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Specialist in Logistics and Supply Chain


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Professional in decision-making, being of urgency, proactive, leadership of teams, processes and projects, Communicative, Resilient, results oriented, fluent in English language.
Experience in Industrial Logistics Management from Inbound to Outbound, PCP, Outsourcing, Inventory, Critical tasks, and People management, Risk, Cost and Auditory in S&OP and O&M model.
Available for City change or Travels.

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Specialist in Logistics and Supply Chain

  1. 1. Rodrigo de Lima Simão 1 RODRIGO DE LIMA SIMÃO Brazilian, 35 years old, 02 Children - SorocabaSP - Fone: (015) 9 9169.8664 SPECIALIST IN LOGISTICS AND SUPPLY CHAIN Professional in decision-making, being of urgency, proactive, leadership of teams, processes and projects, Communicative, Resilient, results oriented, fluent in English language. Experience in Industrial Logistics Management from Inbound to Outbound, PCP, Outsourcing, Inventory, Critical tasks, and People management, Risk, Cost and Auditory in S&OP and O&M model. Available for City change or Travels. EDUCATION MBA in Logistics International and Supply Chain Management – on going 2017. Training preparatory to Certification PMP®, (PMI - Project Management Institute).PMBOK5th Edition. Graduated in Administration of Business and Marketing. Spare Parts Management. Note. In my plan of development professional, I will be prepare myself to Certification from CPIM, CSCP, CLTD from APISC and BPM from ABPMP coming soon. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATION  Over 14 years of experience in Logistics and Supply Chain, managing customer and supplier contracts, leading projects, processes and teams, interacting with other business sectors, ensuring compliance with the standards and Policies, targets and KPIs, Budget and Forecast, solving problems and Critical assignments.  Experience in people management, team development, service provider companies, performance appraisal, and feedback, encouragement and conflict management.  Vision and Systemic for data analysis and preparation of Contingency strategies, mitigating risks, aligning costs, leading to improvements, ensuring the commitment of the customer service chain. Reaching 98% of deliveries on time, and more than R $ 1 million / year in reducing logistics costs.  In procurement management, I has experience in developing suppliers of Logistic Products and/or Services, from the preparation of the documents Quotation, Scope, Negotiation, Start of operations, monitoring and control until the projects are demobilized.  Extensive knowledge of Tax area applied to National and International Logistics, Current legislation, ICMS, IPI, PIS and COFINS, ICMS ST, NCM and CEST, CTes, assets, loan, sale, Among others.  Experienced in the transport of dangerous cargo, following ANAC / ANTT regulations, IATA use, IMDG.  Solid knowledge Office Package with advanced Excel, MS Project and Visio, ERP SAP and ORACLE, Tools and techniques like 5S, VSM (Value Stream Mapping, EVM (Earned Value Management), TQM (Total Quality Management), PDCA Cycle, Six Sigma and Lean, ISO9001, WMS, TMS, PMBOK 5th edition  Specialist in PCP management, development and monitoring strategies to get business goals, integration all areas to the S&OP model.  I was President of the CIPA for 2 years, promoting awareness with Health, Safety, and Environment. CASES OF SUCCESS  Developed and implemented with the team smartphone application for spare parts management improving customer experience with deadlines and deliveries, reducing operating costs.  Transfer of the Central warehouse and repair center to another city, within the deadline and legal aspects.  Changed the model of deliveries and internal movements with savings of R$ 600 thousand (BRL) per year, reaching the goal of 98% of all orders delivered on time.  Recognized by Customers for the special advanced delivery services (max 4 hours) in the World Cup and Olympics, with high quality and Professionalism  Improved freight utilization, creating new methods/routes, reducing equivalent to R$ 1 Million (BRL) per year.  Developed Operational Synergy Project between sectors, restructuring responsibility matrix optimizing resources, updating process layouts, promoting employee development  Lead production team, reaching production goal in all months of the year (2500 Ton / month). PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE HUAWEI TELECOMMUNICATION (Large company - multinational (Chinese) - belongs to Telecom segment) 30 Billion per year +10.000 employers)
  2. 2. Rodrigo de Lima Simão 2 Contract and KPIs Management from Apr/2015 to Aug/2016 – (1 year 6 months) Responsible for the spare parts administration contract of Vivo/Telefônica group (more than 5000 items, 18 million BRL year), ensuring the milestones, managing the "End to End" operations, internal demand, receipt, imports, separation, billing, transportation until delivery to the customer, reverse Logistics of defective boards, Planning and inventory control in 19 warehouses in Brazil, advanced equipment exchange services with up to 4 hours on site, presentation of customer performance in periodic meetings and strategies for compliance with SLA, ensuring that contracted services and orders are delivered in Time to customers. Responsible for managing transport, warehousing and technical and special services suppliers, elaborate and implement projects of synergy, restructuring of innovation and reduction of costs on chosen systems and tools, obtaining significant results in productive capacity and profitability. Logistics Analyst Senior from Dec/2011 to Apr/2015 – ( 3 year 5 months) General management of the spare parts sector, distributing as tasks of teams composed of supervisors, analysts and outsourced companies, guaranteeing queues of tickets on time, managing storage and transport service providers, monitoring services, mapping improvements, collecting results, planning as purchases vs. budget and Forecast, developing BIDDING, present monthly performance report (KPIs) to the business and headquarters in China, active in strategic development for the sector and future schedules, technical audits, preparation of contingency plans and preventive actions, being focal point in communication between the other departments Internal, such as tax, billing, IT, accounts payable, records maintenance, billing tracking, receiving as emergency solutions and solutions. CNH _ CASE NEW HOLLAND (Large company - multinational (Italian) - belongs to Agricultural and Construction Machinery segment) Logistics Coordinator from Apr2011 to Aug/2011 – (5 months) Responsible for Team in logistics Supply line productions, fueling 48 assembly stations, more than 5k parts per day, present the result and management KPIs GE WATER & PROCESS TECHNOLOGIES (Large company - multinational (U.S.) – belongs to chemical segment, with performances in the treatment of water, extraction of oil and sugar and alcohol). with billing US$ 7 Billion and +10.000 employers Leader Logistics Operations from sep/2008 to apr/2011 – (2 years 8 months) Leadership of logistics operations of internal movements and Transportation of chemical products, staff of 20 people, guiding them daily to the provision of goals and compliance of standards, managing transport providers and administrative services, responsible for documentation of dangerous carts all modes, Following ANAC / ANTT norms, preparation of KPIs. Responsible documentation of shipment of dangerous cargoes in Air, Sea and Land transport, such as COA, MSDS, Ship Declaration, packing list, IATA and DGR use, IMDG, following ANAC / ANTT regulations. Management program ISO9001 Logistics sector, planning and implementation annual audit. Responsible for the accuracy of the inventory, FEFO, Quarantine, accounting adjustments, planning improvements, training to users of the system, preparation of the annual official inventory plan schedule. President of CIPA (NR5) for two terms and responsible two folders EHS program (OHSAS 18001). Logistics Analyst SR – from Mar/2007 to sep/2008 – (1 year 7 months) Responsible for receiving and internalizing SAP invoices, writing and reviewing ISO9001 and QTS (Quality Tracking System) procedures, analyzing process failures and proposing immediate and corrective actions, reviewing all flow, issuing of order of dispatch and invoices, and inventory analysis And adjustments, reverse logistics of refusals and captive packaging. Planner of Production Analyst (PCP) – from Jan/2006 to Mar/2007 – (1 year 3 months) Responsible for the analysis of the order book and deadlines, issuing of production orders and scheduling the production queue, guaranteeing the best production flow vs equipment and Raw materials, demand planning, ABC Curve analysis, Safety stock, finished product and raw material, BOM (bill of material) Alternatives, Production lead time, Purchase and imports, accompany team in the execution of the daily plan, ensuring production volume complying with normal technical and preventive maintenance schedules, weekly results to Management and Board weekly. Responsible to present of results all weeks from LATAM meeting to report KPIs, strategies and Schedules to improve, show the best practices to get results on target.