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This is a general overview of Schultz and Summers Engineering.

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Sse Presentation All

  1. 1. Our Company & Expertise<br />New Orleans Levee<br />Branson Airport<br /><br />
  2. 2.  <br />A Good Referral for SSE:<br />
  3. 3. SSE Firm Overview<br />SSE Offices<br />Our Personnel<br /><ul><li>Civil Engineers: 6
  4. 4. Engineering Techs/Draftsman: 12
  5. 5. Surveyors: 11
  6. 6. Construction Inspection/Testing: 30
  7. 7. Marketing/Project Development: 4
  8. 8. Administration: 9</li></ul>Professional Affiliations<br /><ul><li>Architecture Engineer Consultants, Lake Ozark
  9. 9. Lake Ozark Environmental, LLC, Lake Ozark</li></ul>Business Certifications<br /><ul><li>HUBZone Certified Business
  10. 10. Member of American Council of Engineering Companies</li></ul>Professional Certifications<br /><ul><li>Professional Engineers in Missouri, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kansas and Kentucky
  11. 11. Registered Land Surveyors in Missouri and Arkansas</li></ul>Main Office<br />Poplar Bluff, MO<br />Branch Offices<br />Branson, MO<br />Lake Ozark, MO<br />New Orleans, LA<br />
  12. 12. Water & Wastewater<br />After<br />Stan Schultz founded Schultz and Summers Engineering (SSE) to facilitate water and wastewater design for private individuals.<br /><ul><li>Advanced Systems to meet EPA standards
  13. 13. Conducting Community Meetings
  14. 14. Innovative Hybrid Systems
  15. 15. Drinking Water Treatment Plants
  16. 16. Drinking Water Distribution Systems
  17. 17. Total Wastewater System Design
  18. 18. Obtain Funding Support
  19. 19. Bond Election Assistance
  20. 20. Bid Assistance
  21. 21. Construction Administration& Observation</li></ul>The Gravois Sewer District<br />
  22. 22. The Chateau on the Lake<br />Commercial Development<br />After<br />When it comes to commercial development projects, SSE is an engineering firm that will provide outstanding service while always striving to help the owner complete a project on schedule and under budget.<br />Our Expertise<br /><ul><li>Site Development
  23. 23. Street Design
  24. 24. Environmental Site Assessment
  25. 25. Utility Design
  26. 26. Grading Design
  27. 27. Drinking Water Distribution Systems</li></ul>Hucks Convenience<br />Branson Zipline<br />“Their work is prompt, professional and accurate.”<br /><ul><li>Don Taylor, McAninch Corporation</li></ul>Camp Kanakuk<br />
  28. 28. After<br />Subdivision Layout<br />Since 1997, SSE has been instrumental in developing more than 50 subdivisions and residential developments resulting in hundreds of new homes through .<br />Arrowhead Building Supply, Hollister, MO<br />Escalade Heights<br />Our Expertise<br /><ul><li>Lot Layout
  29. 29. Environmental Site Assessment
  30. 30. Street Design
  31. 31. Utility Design
  32. 32. Grading Design
  33. 33. Lighting Design</li></ul>The Estates at Oak Knoll<br />“I especially appreciate the extra steps they take to quantify results, analyze their performance, and ensure our overall satisfaction.”<br />- Tim Thieson, QC Manager, L&S CKY<br />
  34. 34. Roads & Bridges<br />After<br />Designing and Building highways is a complicated process that involves a highly experienced team of contractors and engineers. <br />SSE has been involved in both privately and MoDOT funded projects and can advise on funding through various agencies that provide infrastructure loans and grants.<br />Shelby Road<br />Our Expertise<br /><ul><li>Wetland Mitigation
  35. 35. Hazardous Waste Identification
  36. 36. SHPO and FEMA Review
  37. 37. Right of Way Acquisition
  38. 38. Topographical/Boundary Surveying
  39. 39. Design
  40. 40. Storm Water Drainage
  41. 41. Contract Management
  42. 42. Materials Testing
  43. 43. Construction Staking</li></ul>Highway 5, Lake of the Ozarks<br />
  44. 44. Materials Testing <br />Materials Testing<br /> <br /><ul><li>Concrete Testing
  45. 45. Soil Testing
  46. 46. Aggregate Testing
  47. 47. Asphalt Testing</li></ul> <br /> <br />“They have a proven track record for dependable service, accurate test results and competitive pricing.”<br />- William Wheeler, QC Manager Archer Western Contractors<br /> <br />“They have a proven track record for dependable service, accurate test results and competitive pricing.”<br />- William Wheeler, QC Manager Archer Western Contractors<br />
  48. 48. Land Surveying<br />Land Surveying<br /> <br /><ul><li>ALTA/ACSM
  49. 49. Boundary
  50. 50. Engineering design
  51. 51. Construction layout
  52. 52. Mortgage Survey
  53. 53. Floodplain Certification
  54. 54. Dock Survey</li></ul> <br /> <br /><ul><li>ALTA/ACSM
  55. 55. Boundary
  56. 56. Engineering design
  57. 57. Construction layout
  58. 58. Mortgage
  59. 59. Floodplain Certification</li></ul> <br /> <br /> “I called Schultz and Summers and they were able to have my survey completed in less than a week with a flood certification done in just days, at a great price.”<br />Philip Houghton, Realtor, Morrison’s Realty<br />
  60. 60. Remember…<br /> <br />Elevation Certifications<br /><ul><li>New Maps
  61. 61. Federally Requirements
  62. 62. Must have Engineer/Licensed Surveyor Stamp
  63. 63. Minimal Trip Charges
  64. 64. Knowledge & Expertise
  65. 65. Neighborhood Discounts</li></ul> <br />Are you ready for the letter from your lender?<br />
  66. 66. Client Testimonials<br /> <br />The City of Ironton had a 50 year old system and needed the help of SSE Engineers with DNR regulations in designing a replacement. SSE was able to expedite the design of a state-of-the-art membrane filtration plant. SSE facilitated the funding for the safe and clean system which the community now enjoys.<br />“Having Schultz and Summers work for us was one of the best decisions we ever made.”<br />Bob HalketMayor of Ironton, MO<br />“Without SSE I don’t think there would be a Pike Creek Sewer District today!”<br />Patricia BoyersPike Creek Charter District President<br />“Always professional in their dealings and willing to bend over backwards to get it right, I’d highly recommend SSE to other cities.”<br />Steve Loucks, Mayor, Chaffee, MO<br /> <br />SSE Mission Statement<br />The customer’s needs ALWAYS come first and we deliver a dependable serviceat a cost effective price that keeps projects on time and under budget.<br />
  67. 67. Schultz and Summers - Repeat Customers (>20K)<br />
  68. 68. Thank you for this opportunity, are there any questions?<br />