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Apresentação realizada na reunião técnica do grupo de usuários DevGoiás .NET. Demos da apresentação em

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  • Tooling
    Our focus with the tooling has been on adding EF6 support and shipping out-of-band between releases of Visual Studio. The tooling itself does not include any new features, but most of the new runtime features can be used with models created in the EF Designer.

    Runtime (Available on NuGet)

    Async Query and Save adds support for the task-based asynchronous patterns that were introduced in .NET 4.5
    Custom Code First Conventions allow you to write your own conventions to help avoid repetitive configuration. We provide a simple API for lightweight conventions as well as some more complex building blocks to allow you to author more complicated conventions.
    Code First Mapping to Insert/Update/Delete Stored Procedures
    Connection Resiliency enables automatic recovery from transient connection failures
    Code-Based Configuration gives you the option of performing configuration in code that was traditionally performed in a config file.
    Dependency Resolution introduces support for the Service Locator pattern and we factored out some pieces of functionality that can be replaced with custom implementations.
    Enums, Spatial and Better Performance on .NET 4.0 - By moving the core components that used to be in the .NET Framework into the EF NuGet package we are now able to offer enum support, spatial data types and the performance improvements from EF5 on .NET 4.0
    Configurable Migrations History Table allows you to customize the definition of the migrations history table. This is particularly useful for database providers that require the appropriate data types. etc.. to be specified for the Migrations History table to work correctly.
    DbContext can now be created with a DbConnection that is already opened which enables scenarios where it would be helpful if the connection could be open when creating the context (such as sharing a connection between components where you cannot guarantee the state of the connection).
  • ASP.NET 2.0 Membership (VS 2005)
    Autenticação em Forms
    Baseado no Sql Server
    ASP.NET Simple Membership (VS 2010)
    Fácil customizer o perfil
    ASP.NET Web Pages
    ASP.NET Universal Providers(VS 2012)
    Suporte ao Sql Azure

  • Claim (elegibilidade, Afirmação)
  • We only flow claims to Iprincipal as a bag of dictionary
  • ASP.NET Identity

    1. 1. Rodrigo Kono @rodrigokono MVP ASP.NET MCP, MCTS, MCPD, MCT ASP.NET Identity
    2. 2.   Desde 2003  Encontros regulares, eventos, projetos, etc.  Ótimas razões:  Compartilhar boas Experiências  Orientações  Networking  Aprender coisa boa  Oportunidades  Discussões  Crescimento DevGoiás .NET User Group
    3. 3. Sponsors
    4. 4.  Autenticação no ASP.NET “histórico“  ASP.NET Identity  Demo  Hands On! Agenda
    5. 5. Antes vamos nos localizar!
    6. 6. O que tem de novo no ASP.NET MVC 5?
    7. 7. A evolução do Membership para o Identity ASP.NET 1.1 N/A ASP.NET 2.0 Membership Provider ASP.NET 4 Simple Membership ASP.NET 4/4.5 Universal Providers ASP.NET 4.5 One ASP.NET Identity Migração? Verifique como:
    8. 8. O que você precisa? Identidades e Cenários Conta de Usuários Individuais (ASP.NET Identity com ou/sem Social Identities) Aplicativos de Internet, pequenas e médias empresas, aplicações de consumo Active Directory (AD) Aplicativos corporativos On-premises (LAN/VPN) Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) Aplicativos corporativos On-premises com usuários remotos. Azure Active Directory (AAD) Aplicações corporativas baseadas em Nuvem.
    9. 9. ASP.NET Identity One ASP.NET  Suporte a todos Frameworks (MVC, Webforms, WebAPI, SignalR, WebPages) Controle persistente  Banco de dados padrão, EF Code First  Fácil para interligar com outros ambientes (NoSQL, SharePoint etc.) Melhor testabilidade Social Login Providers
    10. 10.  Identidade / Credenciais  Autenticação / Autorização  Regras / Claims  Autenticação de 2 Fatores (2FA)  Protocolos Passivo/Ativo Terminologias
    11. 11. All About   Code    Blogs e Docs     Links