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The Viral Video Project


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2013 Mr.Cruses class

Published in: Technology, Business
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The Viral Video Project

  1. 1.  
  2. 2.  A viral video is a video that is created to catchthe eye of audiences of any age and becomespopular through the process of Internet sharing. Videos are usually shared by websites, socialmedia and email. Viral videos often containhumorous content and include televised comedysketches.
  3. 3. Press Play ->
  4. 4.  Viral videos are made by anybody, from arandom person on the streets to a big companytrying to promote their product. Did you know one of the most known viral videosof all time was made by Evian which is a watercompany!
  5. 5.  In the last decade more and more companieshave been moving towards viral videocampaigns. Some of the most successful wouldbe Old Spice, Go Daddy and even AUDI! Although not a really funny commercial, Audireally tried to connect to a younger audience.
  6. 6.  There are a few reasons why a viral video canbecome a hit. The first reason can just be SheerLuck. Videoing something at the right place atthe right time can become an instant hit. Theseconded way is by Making People Laugh. Thefinal reason a viral video is so successful ismaking people Interested In What They See.
  7. 7. Right Place At The Right Time
  8. 8. Making People Laugh
  9. 9. Interested In What They See
  10. 10.  Have you ever wondered how much people makeoff viral videos? It all depends on how long the actual video is andthe amount of ads displayed. Did you know you earn $1.50 to $4 per 1000 views!To sum that up if you had a video that was viewed300 million times you would earn from $450,000 to$1.2M. Also $0.05 for ever Subscriber on YouTube.
  11. 11. PSY Gangnam Style
  12. 12.  You can make alot of money offYouTube if youhave a good beatand a funny video:PPSY Gangnam Style Profit
  13. 13. Over all the viral video is an important part ofeveryday living, from promoting a new product orjust giving us a laugh when were bored.
  14. 14. 