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Destination management: Experience is the end-game.


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My keynote at Outdooractive 2018, in Immenstadt, Germany. #oac18

More information on Tourism Sentiment Index, here:

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Destination management: Experience is the end-game.

  1. 1. Experience is the end-game Designing the future of destination management.
  2. 2. We Believe Travel makes the world a better place Our Team Engages directly with millions of travelers Our Company Helped to grow the economies of hundreds of destinations Now We work with 25 destination clients Our Focus Drive value to communities by improving the end-to- end traveler experience Markets Australia, Canada, UK & Europe, USA Our Clients Are industry leaders
  3. 3. 3 trends will shape the future for destination marketers 3. Impact on residents 1. Increasing competition 2. Decreasing trust
  4. 4. 1. Increasing competition for attention Consumers spend, on average,25%of their waking time on their mobile device. Source: Facebook 25% Fewer than 19%consulta DMO website. Source: Google and Destination Analysis 19% of travelers consult TripAdvisor beforeselecting a destination or hotel. Source: TripAdvisor 77% of travelers use social media while on vacation. 76% of travelers use socialmedia to share their experience after they return. Source: SKIFT 74%
  5. 5. Other people’s stories Your stories
  6. 6. Media balance: 1995 Earned Paid
  7. 7. Earned Paid Owned “…the only path to profitable growth may lie in a company’s ability to get its loyal customers to become, in effect, its marketing department.” - Harvard Business Review Media balance: 2005
  8. 8. Earned Paid Owned Media balance: 2015 Billions of pieces of content each day
  9. 9. Amazon Echo comes to Marriott hotel rooms this summer
  10. 10. 1,000,000 100%MarketingBudgetYourDMO Jan1st22 Onemilliondollars-00
  11. 11. “92% of consumers trust peer recommendations more than advertisements.” “76% of consumers feel advertisements are ‘very’ or ‘somewhat’ exaggerated.” 2. Decreasing trust in brands “The #1 influence on travel destination decisions are friends and family.” “Only 8% of Europeans and 10% of Americans trust ads on websites”
  12. 12. Authenticity is everything vs. Crystal Driedger-Hounsell Hey Lindsay... LOVE your profile pic! Your trip looks like it was totally amazing! How was Greece? I really want to go there. Is it as great as it looks?
  13. 13. Community Passion Influencers Everybody else Niche, passion-based markets
  14. 14. 3. Impact on residents Residents VisitorsBusiness
  15. 15. Residents VisitorsBusiness Balance
  16. 16. Buying peoples’ attention through paid advertising is essentially a sign of product failure.
  17. 17. Destination promotion happens through destination stories, told by many. Destination stories are a direct result of the destination experience.
  18. 18. Experience is the end game.
  19. 19. Map the customer journey, share data with industry Measure the experience 01
  20. 20. Earned Paid Owned Media balance: 2018 Billions of pieces of content each day
  21. 21. Other people’s stories Destinations that win in the future Destination Management The sum of all the stories somebody hears The combination of all experiences during a trip + The Destination Brand
  22. 22. “Our guests are our best marketers. Our vision is quite simple: to be the number one destination in getting guests to return and telling others to come too.” Image courtesy of Visit Norway
  23. 23. Charel van Dam, Amsterdam Marketing #SoMeT15AU
  24. 24. Old Holland Amsterdam New Land Castles and Gardens of Amsterdam Flowers of Amsterdam Amsterdam Beach
  25. 25. - Peter Drucker What gets measured, gets managed “
  26. 26. Money and distance is not important Competes on price, no loyalty Bad word-of-mouth Meh Love it Hate it! Passion = meaning = advocacy
  27. 27. The only report that can: Analyze everything said about your destination online. Measure destination performance with a simple KPI. Benchmark against competitors. Categorize success across 50 areas of conversation. Provide crystal-clear focus to align your team. 50
  28. 28. Destination Campbell River Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Shuswap Tourism Sunshine Coast Tourism Tourism Abbotsford Tourism Chilliwack Tourism Kamloops Tourism Northern BC Tourism Prince Rupert Tourism Smithers Tourism Sun Peaks Tourism Tofino Tourism Ucluelet Tourism Vancouver Tourism Vernon Tourism Victoria Tourism Whistler Discover Saint John Destination St. John/s Elkhart County Convention & Visitor Bureau Experience Columbia SC Gold Coast Tourism Corporation Halifax Tourism Hinchinbrook Mackay Tourism Ltd (MTL) Memphis Tourism Ontario Highlands Tourism Assocaition (OHTO) Port Douglas & Daintree Southern Country Queensland Tourism Tourism Calgary Tourism Edmonton Tourism Jasper Tourism Kuranda Tourism Mississauga Tourism Ottawa Tourism Regina Tourism Saskatchewan Tourism Saskatoon Tourism Tropical North Queensland Tourism Western Australia An invitation to 200 partners Tourism Whitsundays Tourism Winnipeg Tourisme Montreal Townsville Enterprise Travel Alberta Travel Manitoba Travel Yukon Tropical Coast Tourism Visit Aberdeenshire Visit Aiken, SC Visit Corvallis Visit Dallas Visit Greenland Visit Huntington Beach | Surf City USA West Yellowstone Chamber/CVB Bay of Plenty Tourism Bermuda Tourism Big Sky Chamber of Commerce Brisbane Marketing Bundaberg North Burnett Cairns Destination Cape Breton Association Destination Cleveland Stealth Development Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 2019 Jun Jul Closed Pilot 10+ Int.l Pilot 50+ Partners 200 Sep
  29. 29. Destination promoter Those actively recommendingor speakingpositively about your destinationto others. Destination detractor Those actively discouraging or speakingnegatively about your destinationto others. Powered by AI, layered with methodology based on 10 years of experience Destination passive Those speakingabout your destinationfrom an indifferent point of view.
  30. 30. Promoter Passive Detractor Attitudes Formula [ ]% %– 100X = Tourism Sentiment Score™[ ] Tourism Sentiment Score™ 30 Tourism Sentiment Score™ Promoter Passive Detractor Place Sentiment Score 22 Place Sentiment Score 2% 32% 3% 25% Promoter Passive Detractor
  31. 31. Tourism Sentiment Score™ | Tourism Conversation Volume 0 20000 40000 60000 80000 100000 120000 140000 Competitor #1 Competitor #4 Your Destination Competitor #2 Competitor #4 Competitor #5 Your Destination Volume of conversations is an indicator of overall awareness. The greater the volume of conversations for a destination, the more people are talking about it, bringing a greater chance that people read or hear about the destination. Volume does not represent quality. It represents opportunity.
  32. 32. Map Place DNA™, attract ‘the right’ visitor, add value to residents Manage growth 02
  33. 33. History People Culture GeographyClimate Environment Economy Place DNA™
  34. 34. Environmental SocialEconomic The right visitor
  35. 35. Lead industry, manage the destination, promote through word-of-mouth Improve the experience 03
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  38. 38. The industry needs strongleadership Focus on your customer
  39. 39. Tourism Sentiment Score™ Top Performing Tourism Assets Volume Comparative Destination Volume Comparative Destination Sentiment Global Rank 1 Shopping 26128 High High 15 2 Surfing 11990 High High 17 3 Nature Viewing 6374 Low High 44 4 Museums + Galleries 6080 Average Low 56 5 Festivals + Events 5456 High Low 77 6 Hiking 3956 Average High 54 7 Restaurants 3255 Low Low 88 8 Nightlife 2092 Average Average 87 9 Accommodations 1780 Average High 65 10 Frontline Staff 1720 High Low 45 54 This report provides a view of how your destinationis perceivedand discussed among travel consumers. Basedon our analysis,The following tourism assets is where your destinationis excelling in generationof a positiveperception ofthe destination andit’s tourism offering. Tourism Sentiment Score™ | Top Performing Tourism Assets
  40. 40. Tourism Sentiment Score™ | Assessment of all Tourism Assets
  41. 41. Volume of conversations is an indicator of overall awareness. The greater the volume of conversations for a destination, the more people are talking about it, bringing a greater chance that people read or hear about the destination. Volume does not represent quality. It represents opportunity. 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 January 1 - December 31, 2015 Jan 1 - Dec 31, 2016 January 1 - December 31, 2017 Tourism Sentiment Score™: Timeline Tourism Sentiment Score Comparative Average Linear (Tourism Sentiment Score) Linear (Comparative Average) Projected: 2019 Tourism Sentiment Score™ | Sentiment Trend Projected 2019 TSS: 60 Your Destination TSS: 54
  42. 42. Don’t take your DMO’s focus away from visitors,your residents,and most of all,their stories.
  43. 43. Experience is the end-game