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Sweepstakes, promotions, loyalty programs, etc.

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Arrow’s Advergaming

  1. 1. what’s inside? what is it?about us rewards & Advergaming: appreciationsweepstakes 1. Activating brands through offline, online, video, electronic, and mobile games.& promotions bingo event 2. Advertising products in games; branded game content. advertisinginvenuefamily/leisure printing services what are we doing with it?games ticket samplescasino/lottery contactstyle games information Fueling anticipation…and the brand plays on.
  2. 2. It’s really not about usAt Arrow International, it’s about you. Over 1,500 employees work hard formore than 50,000 business customers to give the very best in products andservices.Many know Arrow International as the world’s largest manufacturer of charitableand social gaming solutions (you know, like “Bingo”). But did you know that ourcomprehensive solutions allow us to tailor unique programs to achieve anypartner’s game, contest, or sweepstakes goals?
  3. 3. sweepstakes& promotionsIf only for one moment, games of chance provide tangible interaction that givesyour customers the opportunity to win something…for nothing. While playing,customers recognize the association with your brand, and as a result, are likelyto try it in the future (39% said they were more likely to buy 1).Generate enthusiasm for your brand by providing customers with an engagingpromotional program that complements who you are. Drive sales, traffic, andenthusiasm; build your brand, awareness, and your database… 39% were more likely to buy a product associated with a sweepstakes1Source: Promotion Marketing Assocation, We provide innovative gaming solutions for QSRs, retailers, CPGs, brands, national TV game shows, marketing agencies, and media companies. Our reputation of superior service, quality, security, and creativity has allowed us to proudly work on customized solutions for many.
  4. 4. invenuePatrons love the “game within the game.” Add to their experience and let themparticipate in the action.We create interactive games that include in-arena video and play-along gamepieces. Branded content embedded in the video plus ads/coupons on the gamecard make this experiential game a winner for your sponsors and your patrons.Arrow’s interactive games at events keep consumers engaged, entertained,and stimulated!
  5. 5. family/leisure gamesSometimes we over think it. Life is busy. People just want simplicity, familiarity, andyes…loyal brands who respond to their needs and who they are.Bingo, tic-tac-toe…even bowling and billiards. Yeah, fun ways to touch yourcustomers and their families…together!Our winning formula of classic games combined with your brand can buildmemories for customers, and can build revenues for you.
  6. 6. casino/lotterystyle gamesMany boomers and seniors grew up playing lottery style games. Casinos havebecome destination places for many generational groups including Gen-Xersand Millennials. Fact is, dreaming transcends generations.From traditional instant ticket and slot themes to table and card games, thesegames are popular around the world.But it’s not always about the product, nor is it always about the grand prize.Theseproducts are symbolic, they’re emotional, and you have a chance to tap into thisemotional exchange…this “permission to dream.”“ permission to dream ”
  7. 7. rewards& appreciationInternal and external customers want to know that you are aware of their loyaltyand they deserve something in return!Increase productivity and repeat business by building that relationship throughfun, simple, engaging customer appreciation promotions.Luxury, leisure, or life’s basic necessities — all can provide giveaways throughappreciation and rewards programs that simply say “thanks!”
  8. 8. did you know? bingo event advertising• 90.7% of consumers indicated that it’s important for companies to support causes Activating your brand — It’s healthy, it’s engaging, it’s social, and it’s relevant! and charities Billions of impressions can be yours for CPM much lower than print,• 72% of consumers reported that they purchased a particular brand because it out-of-home, or electronic media. supported a cause• 65% of corporate respondents saw positive PR as a result of their cause marketing Why does everyone know and love the name BINGO? efforts; 26.7% stated an increase in sales/retail traffic Because every week, tens of THOUSANDS of BINGO events are taking place.• Women (40%) were more likely to buy a product or service connected to a cause Patrons are loyal. Events are personal. Often small and intimate. Long (up to 3• 46% of young people ages 18 to 24 were more likely to buy a product which supports hours) and social. Frequently visited, relevant, destination places that are always a cause giving back to the community.Source: PRWeek/Barkley PR Cause Survey, Don’t you want your brand to be where everybody knows your name?
  9. 9. printing & gamedevelopment servicesWe take direction well. With over 40 years of industry experience, Arrow International prints and distributes over 70 billion game pieces from our manufacturing and distribution facilities around the world.We can take explicit direction from you, printing instant wins, collect-to-wins andenter-to-wins.We can also be as vertical as you need us to be, developing games to includetexting, venue interactive, and web-based initiatives.Winning with our games of chance means relevantly and conveniently deliveringat any customer touch-point. Always seeking the best way to meet your needs,we don’t settle for “good” turnkey solutions.
  10. 10. ticket SHAPe NUMBeR OF wiNdOwS APPROx. diMeNSiONSticket samples 1 Window 1.875" x 3.25" 1.786" x 2.625" 2.5" x 4"A tick-et, a task-it. The tick-et to a great promotional sweepstakes program is an engaging concept that 1 Window Die - “Ellipse,” 2" x 3.5" delivers with relevance, simplicity, and convenience. “Nugget,” and “Rockette” The task-it to a not-so-great program is a 1 Window Die - “Nugget” 1.65" x 1.65" product that’s boring, too complex, and requires your customers to perform some additional task. 3 Window 1.875" x 2.625" Our basket of products include custom-made, easy to use and understand products that offer various sizes, styles, 5 Window 1.875" x 3.875" and ways to build anticipation and engage your customers. Don’t dirty your hands with a task-it program… Alternative Styles 1.875” x 3.875” get the tick-et!
  11. 11. ARROw iNteRNAtiONAl 9900 Clinton Road Cleveland, OH 44144If you have already implemented a promotional program and advergaming@arrowinternational.comthe results aren’t what you expected, give us a call. Better 800.321.0757 x478yet, even if your current program is doing well, call us anyway,because our goal is to help you accomplish great things!