper “Segnews” was distributed during the show and featured articles about AXIS. This content will also be published on the monthly magazine edition. During the show, it was released the April edition of “IP” magazine, the most important trade media for the security market. The cover issue talks about Axis’s project for CCR, the biggest project in Brazil for Axis’ encoders. Overview of results / Trade Media
  12. 12. TV Globo is the 3rd biggest commercial TV in the world. It is the biggest in Latin America and reaches all cities in Brazil. “Jornal Hoje” is its afternoon news. TV Gazeta reaches 300 cities in Brazil. The report featuring Axis was broadcast twice: during prime time and in a morning TV show. Rede TV covers 84% of the Brazilian territory and part of South America. The report featuring Axis was broadcast during prime time. TV Brasil is the only Brazilian public TV station. Record News is an open, news-only TV station . Overview of results / National TV news
  13. 13. A reporter from TV Globo visited Axis’ booth and recorded a report about intelligent cameras. The local news, called SPTV, is broadcast during prime time for São Paulo’s state. A famous TV presenter visited Axis’ booth and recorded a 9-minute long report for the morning news “Primeiro Jornal”. The second most important TV station, TV Record, exhibited the same report on two different local news. The content was also exhibited by a local news at a channel called Record News. Overview of results / Local TV News
  14. 14. Folha de S. Paulo is one of the 3 most important newspapers in Brazil, and the one with most number of copies per day. Agora São Paulo is a popular version of Folha de S. Paulo and belongs to the same group. Since 2004, it figures as the most read tabloid in São Paulo. Diário de S. Paulo was created in 1884 and circulates in São Paulo. Overview of results / Newspapers
  15. 15. UOL, the leading portal in Brazil, sent a photographer to create a book of images and publish it online. G1 is the biggest news website in the country. It is part of BOL, or Brasil Online, is a brazilian portal created in 1994. Today, it belongs to Grupo Folha. Overview of results / Websites
  16. 16. Ethevaldo Siqueira, the country’s most important journalist for the technology segment, interviewed Martin Gren for its blog and radio column A reporter from IT Web, an IT website, interviewed Mr. Gren and published an article about the growth of IP cameras. Segnews, a security newspaper distributed during the show, published a 1-page interview with the creator of the IP camera., one of the most important news website in the country, published an article about Gren’s conference. Magazines and newspapers, like Jornal do Commercio, announced Martin Gren’s conference. Carta Capital, one of the 4 most read weekly news magazine in Brazil, sent a journalist to interview Martin Gren during the show. Every week, 85.000 copies are distributed and sold. After the show, a journalist from Brasil Econômico, the 2nd most important Business newspaper in Brazil, also interviewed Mr. Gren. Every day, 40.000 copies circulate. DCI, the 3rd most influencial business newspaper in Brazil, agreed to publish Martin Gren’s article on June. Overview of results / Martin Gren’s interview
  17. 17. 4. List of results with links (pass your cursor over images to access the material)
  18. 18. Part 1 Part 2 List of results / TV TV Globo - Jornal Hoje Features AXIS P5544 video and detection of removed objects TV Globo – SPTV 2ª edição Features AXIS P5544 video and the audio detection function RedeTV RedeTV News is the most important news on the channel, and is aired during prime time. TV Bandeirantes Primeiro Jornal is a local TV news presented by a well known journalist Media Description Watch
  19. 19. List of results / TV TV Brasil Public TV station. Its most important news is “Repórter Brasil”. This link features exclusively Axis TV Gazeta Jornal da Gazeta is the most watched TV news on this channel. In this video, Andrei Junqueira shows the audio detection function. TV Gazeta Manhã Gazeta is a TV show aired in the mornings with some news and entertainment content. The thermal cameras are highligted TV Record Record Notícias is the most watched local TV news in this TV station – the second most important TV, after Globo Media Description Watch
  20. 20. List of results / TV TV Record News Hora News is an every-hour TV news aired at this news channel. This report was broadcast at prime time. TV Record News Record News São Paulo is a local TV news Rede TV “ Olhar Digital” is a 30-minute TV news broadcast every Sunday afternoon. RIT “ RIT TV” is a newschannel broadcast for all the country. Media Description Watch
  21. 21. List of results / Radio CBN Ethevaldo Siqueira has a daily column at CBN, the most listened newsradio station in Brazil Media Description Listen
  22. 22. List of results / Websites Media Title Link Quality of IP cameras increased more than 600 times since 1996, says the creator ZAP Show presents security system news for houses and condominiums BOL Quality of IP cameras increased more than 600 times since 1996, says the creator G1 Security show in SP even has a camera that allows to couple a gun IT Web IP Cameras grow in Brazil Exército Brasileiro Security show in SP even has a camera that allows to couple a gun
  23. 23. List of results / Websites PartnerSales Axis launches the world’s smallest PTZ camera IP News Company launches the world’s smallest PTZ camera Revista IP Axis launches the world’s smallest PTZ camera Senior The evolution of the network market over IP Guia do CFTV CFTV: Axis launches the world’s smallest PTZ camera Guia-me Company launches the world’s smallest PTZ camera Portal Administradores Company launches camera with HDTV quality Media Title Link
  24. 24. List of results / Websites Revista IP ISC 2011 to host a lecture with the creator of the IP camera IP News Creator of IP camera will lecture in Brazil Agenda: Reseller web / IT Web / Eventos de TI Martin Gren’s lecture at ISC Brasil 2011 Guia do CFTV CFTV: ISC 2011 to host a lecture with the creator of the IP camera Media Title Link PartnerSales Axis exhibits intelligent cameras in a simulation environment at ISC Brasil 2011 Flagrante SP Show exhibits camera that follows suspects
  25. 25. List of results / Websites IP News Axis launches HD camera with a 360 degrees vision TI Bahia Axis launches world’s first HDTV camera with 360 degrees vision PartnerSales Axis launches HDTV quality camera and 360 degrees panoramic view InterIT Axis launches HD camera with a 360 degrees vision Revista IP Axis launches world’s first HDTV camera with 360 degrees vision Estadã – blog Ethevaldo Siqueira 1 million eyes surveillance Media Title Link
  26. 26. List of results / Websites IT Web IP Cameras become more popular in Brazil Saúde Business web IP Cameras more popular in the health sector IT Web - Twitter IP Cameras become more popular in Brazil 1 million eyes surveillance Extra Online Show exhibits security system trends for houses and condominiums Media Title Link
  27. 27. List of results / Regional websites Alagoas em Tempo Real - Maceió (AL) Security show in SP even has a camera that allows to couple a gun A Tribuna - São Luís (MA) Security show in SP even has a camera that allows to couple a gun Media Title Link O Globo – Rio de Janeiro (RJ) Show presents security system news for houses and condominiums Extra – Rio de Janeiro (RJ) Show presents security system news for houses and condominiums TI Bahia – Salvador (BA) ISC 2011 to host a lecture with the creator of the IP camera Creator of IP camera lectures in São Paulo about the future of videosurveillance Axis launches the world’s smallest HDTV PTZ camera
  28. 28. List of results / Video websites G1 Show exhibits technological news to fight criminality Show in São Paulo exhibits the latest technological news against crime eBand Faccioli visits electronic security show TV Brasil online Show exhibits news for the urban security area RedeTV Show in SP presents security news Jornal da Gazeta Intersecurity Media Title Link
  29. 29. List of results / Newspapers Tribuna do Norte “ Rumos do Brasil” Column Agora São Paulo Security show has intelligent cameras Jornal do Commercio Network security Folha de S. Paulo Total control with the family Diário de SP Intelligent cameras against thefts SegNews Martin Gren: the creator of IP cameras Camera that fits in the palm of the hand Veículo Título Link Flickr Login: [email_address] Password: capitalinformacao Flickr Flickr Flickr
  30. 30. 5. Analysis <ul><li>- Higher perception of “Axis” as a high-technology security manufacturer </li></ul><ul><li>Improved relationship between the company’s spokesperson and many journalists </li></ul><ul><li>Higher number of TV stations and other media coverage, compared to 2010, even with more competitors exhibiting on the same show. </li></ul><ul><li>Though many journalists asked about the AXIS P5544 camera – a product that was announced just before the show and was expected to be exhibited for the first time in Brazil -, the video included in the media kit satisfied part of the need. </li></ul><ul><li>The emphasis on intelligent features and the creation of an “Intelligent room” proved to attract media coverage. </li></ul>