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2021 rout-classic-100-miles-covid-edition en

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COVID 19 hYGIENE pROTOCOL FOR rout classic 100 miles 2021 edition

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2021 rout-classic-100-miles-covid-edition en

  1. 1. 1/8 15-16-17 OCTOBER 2021 HYGIENE PROTOCOL FOR THE CONFRONTATION OF COVID-19 ACCORDING TO GGA Version 2.0 based on the GGA protocol on 01.06.2021 RODOPI ULTRA TRAIL AMKE 01 October 2021 Haidou, Forest Village, Xanthi, Greece
  2. 2. 2/8 PROTOCOL FOR THE COVID-19 MANAGEMENT The health protocol of RODOPI ULTRA TRAIL Non-Profit Organizartion for the 100-mile sport event (distance 175 km and +9000 meters altitude) that will be held for the 12th consecutive year on 15-16-17 October 2020, based on Greek General Secretariat of Sports guidelines published on 01 June 2021 and concerns the outside the stadiums road races, so in detail, we have the following: 1.0 GENERAL RULES FOR PARTICIPATION 1.1 The number of participants is quite small since the difficulty of the race (175 km, +9,000 m altitude) and requires specific experience from the participants. This year, about 150 participants are expected to participate, a number significantly lower than the 300 set by the GGA. 1.2 Only runners who submit a Vaccination Certificate, or Molecular (RT-PCR) test 24-48 hours before the race or with a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) on the day of the race or in the last 24 hours before the race will be allowed to enter. match. 1.3. All staff/volunteers/associates MUST wear a protective mask. Also, all the staff of the event will do a self-test on the first day of the race. 1.4. Runners will wear a protective mask before the start and at the end of the race. 2.0 BEFORE THE EVENT Α. TRASPORTATION The movements of participants/volunteers/collaborators for the event both before and after the race will be carried out under the Health Protocol of EODY, defined by the GGA. Β. REGISTRATION CENTER The delivery of the bibs (numbers of contestants) will take place on Wednesday 13/10 and Thursday 14/10 from 10.00 in the morning until 24.00 in the evening. Those who will not be able to reach the Dasiko Horio (Forest Village) on Thursday will be able to pick them up to their numbers before the start of the race (from 04.30 - 05.30 on Friday) a very long time considering the number of participants (about 150) but taking care to somehow send the supply bags to the Secretariat the day before until 21.00 in the evening. The delivery of the bibs, as well as the souvenir of the match, will take place in the well-known building of the Secretariat (inside the Forest Village). ONLY 2 athletes at a time and 2 people of the Secretariat will be allowed. The use of MASK will be mandatory both for the Athletes and for the spectators and volunteers who will deliver the material to the Athletes.
  3. 3. 3/8 For the Athletes to receive their bids numbers, they MUST: - to be measured by people in the Secretariat to control body temperature. If the temperature is higher than 37.4 C then the athlete will not be allowed to take part in the race, nor to remain in the areas of the Forest Village. - present the Vaccination Certificate, or Molecular Test (RT-PCR) test 24-48 hours before the race or by direct antigen test (Rapid Antigen Test RAT) on the day of the race or in the last 24 hours before the race. - to accept the civil liability in case they are carriers of the corona - accidental or not - and the disclaimer of responsibility of the Organizing Team for possible transmission of the corona. Finally, at the entrance of the Registration Center, there will be staff who will monitor the flow of runners and will temporarily suspend the entrance in case the maximum number of visitors is already inside the Registration Center. There will be a specific enclosed space that will be located at a distance from the other spaces used by the event, which will be used in case of a suspicious case either between the volunteers and the staff or between the participating runners. There will be sanitary staff in the area, who will be responsible for the operation of the above isolation area. In all areas of the Registration Center (internally and externally), there will be a sign that will remind visitors of the hygiene rules they must comply with and the need to comply with the rules of physical distance (2 meters in each direction). C. TECHNICAL INFORMATION It will not take place live before the race. All the technical details of the race (limits, weather, water, equipment, food, etc.) will be announced through the website of
  4. 4. 4/8 the event ( as well as on social media, a few days before the race to be updated. Δ. PRE-RACE & POST-RACE MEAL Both the pre-race and the post-race meal will not be served but will be delivered packaged to each athlete, who will be able to enjoy them either outdoors next to the Secretariat building (awnings and tables with safe distances for the coronary) or in an area of his liking, always observing the appropriate distances. 3.0 MATCH DAY - before the Start START WITH THE WAVE START SYSTEM OF BLOCKS The starting area is located within the Forest Village as it is quite large - 1,500 square meters. Athletes will start in fifty (50 athletes) keeping a safe distance of 2 meters in each direction with a time distance between them. The series will be announced to the Athletes by the Secretariat. The order of the starts is shown in the photo below. All participating runners will wear a protective mask until they start, ie until they take a position on the special fixed position indicators that must be provided for at least 2 blocks before the start line. To dispose of the masks there will be a large number of rubbish bins near the start. 4.0 MATCH DAY - during 4.1 DURING THE RACE Apart from the multiple starts and since the number of athletes (about 150) concerning the length (175 km) but also the difficulty of the race (+9000 m. Altitude),
  5. 5. 5/8 practically no more than 2 athletes will coexist together in path and they will have enough space so that they are not crowded at a distance fewer than 2 meters. 4.2 SPORTS SUPPLY & CARE STATIONS The 7 Aid Stations (Prasinada 1 - 27 km, Zarkadia 1 - 55 km, Krusovo - 83 km, Anderorachi - 109 km, Zarkadia 2 - 133 km, Prasinada 2-147 km - Forest Village - 174 km) will be supported by members of the ROUT Family and Official Voluntary Rescue Teams. Everyone will be required to wear a precautionary mask. No athlete will be served alone but will ask the station managers what he wants and which will be delivered to him while at the same time they will indicate his place of service. Garbage (or that will not be consumed) will be collected in appropriate garbage bags. The same will apply to the drop bags where there MUST be a mask for use in possible abandonment and transport of the Athlete. For Athletes leaving, there will be a small bus from the Organization to transport them back to the Forest Village. Of course, the safety distances will be observed, while the use of the mask inside the bus will be mandatory. 4.3 MANDATORY EQUIPMENT 4.3.1 LIQUID CUPS Every athlete is obliged to have a cup on him, to be served liquids (water, soft drinks) at the stations, but also to be able to be supplied with water from various sources (they will be mentioned in the text of the Technical Information).
  6. 6. 6/8 4.3.2 MASK The supply bags MUST have an additional mask for use in case of possible abandonment and transport of the athlete by car. 4.3.3 ANTISEPTIC LIQUIDS Although antiseptic bottles will be available at all refueling stations, athletes are advised to bring their own antiseptic liquid with them in their backpacks and refueling bags. 5.0 MATCH DAY - FINISHES Mentioning the times between competitors will be quite long. It is estimated that the first athlete will be at the finish line in about 24 hours while the last in 44 hours, which is the limit of the race. If we take into account the fact that a percentage of 30-40% of athletes will leave the race for various reasons, then it is obvious that the finish times provide maximum security against the coronary artery. The finish area is the same as the start area. The runners will receive the special bag with the clothing they delivered (drop bags) upon arrival from the special area, after disinfecting their hands with an antiseptic solution that will be provided by the event. At the Finish, the medal will NOT be awarded to the neck by a member of the ROUT Family. But shortly after the finish line, there will be a simple piece of furniture where a medal will be waiting for each finisher. 6.0 NEXT DAY OF THE MATCH - AWARDS The award ceremony (which always takes place on the next day of the race - Sunday 17/10/2021) is a key part of the race. The nomination of the winners and their statements to the Community is very important for the ROUT Family. Both the awards area and the surrounding area for the other athletes/spectators can support the necessary distances to avoid the transmission of the crown. The prizes will be placed at the awards site at a distance of 2 meters from each other and the winners will be invited to take the podium to receive their prizes as well as to give their speaches (if they wish). 7.0 HUMAN RESOURCES - VOLUNTEERS - ATHLETES All volunteers who will be employed on the day of the race will be fully trained and educated regarding the procedures and regulations of the event as well as the content of this Health Protocol. Everyone will wear a disposable mask and gloves throughout their time at the event. The mask and gloves are changed regularly, according to the instructions of EODY.
  7. 7. 7/8 Garbage cans for discarding masks and gloves will be available in all areas of the Support Stations. Between the areas of support of the event and in the context of the areas of medical services and care, the configuration of a special isolated area is provided for the case of the suspected case (one or more) either among the participants or among the volunteers/associates of the event. The operation of the doctor's office will follow the instructions of EODY and will be accordingly equipped. Support areas will be cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day of the race and will be preceded by extensive disinfection before use. PARTICIPANTS INFORMATION All registered runners will be fully informed about all aspects of the event, regulations, and procedures to be followed. For the information of the runners will be used: - Electronic Communication at regular intervals, which will be more frequent as we approach the day of the race - Printed Material that will be given to the participants upon receipt of their number and material of participation in the event by the Registration Center. The material will include all the instructions and recommendations of EODY for the prevention and treatment of a possible case - Special Marking both in the premises of the Registration Center and on the day of the Race at the various points of the race routes and areas On behalf of Rodopi Ultra Trail A.Μ.Κ.E, Ilias Spyridopoulos & Christos D. Katsanos +30 6946 – 280221 +30 6932-566941 Rodopi Ultra Trail AMKE Orestini Xanthi, Greece

COVID 19 hYGIENE pROTOCOL FOR rout classic 100 miles 2021 edition


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