FFingo - How FFingo helps Offline Retail Businesses


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FFingo - How FFingo helps Offline Retail Businesses

  1. 1. Find & Go Local Shopping Search Engine
  2. 2. The Problem Problem in Local Shopping 1. No product information available online from offline retail stores 2. Buying decisions are based on past experience & recommendations from friends & family 3. No knowledge on new Products, sales promotions, offers etc Problem in Offline Retail 1. No platform to showcase individual products from the stores 2. High advertising and promotion costs 3. Slow business growth as it takes time for shoppers to come to know about stores & products
  3. 3. What is FFingo? FFingo is a Location Based Local Shopping Search Engine Shopper Product, Promotion & Store Discovery Brands & Retails Social Feed from Stores & Friends Organic Promotion & increased ‘foot traffic’ to Offline Retail stores Highly effective, Low cost Marketing Product Information on Smart phone Location Based Product Search User Specific Recommendations Local & Social Shopping Geofencing & Location Based User Targeting Target Millions of SMART Shoppers Product Showcasing on Web + Mobile FFingo Platform (Mobile + Web Application)
  4. 4. How FFingo Helps? First-of-its-kind Service in India. Both on Mobile and Web Shoppers can view products & promotions from local stores using their smart phones & personal computers Shoppers can ‘follow’ their favorite stores and get real time updates from stores FFingo provides cost effective Marketing Tools for Offline Retailers FFingo platform provides ability add any number of stores and products at no cost FFingo provides complete control to Retailers over their content on FFingo
  5. 5. Why FFingo? Smart Retailing for Smart Shoppers. Wider reach at no cost 86 Million users use internet on mobile 36 Million Smartphone Users Opportunity in India 160 Million Internet Users Over 22 million 3G connections
  6. 6. How FFingo works? FFingo is an ‘In-bound Marketing’ platform that helps to attract shoppers to stores. Create your Stores on FFingo and list Products under them for Free Content Delivery on FFingo Mobile & Web Applications
  7. 7. What Next? Sign Up to ffngo Visit – ffingo.com Create a Parent Company Account & Create your stores (For Free) Add Products under the stores (For Free) All of it takes only a few minutes We can help you with the entire initial setup and manage your account. Our ‘Product Content’ team will help you create/manage your products on ffingo
  8. 8. Thank You Contact Us Rodney Lewis - rodney@ffingo.com (9945566848) Amit amit@ffingo.com