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6 Easy Steps to writing that perfect Job Description (JD)


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Job Descriptions (JDs) matter! They speak about your Company, your clarity of mind and how you think about your Job Positions and Employees. Pay attention to creating the perfect JD and attract dream candidates!

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6 Easy Steps to writing that perfect Job Description (JD)

  1. 1. 6 easy steps for writing that perfect Job Description (JD) ! Alok Kejriwal – CEO Games2win
  2. 2. Why? The Purpose of this PPT • Everyone Hires. From Startups to Fortune 500 Companies. But in the rush to hire, the most important step (in my opinion) – writing the perfect Job Description gets ignored. • While you may be clearly aware of who you want to hire and for what, the JD is the FIRST document that your potential hire looks at even before he/she meets or talks to your HR Manager/Recruitment agent for the job. The first impression is very important. • This is why getting the JD right is critical. It sets the tone and general attitude of your Company (even more important when it’s a startup)! • I have used a recent JD of Games2win (my Mobile Games Startup) as an example. We closed this position recently and have recruited the perfect candidate! • Next time you are hiring, consider going through these 6 steps:
  3. 3. 1. State the Position & Name of the Hiring Company “Mobile Product Manager – Stock Market Game” Note: Clarity of the Position and your Company logo helps stand out as you JD gets shared on Social Media
  4. 4. 2. Company Description About Games2win: • Games2win is one of the largest casual mobile gaming companies in the world. We own over 50 proprietary mobile games with over 65 million downloads and an extremely strong DAU and MAU user base (80% outside of India). All our downloads are generated organically, without ANY advertising support or paid installations. • Some of our games like Parking Frenzy ranked #1 on the US iTunes App Store (free app & game) and Power Cricket T20 ranked #1 in India Sports. Almost all of our Mobile Games have hit top app store ranks. • Top investors such as Clearstone Venture Partners, Nirvana Venture Advisors and Silicon Valley Bank have funded G2W. The founders of G2W Inc. are Alok Kejriwal – a Serial Entrepreneur and Mahesh Khambadkone – an Online Gaming Specialist. • To know more about us, visit us at: Games2win – Google Play Store Games2win – iTunes Games2win – Website Note: If you are a Startup that is not particularly well known, this is your moment to impress the candidate with strong credentials as an introduction. (No Sales Pitch please)
  5. 5. 3. Roles and Responsibility • Work closely with the CEO and be the ‘owner’ of the Stock Trading Mobile Game that Games2win is planning, in collaboration with a large reputed Finance Company. • Be able to understand the nuances of Stock Markets – Trading, Investing, Market movements, and use that knowledge to make a ‘virtual stock market game’ fun to play. • Have a deep interest in Mobile Apps & Games and have played and experienced a host of smart phone apps. • Understand UX, UI and CX and be able to direct a team of Game Designers, Artists and Programmers to create a very enjoyable game. Technical knowledge is NOT a requirement. • Have the ability to liaise with our Clients, with the Stock Markets & Potential Sponsors and serve their requirements. • Define and review key metrics in the game via the Analytics Tools we deploy. Dive deep in the game metrics on a day-on-day basis and work towards creating maximum engagement in the game. • Constantly follow Market Trends & Events; Updates of the game and its Mechanics periodically. Note: Define the Role and Responsibility with ABSOLUTE clarity. Hint – while writing it, pretend that you/the hiring person is DOING the job.
  6. 6. 4. Who could you be? (Experience and Background) • Have at least 4 years of experience in designing games for iOS / Android / OR Stock Market Trading & Investing OR both. • A passion for casual and mobile games; someone who is playing iOS or Android games on a regular basis. • A commercially minded person who can understand consumers, their psychology and what engages them! • Based in: Mumbai (city flexibility not possible) Note: Describe the experience and background in REALISTIC terms. Don’t use jargon. Simplify. Also be brutal in mentioning what is NOT flexible
  7. 7. 5. Knowledge, Skill, Education Knowledge & Skill • Excellent knowledge of the Stock Market • Excellent communication skills. • Good English writing and presentation skills: It is really important that your design and documents are conveyed to the stakeholders. • Ability to make things simple. • Knowledge about successful games in the mobile games market, what is currently trending and know-how about design elements that made those games successful. Educational Qualification • We are not fussy about Education. Note: As the Hiring Manager for a non technical role, I have defined the reqs of Knowledge, Skill and Education based on the practical requirements of a person we need to make a GREAT Stock Market game. I am not hiring a nerd! Note the comment on Education. Earlier it was “As long as you can read & write” 
  8. 8. 5. Remuneration As a practice, we have typically matched candidates with their existing salary packages and throw in lucrative performance incentives; and of course ESOPs.* Note that we do not want people to join us just for a better salary. We don’t bribe people to join us. Instead, we want people to join us for the love of what we do and the opportunity to shine professionally! Note: We are very BRUTAL when it comes to defining Salaries and Expectations and 3 out of 7 candidates don’t join us because we DO NOT offer ‘random 30-40%’ increments just to join. On the ESOPs part, I have linked a real blog of Testimonials – proving that ESOPs can make money. Always link to real case studies if possible when explaining ‘hard to believe’ promises
  9. 9. 6. Homework! (Call for Action) Next Steps: If the role interests you, then either: Download a couple of Stock Market Games from the App Stores, play them and send us a note on the 5 changes you would make to one of these games to make it a Hit Game OR Create a Wire Frame of a killer stock market game with a couple of inside pages and send us the same with your case. Best of Luck! Send us your thoughts with your introduction and expectations to: Note: I believe this is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the JD. A clear Call for Action mandate that the candidate needs to fulfill to be called for an interview. If we get resumes without the homework, we reject them and it also proves to us that candidates don’t even have the patience to go through the JD carefully (because it’s always mentioned at the end)
  10. 10. Live JD link: “Mobile Product Manager – Stock Market Game” Note: Feel free to copy this JD and reuse the format!
  11. 11. Connect with me!!! e-mail - FB - Twitter - @rodinhood Linkedin (I accept all) My social network for anyone enterprising ! Blogs and articles written by me Presentations –