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  1. 1. VampiresCould they eliminate humans? Stacey Britner EDUC 570 3-14-07
  2. 2. Can you think of vampires from movies?
  3. 3. Do you think vampires exist? Do you think vampires really exist? How do vampires survive? Can humans and vampires exist at the same time? Here are some questions I have…
  4. 4. If it’s possible, I wonder… How long it would take vampires to take over this school?• How long before they would take over yourtown?• How long it would take for vampires to takeover the USA?
  5. 5. Your Mission Your mission...should you choose to accept it…is to use Excel to find out how long it would take for vampires to take over this school, this town, and the USA. You may work individually or in partners of no more than 2. If you need help, ask a neighbor or the teacher.
  6. 6. The Details The first day, day 0, you’ll start with 1 vampire and no one bitten. Each day after that each vampire will bite 1 person. Use Excel to find out the answers to the three questions:  How long will it take them to take over the school?  The town?  The USA?
  7. 7. The Setup  When you open Excel, start a spreadsheet. • I have started the first  Make sure you save it line. under “vampire”. • Follow the pattern to complete the chart.You’ll start Day Number of Vampires Number of People Bitten Total Vampireswith a spreadsheet 0 1 0 1 1that looks like 2this  3 4 5
  8. 8. Any short cuts? Are there any short cuts you can use in Excel to complete the chart faster? Review your notes and talk with your neighbors.
  9. 9. What does it look like? Graph your chart from day zero until the day vampires have taken over the school. What do you see? Can you describe what kind of slope that is? Why does it look like this? Answer these questions and turn in your paper, with the graphs, at the end of class.  If you’re working in a group of 2, one sheet with both names written at the top is acceptable.
  10. 10. Homework What do you think the graph would look like for the day vampires have taken over the town? The USA? Hand in a graph for each day. Do they look similar? Explain why or why not on a separate sheet of paper that you will hand in with your graphs for our next class.