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  1. 1. 1%99% of motorcycle enthusiasts are law abiding citizens, the remaining 1% that consider their selves to behardcore bikers; the one percent of society that doesn’t fit in and doesn’t want to fit in. They areuntrusting of the ‘citizen’ lifestyle because everyone is only out for themselves but the biker covenantguarantees that their brothers will always be there for him, to back him up in whatever threatens him orhis family. No club that isn’t hardcore enough is allowed to wear a 1% patch usually warn on a diamondshaped patch13Usually warn on a diamond shaped patch, the same size as the 1% diamond patch. The letter M is the13th letter of the alphabet. Some bikers (or even street gangs) will use the M as the moniker for theword MURDER. Others use it to stand for Motorcycle or Marijuana. It depends on the wearer to decidewhat it means to him. If it is displayed inside a tear-drop shaped patch, Its fairly safe to assume thewearer is using it as the Murder moniker22Having been in prison666Symbolizing the mark of Satan69Warn on a patch or tattoo, symbolizing that a person has committed a particular sex act with witnessesAFFAAngels Forever Forever AngelsAngel DustDrug Terminology for P.C.P.
  2. 2. Ape HangersHigh raising handlebars on a motorcycle. When riders dangle their arms over them, it gives an apeappearanceArm-bandA disciplinary measure to brand the member as being closely controlled or scrutinized because of errantbehavior. Some bands are made of leather with club initials burned into the leather but most are black,whatever material or design they have. Many times the arm band is accompanied by Prospect type dutiesand a fine.Back PackFull club colors tattooed on members back. Outlaw clubs demand a specific amount of membership timebefore a back pack can be worn. If the member leaves the club in good standing, the date he left isadded to the tattoo. If he leaves in bad standing, the entire tattoo is removed by various methodsdepending on the severity of the offence. Among removal methods is a complete ink-over (solid black ink-over tattoo to completely cover club color. They have also been cut off or burned off. These methodsrequire hospitalization and sometimes the ex-member does not live through the experienceAFFAAngels Forever Forever AngelsBibleHarley Davidson motorcycle manual. Has been known to be used at private weddings and torn up atdivorce proceedings. This is not to imply that club members do not believe in legal marriage ceremonies.It’s all personal preferencesBig FourTerm used to identify the first four 1%er clubs in the world. Hells Angells, Outlaws, Bandidos&Pegans
  3. 3. Bounty or ContractA price or prize offered to any club member who collects a rival club member’s colors, takes the life, beatsup or otherwise disciplines someone that has usually isn’t necessary. There is a Sergeant At Arms in theranks that will tak equipment stripped care of internal problems.CageAutomobileCagerA person whose primary mode of transportation is automobiles and doesnt have a clue how to safelyshare the road with motorcyclesChopperA motorcycle with all unnecessary e front brake and equipment stripped or cut off. Only bare essentialsare left on the bike. Usually the front brake and fender are removed, the wheel fork is extended forwardand the handlebars set high.ChurchClub business meeting for full patch holders only. Church is held regularly (usually Wednesday night atthe clubhouse). Members need to have an excuse to miss church.CitizenAnyone not a 1%, independent, out rider or hardcore biker. Motorcycle enthusiasts may ride thousandsof miles a year, but if they don’t live a hardcore biker lifestyle, they’re still a citizen.ColorsA unique club patch (or patches) that are worn on the riders vest. Colors are meant to be ‘flown’ (wornwhile riding a motorcycle). Many clubs consider it greatly ‘dishonoring one’s club colors’ to wear themwhen riding in a cage (automobile). There are many protocols concerning club colors that are very similarto American Flag protocols. In actuality, colors are the flag of the 1%er.
  4. 4. Crash TruckA van or panel truck equipped with tools that follows the motorcycle clubs on runs to pick up bikes thatmay break down. Also caries club supplies, camping gear and weapons. Usually driven by females orProspects.CrossAn emblem worn by 1%ers, either as an ear ring, patch or pin attached to the colors. The color of thecross signifies what action was taken to earn the patch or crossCutSee ColorsOne percenter, outlaw biker terminology definitionsPatch holder (outlaw/1%er)A man that has been vetted through months or years of a prospect period and has earned a three piecepatch. This patch cant be bought, it must be earned.Patched out - Pached InWhen a new outlaw member is approved for full membership, he is given his full 3 piece patch at acelebration. The term has morphed into Patched In which makes more sense because you are now INthe club.P-PadA small pad about 4”X 8” that may or may not be permanently affixed to the rear fender for femalepassengers to sit on (packing a passenger)Pig
  5. 5. See MamaPoserPhony, fake, plastic personProbateProspective member. See ProspectProspectClub probationary member may go on runs but are not allowed to attend ‘church’ (club businessmeeting). He must perform any duty that a full patch holder requires of him without hesitation.Property PatchWhen a 1%er takes a woman as his Old Lady (wife status), he gives her a vest with a property patch on itwhich reads :"Property of bikers club name and his road nameExample:"Property of Scorpion ZigZagPull a trainTerm used when every man in the club has their way (sexually) with a girl, one right after another.RetireIf a member needs to back away from his fulltime commitment to the club (due to something like personalbusiness or an illness in his family) and the member has tenure and is in-good-standing – he’s allowed toretire his patch. He is no longer obligated to pay dues or attend weekly business meetings (this meetingis called church). He can wear his patch when attend parties, funerals, etc..Ridged FrameSee Hardtail
  6. 6. Riding Names ‘Street Names’. Many bikers (but not all) use nick names. In recent years, even motorcycle enthusiastsare choosing riding names, however, most bikers are usually given their names by someone in the cluband it usually has something to do with their habits, personality, looks or unique riding style. After gettingto know someone, you can usually figure out how they got their name e.g.: a man with bushy red hair andbushy full red beard rides a bike with ape hangers may be called Orangutan.RUBAcronym for Rich Urban BikerRunA club sanctioned outing for a day, weekend or week to a certain location for a party, camping or specialevent, sometimes with other chapters and/or clubs.Sit-downA meeting among motorcycle clubs to establish territorial protocolsCan be an in-house one-on-one, eye-to-eye, or toe-to-toe meeting for the purposes of correction or airinga grievance with a club member or among club members.SheepSee MamaShow ClassTo do something out of the ordinary, usually an act which is shocking to the public (to make a citizensnap). This is Showing Class within the biker ranks and uncouth to Steal your brothers Class.Slick back
  7. 7. Riding slick back is riding without a club patch or other allegiance.Street NamesSee riding namesStrikerSee ProspectSuck to the BullsTalk to or act friendly toward policemenSweetieGirl friendSyndicate MCThe areas Dominate Motorcycle ClubToking PotSmoking marijuanaTrainableA female that has a temperament perceived as not bucking club authority and willing to do whatever sheis asked
  8. 8. Turn OutSend females out to earn money for the club in prostitutionWar WagonSee Crash TruckWingsSee crossWiredUsing drugs to stay awake and pirk you up. Some would call it Strung OutEight ballPatch worn on colors, earned by committing specific sex acts with witnesses present.Flat OutA prison term describing when a person makes the decision to stay in prison for his full sentence in orderto walk out free of parole at the end of the sentence.Fly colorsTo ride on a motorcycle wearing colors. Colors are never to be worn in an automobile or truck (cage). It’sconsidered a great disrespect to the colors.Garbage wagonA stock motorcycle with standard parts intact, loaded with saddlebags and chrome, as distinct from achopper
  9. 9. GoofSomeone other than a biker or straight citizen, such as hippies, petty criminals, etc.HandleNick name, road name, akaHang-aroundSomeone that frequents places where motorcycle clubs routinely gather. They are there to party and getacquainted with club members. Some hang-arounds are offered membership and turn it down becausewhile the hang-around enjoys friendships with members, he is not willing to commit his life to the club.HardtailA rigid frame motorcycle with no shock absorbing devices on the rear or a stock frame with solid struts inplace of shocks.HogHarley Davidson motorcycle.IndependentHardcore bikers that live lives much like outlaw clubs but don’t tie themselves to any one organization.Jap CrapMotorcycles made in Japan
  10. 10. KnuckleheadThe knucklehead was a Harley-Davidson motorcycle two cylinder engine, so named because of thedistinct shape (looked like knuckles) of the rocker boxes. It replaced the flathead engine in 1936. Theengine was manufactured until 1947 and was replaced by the Panhead engine in 1948..MamaA female that is property of all club members. She is expected to work at anything she can do to bringfinances to the club. She is available to all club members to wash bikes, keep the clubhouse clean, andmeet any other needs a club member may have.MCAcronym for Motorcycle ClubMotorcycle EnthusiastSee CitizenNomadElite members of a motorcycle club that are voted in to the privilege of not being tied to any one chapter,therefore, relieved of daily mundane chapter responsibilities and paying chapter dues. They can attendmeetings of any chapter that is convenient. They can also perform duties of an Enforcer and otherprivilaged duties.Number JobChanging Vin Numbers on motorcycle frame or engine.Old LadyA woman with wife status. Sometimes there is a legal marriage but it’s all a personal preference. Some1%ers firmly believe in marriage; others don’t.
  11. 11. OriginalsOriginal set of colors when a 1% is first voted in as a full member. Originals must never be laundered orcleaned. Any soil only reflects the many miles of hard road, hard parties and hard fighting it has seen. Itshows the true sign of a veteran. When the originals get so worn they’re starting to fall apart, the originalsare stored in a safe place, only brought out to be worn at funerals or other life-changing events.OutriderSee IndependentOut BadClub members are allowed to retire if they are in good standing. They retain their colors and can attendparties or functions. However, if a club member leaves a club on bad terms or has committed some kindof betrayal, he is kicked out of the club on bad terms. The term out bad is the short reference of such asituation. If someone is out bad, he may be hiding from club members and will shy away from having hispicture taken. Always ask permission before taking anyones picture if youre at a private party or otherfunction.PackingRiding a passenger on the back of a bike is ‘Packing’. A female may be asked how she ‘packs’. She isbeing asked how much experience she’s had riding on the back of a bike eg: will she know what to do ifthey ‘go down’ (have an accident), can she ride so the pilot barely know she’s there when it comes tohandling the bike in turns, etc.Also, see packing below:PackingCarring a weapon is Packing HeatParticipateTo aid a fellow member in a fight whether he deserves the trouble he’s in or not. A member’s duty is tothe patch – the patch can not be disrespected or hit the floor without retaliation. If a patch holder acted
  12. 12. improperly, club dirty laundry will be dealt with behind closed doors but in public, if one is cut, they allbleed.Patch OverThis is similar to when a large business conglomerate buys out another company and they do businessas a single unit. Same thing applies to MCs. If a major MC has good relations with a smaller club andthey decide the smaller club has some territory or business convenience - or the larger club just needs togrow its numbers and strength, they will absorb the smaller club who will then wear the patch of thedominate club and ‘retire’ their previous club patch.