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Share.Transform the world.


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Sharing can transform the world. It's been done in the past & the future beckons. Are you up to it? Are you ready to share? Or rather, can you share?

Share.Transform the world.

  1. Sharing. By - Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal
  2. A 4 second voice clip shared with the world made mankind proud
  3. Man on the Moon ……tranquility base here... The eagle has landed.
  4. A television clip shared on tv made me weep
  5. Rakesh Sharma – the first Indian in space Indira Gandhi asks Rakesh Sharma, “Upar se Bharat kaisa dikhta hai, aapko”? Rakesh Sharma answers, “Saare Jahan Se Achcha”.
  6. An accidental share revealed the truth
  7. Tiananmen square Image courtesy
  8. sharing moves the world
  9. a story, shared as a movie - stopped my wife from buying diamonds
  10. Blood Diamond
  11. in the past, sharing was ‘one to many’…
  12. until, friendly, consumer tech arrived…
  13. friendly consumer tech ?
  14. huh?
  15. the internet, silly!
  16. pre internet…
  17. a news broadcast shared with the world made us grieve…
  18. 9/11
  19. post internet…
  20. a tweet shared with the world redeemed us
  21. Osama bin Laden is killed
  22. a flurry of shares toppled a country
  23. Tahrir Square movement
  24. technology allowed sharing to become…
  25. many to many!
  26. the 3rd largest country in the world
  27. was created by sharing
  28. facebook
  29. education changed forever, thanks to sharing
  30. the khan academy online
  31. all of us got better job prospects thanks to sharing…
  32. linkedin
  33. sharing heralded the beginning of a new renaissance!
  34. the apposphere
  35. when you share, you care
  36. hmmmmm
  37. even if it means farms and sheep!
  38. farmville
  39. so, can YOU think of an idea for sharing?
  40. as an entrepreneur, i was inspired to share...
  41. my wins, my losses my pains, my gains my journey
  42. I began by writing a simple blog
  43. that blog became a social network
  44. a few members began to meet up
  45. a get together in bangalore happened
  46. delhi ‘rodinhooders’ had a sit down dinner
  47. a bonding happened!
  48. the meets became larger
  49. and larger!
  50. And larger & larger!
  51. the rodinhoods grew from 1 to 3000+ only thanks to sharing
  52. i want to make a million entrepreneurs bloom – all by sharing
  53. can government make sharing a social responsibility?
  54. can colleges make sharing compulsory education?
  55. can we inspire each other to share and transform the world?
  56. can you share?
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