MILSPACE 2012 Conference R. Paris Presentation 27 March 12


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EDA Slides Presentation at MILSPACE 2012 Vienna 27 March 2012

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  • SSA: EDA advisory body (‘defence’ stakeholder) Focus on Space Surveillance & Tracking  Delivered: high level requirements (merged with civil set) Hub to set up ad hoc activities with MS, EUSC, EU? PNT/GNSS Monitoring role, Radio Spectrum view, PRS receivers for defence? EO: MUSIS… TF Task Force on Critical Space Technologies Etc.
  • MILSPACE 2012 Conference R. Paris Presentation 27 March 12

    1. 1. Military Space Conference 2012, Vienna, 27 March 2012 Rodolphe Paris, SATCOM, SSA Project OfficerSpace – European perspectiveEDA Contribution to the European Space
    2. 2. The EU: EU Council – EEAS – EDA European Council Heads of States Guidelines Defence & EDA Foreign Affairs Foreign Steering Board Reports Council Affairs Defence Ministers Ministers Chair Political and Security Committee Ambassadors European Chief ChiefsMilitary EU of European External Defence Agency Executive Committee Defence Action ServiceThe mission of the Agency is to support the Council and the Member States in their effort to improve the EU’s defence capabilities in the field of crisis management and to sustain the CSDP. 2
    3. 3. Space and Security (CSDP) – EU Space Policy• Council Conclusions, 1-Jun-2011, art. 17 - “INVITES the Commission, in close collaboration with Member States and after consultation with ESA and EDA to evaluate the need for improvements of the available space infrastructure to develop secure services based on the integration of global satellite communications, earth observation and positioning”…• Space Council Orientations, 6-Dec-2011, art. 22 - RECOGNIZES that SATCOM represent a key capability in any crisis response and crisis management operation, and a highly crucial and scarce resource, especially when ground infrastructures are damaged or destroyed, and RECOMMENDS the European Commission, EEAS and Member States, with the support of EDA, to work towards a secure and guaranteed access to commercial and governmental satellite communications for crisis response and crisis management actors; 3
    4. 4. Space Policy – EDA Role• Space is a shared competence (EU/MS)• EDA as a ‘SPACE hub’ (forum) for SATCOM, SSA, ISR - Requirements collection, cooperative projects and programmes - Research activities, technological demonstrators• EDA support on GNSS, EO, Space R&T - Galileo PRS, EO calibration, critical space technologies for European non-dependence• Task Force on Civil-Military Synergies• EDA-ESA Cooperation (Administrative Arrangement) - Case#1: SATCOM for UAS Command & Control Demonstration - Case#2: ISR (Capability Package Assessment) - Case#3: SATCOM infrastructure (ETISC, SECTELSAT work strands) (Developed in next slides) 4
    5. 5. SATCOM Pooling & Sharing (P&S) EU MoD initiative• EU Member States are putting pressure to P&S Defence assets - Lower budgets… how to mitigate?• EDA Steering Board, 30 Nov 2011 identified SATCOM to P&S - Ministers have endorsed a list, incl. ESCPC and Future MILSATCOM• SATCOM - EDA is setting up projects in line with political guidance • ESCPC • SECTELSAT (Future MILSATCOM) 5
    6. 6. European SatCom Procurement Cell (ESCPC)• ESCPC overcomes fragmented procurement of commercial SATCOM within European Defence - Establish a “Pilot” Cell within EDA (2012 -2014)• Milestones: - 2009 project launch approval by EU MoDs - Q2 2012: operations• Instrument (legal basis): - “Ad Hoc” Project (FR, IT, PL, RO, UK) - More Member States, EU, 3rd party• ESCPC major benefits: - Flexible: ‘’Pay-Per-Use”, non-exclusive sourcing - Economical: No membership fees, VAT-free 6
    7. 7. Military Satellite Communication (MILSATCOM) Window of opportunity in 2012-2015 2010 2015 2020 2025 time 2000 2005 2030 SKYNET 5 SYRACUSE 3 bars show Sicr-2/Ath-Fidus lifetime of SICRAL 1-1b existing SECOMSAT spacecraft SATCOM-Bw• End of life of European current MILSATCOM assets : around 2020• Window of opportunity will not show again before 15-20 years• Decisions to be taken within the next 2 years 7
    8. 8. MILSATCOM in 2012: segregated assets• 10+ different satellites for 5 separate, almost dedicated systems• Risk: duplication of R&T investments, of operating costs, etc.• So far very little Pooling & Sharing achieved, made by NATO. NSP2K Capability Package (2003-2017) Other MS have EU does not no access to have its MILSATCOM others Capability others Package 8
    9. 9. MILSATCOM in 2020: EDA Concept of Secure Telecom by Satellite (SECTELSAT) • Common requirements • Civil-Military R&T investments Synergies: >1 billion € • Coordinated acquisition • P&S of assets and operations Pooling & Sharing (P&S) Benefits: “cross-use” of SATCOM, EU-wide EU MS  EU CSDP CapabilityNew Users others others Package (2020+)  P&S between existing ‘MILSATCOM’ nations 9
    10. 10. EDA & European Space – The Take-Away• EDA as the Hub for Defence… and Space - Duality (for/by defence and security)• EDA-ESA Cooperation (Administrative Arrangement)• Space in the EDA Capability Development Plan (CDP)• SATCOM twice in the EU Defence Pooling & Sharing - ESCPC as a ‘Quick-Win’ (commercial SATCOM) - Governmental SATCOM: EDA concept ‘Secure Telecom by Satellite’• EDA Member States: it’s all about political BUY-IN. 10
    11. 11. www.eda.europa.euThank you for your attention!