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Spring Clean Your Health to a Better You


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How to create a new and improved health plan for the spring season.

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Spring Clean Your Health to a Better You

  2. 2. Set S.M.A.R.T. Goals Although you may have crafted diet, health or overall wellness goals after your New Year’s resolution months ago, the spring season is a great time to not only reevaluate them, but also poses a great time to improve or omit steps in your health routine.
  3. 3. As you are sifting through these goals to measure whether or not they need to be revised, be sure to keep this acronym in the back of your mind S.M.A.R.T, which means specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. To illustrate, if you would like to incorporate more physical activity or exercise in your health plan, the following are some useful ideas to keep in mind when conjuring up your health plan.
  4. 4. 1. When you will exercise (in the evening before dinner) 2. What days you will exercise (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday) 3. How long you will exercise (maybe two hours a week) 4. When you will reexamine your new health goal (perhaps the last week of the month)
  5. 5. Sometimes adjustments are necessary There are several effective ways to reevaluate if your goals are too far ambitious or sometimes not challenging enough. Some ways to reexamine this goal writing the pros or cons on paper or in an online file, or even possibly discussing your struggles with others who are undergoing a similar health plan.
  6. 6. These approaches will in turn make your goals more realistic and overall a better fit for you. Shortening the workout, a few exercises in your workout or even cutting a day off is not the end of the world moving forward in your health and wellness plan.
  7. 7. Making the change for the better Making the necessary changes to successfully participate in your new health plan is essential in moving forward to maintain your overall wellness. Altering the time you wake up or not meeting your friend as often for dinner is a difficult task to endure when you first start this process.
  8. 8. Going to bed earlier or waking up twenty minutes before your alarm goes off may seem trivial, but it is an aspect of going about your wellness plan that many people tend to take for granted. Even though it is very difficult at first, your mind and body will adjust as you make these first time actions more of a routine moving forward.
  9. 9. Get support However fit or mentally prepared you are, sharing your plan with loved ones is an essential way to receive support in a genuine, organic way. Telling your mother or your best friend about how you are planning to achieve your plan is an ideal way to verbalize your goal to motivate you.
  10. 10. Also, having a two way discussion about how you specifically will achieve can also lead to constructive criticism or other forms of emotional guidance to help you along your journey. Not only can you ask said person to call or check in on your progress once in awhile, but offering to work out or attend a class with this loved one is also a great motivational tool.
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