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Hacienda Paraíso english


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Hacienda Paraíso english

  1. 1. H A C I E N D A P A R A Í S O S A N TA C R U Z G U A N A C A S T E C O S TA R I C A Hacienda Paraíso is a spectacular 606 acre property located in the Santa Cruz, region of Guanacaste, just minutes away from some of the most beautiful beaches in Guanacaste such as Junquillal, Playa Negra and Avellanas. It boasts a lush forest and a desirable terrain that gives way to wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean. Access to the estate is quick and easy as it is located right on a fully paved main road. In addition, basic services are readily available and it’s near towns, schools, supermarkets, banks, airports and medical centers. Its location, terrain, dimensions and resources along with the little land-use restrictions, make Hacienda Paraíso the ideal spot for a wide range of developments such as hotels, residential and recreational projects, or activities like wildlife conservation, farming, cattle raising, lumber, among many others.
  2. 2. L O C A T I O N The property is located near the town of Paraíso, about 2.8 miles from Junquillal Beach, in the Santa Cruz Canton of the Guanacaste Province, in the Costa Rican Northwest. Coordinates: 10.1896603538, -85.7815137453
  3. 3. A C C E S S R O A D S F R O M S A N J O S É : The distance between the country’s capital and the property is 156 miles and it takes approximately 3:30 hours. . The “finca” is located on Route 928, which links Santa Cruz to Playa Junquillal. This road is paved and in perfect condition, which allows for a quick and comfortable access to the property coming from San José, from the Liberia Airport or from the Tamarindo Airport. A bike path runs along the road making bicycle transportation safe and easy.
  4. 4. F R O M T H E L I B E R I A I N T E R N AT I O N A L A I R P O R T The Daniel Oduber International Airport in Liberia is the region’s most convenient gateway for visitors from abroad as it is a destination for 11 international airlines and two domestic ones. The distance from the airport to the property is 43.5 miles which takes just over an hour. A C C E S S R O A D S
  5. 5. The Tamarindo Airport receives flights from Liberia and San José operated by Sansa and Nature Air, the two main domestic airlines in the country. Said airport is located just 16.5 miles from Hacienda Paraíso (about 30 minutes). F R O M T H E TA M A R I N D O A I R P O R T A C C E S S R O A D S
  6. 6. N E A R B Y P O I N T S O F I N T E R E S T 1 . PLAYA JUNQUILLA L It’s the beach nearest to the property, just 2.8 miles away. It’s large, peaceful and its ocean is ideal for bathing. It was awarded the Bandera Azul Ecológica and it’s a nesting spot for leatherback turtles.
  7. 7. N E A R B Y P O I N T S O F I N T E R E S T 2.PLAYA NEGRA It’s a world famous surfing hotspot, located 4.1 miles northwest of the property.
  8. 8. N E A R B Y P O I N T S O F I N T E R E S T 3.HACIENDA PINILLA 9.8 miles away. It’s a gated community with residential developments, a Marriott Resort, hotels and one of the best and most beautiful golf courses in the country.
  9. 9. N E A R B Y P O I N T S O F I N T E R E S T 4.TAMARINDO 18.4 miles away. It’s one of the most developed tourist spots in the region. It has a widely visited white sand beach, numerous hotels, condos, restaurants and a vibrant nightlife.
  10. 10. A R E A A N D D I V I S I O N The Hacienda Paraíso is divided into six separate properties, which add up to a total area of 606 acres. This division allows potential buyers to choose whether to acquire the entire property or a specific portion. T O T A L A R E A 6 0 6 a c r e s D I V I D E D A R E A B C D A
  11. 11. A  Area: 206 acres  Registration No.: 5-189508-000  Owner: Pochotes Pamperos Sociedad Anónima (corporation ID number: 3-101-059473)  Cadastral Plan: G-1509519-2011 P R O P E R T Y A A R E A A N D D I V I S I O N
  12. 12. B P R O P E R T Y B A R E A A N D D I V I S I O N  Area: 257 acres  Registration No.: 5-189510-000  Owner: C P Cocobolos Pamperos S.A. (corporation ID number: 3-101-315501)  Cadastral Plan: G-1510245-2011
  13. 13. C P R O P E R T Y C  Area 50 acres  Registration No.: 5-189513-000  Owner: Inmobiliaria SSBR S.A. (corporation ID number: 3-101-299036)  Cadastral Plan: G-1509682-2011 A R E A A N D D I V I S I O N
  14. 14. D P R O P E R T Y D  Area: 35 acres  Registration No.: 5-189511-000  Owner: Uder Wood Works S.A. (corporation ID number: 3-101-316929)  Cadastral Plan: G-1534318-2011 A R E A A N D D I V I S I O N
  15. 15. P R O P E R T Y E & F E F  Area: 19,835 sq. feet  Registration No.: 5-189509-000  Owner: Pochotes Pamperos Sociedad Anónima (corporation ID number: 3-101- 059473)  Cadastral Plan: G-1186178-2007  Area: 4,305 sq. feet  Registration No.: 5-189512-000  Owner: Uder Wood Works S.A. (corporation ID number: 3-101-316929)  Cadastral Plan: G-1515389-2011 A R E A A N D D I V I S I O N
  16. 16. T E R R A I N 339800 340000 340200 340400 340600 340800 341000 341200 341400 341600 N 240 220 200 180 160 140 120 100 80 60 40 20 0 M.S.N.M. In addition to its optimal location, Hacienda Paraíso’s other main attribute is its mixed terrain. The property’s altitude ranges between 62 and 787 feet above sea level. The mix of gentle slopes and steeper ones make up the ideal setting for the establishment of a various types of developments. Its mountainous profile gives way to 47 acres of land where buildings will have panoramic ocean views.
  18. 18. B O D I E S O F W A T E R The property is found on the Andamojo River basin, a river that runs for 81 miles and flows into the Pacific Ocean. There are several seasonal bodies of water within the property that flow into the Andamojo River. The main ones being the Río Sequito located at the northwest and the Puente and Agua Fría creeks, also situated at the northern part of the property. At the southern sector run several smaller creeks. The southern sector is the area with the aquifer reserves with most potential availability for future water supply. A N D A M O J O R I V E R B A S I N B O D I E S O F WAT E R O N G O O G L E E A R T H
  19. 19. F O R E S T S Out of the property’s 606 acres, approximately 420 are covered by secondary forest, natural regeneration or reforestation areas. This makes up a 68.55% of the property’s total area. Due to the fact that no relevant agricultural or exploitation activities have taken place in the property for several decades, it has a vast forest cover. Such condition constitutes another of the site’s main attributes, considering that most of the country’s tourists are drawn precisely by its image as a tropical destination with great natural beauty. Therefore, far from it being an obstacle, the extensive flora and fauna found in the property are some of its greatest appeals regarding touristic or conservation projects.
  20. 20. S E R V I C E S A N D U T I L I T I E S The hacienda has full access to drinking water as Paraíso’s water service runs along the front of the property, however, hydrogeological studies have found that there is enough water in aquifers in the premises to supply any real estate development. There is also full availability of electrical power, landline telephone service, Internet and cellular service.
  21. 21. I N F R A S T R U C T U R E Within the property there are several houses, three water wells, partial coverage of utility poles and power lines, multiple terraces (or platforms) built for houses or other constructions, a warehouse, a main gravel road, secondary roads and topographical layouts for future roads.
  22. 22. P R E S E N T U S E M A P S I M B O L O G Í A Total area----------------------------606 acres Natural Regeneration ----------(287 acres) Secondary Forest -----------------(51 acres) Reforestation-----------------------(81 acres) Natural Regeneration with Reforestation --------------(181 acres) Fruit Trees ----------------------------(3 acres) Administrative Facilities ---------(3229 ft2) Green Areas -----------------------(21528 ft2) Existing Platforms -------------------(3 acres) Existing Gravel Roads Existing Dirt Roads Existing Trails Bodies of Water (Seasonal) QUARRY WAREHOUSEWELLS HOUSE T h e m a p b e l o w c l e a r l y d i s p l a y s t h e n a t u r e o f t h e p r o p e r t y ’s p r e s e n t u s e :
  23. 23. A T T R I B U T E S Various professionals in different fields have visited the property and after extensive analysis have concluded that these are some of Hacienda Paraíso’s main attributes: o Medium size land which allows for project diversification o Favorable terrain for road penetration o No large earthworks are necessary in order to prepare sites for construction o Ocean and mountain views o Abundant surface water and aquifer reserves o Out of Protected Wildlife Areas o Not affected by severe local o national government regulations o Wide availability of basic services and utilities
  24. 24. A T T R I B U T E S o More than ½ mile of front to main road o Lush vegetation with almost extinct tree specimens o Great biodiversity o Community open to development projects o Proximity to beaches and protected wildlife areas o Free of liens, encumbrances or other legal limitations