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Presentation magazine333


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Published in: Education, Design
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Presentation magazine333

  1. 1. Apex Group
  2. 2. We were set an assignment to produce a new sixth formmagazine for our sixth form. We were put into two separategroups consisting of five students(Hussein, Rodhat, Steven, Mark, Nabeela). The aim is for thetwo teams to compete against each other to produce thebest magazine as possible, there can be only one winner. Wecreated individual pages that we contributed towards theCurrent Page Magazine. In addition we blogged every meetingthat had taken place. The following pitch will feature thepages we have created for the sixth form magazine known asthe ‘The Current Page’.
  3. 3. We researched different sixth form magazinesfrom different sixth forms. E.G. Eppingforest, Woodbridge sixth form.We produced 70 questionnaires featuring 7questions regarding questions about what sixthform students would like to see in themagazine/ format/ house style etc. we alsointerviewed students from our sixth form.
  4. 4. The target audience for this specific magazine is aimed towardsthose aged 16-18 both males and females, sixth form sector.Substantial articles will alternate in the magazine especially thosewhich are seen as most relevant, for example the mainnews, people’s interests:fashion, sport, art, humour, gaming, movies, etc. As a group we willmake decisions based on the questionnaire results, this highlightswhat sixth form students want and expect in a sixth form magazine.The idea of using the questionnaire results/ statistics helps producea successful sixth form magazine; it appears as if the answers havebeen provided to us, the only section to complete is to produce themagazine with all the elements inserted into the magazine.
  5. 5.  The front page features anenlarged image of the currentpage logo. The main headings feature on themain front page to engage thereaders, it’s a bit like a taster.
  6. 6.  Header, indicates what thepage is about, seems tolook more organized/professional. Logo was created on paintnet. This specific page is tokeep the readers up todate with the latest Newsas well as Rumours. The current Rumoursappears on the left handside column. A Redbridge book awardadvert features on thebottom left hand corner. The background features apicture of Wanstead highschool, I formatted theimage and changed thecolour to black and white.The reason for this wasthat the information thatappears on the page willappear more visible.
  7. 7.  Created for entertainment aswell as humour. Based on school grounds. Comics are drawn and selfcreated. At the bottom of the page itfeatures a preview on thenext issue that continues fromthe previous comic. I plan to keep every characterand introduce more throughout the series, the reason forthis is that the readers willcreate a bond between thecharacters and would want toread more. The future comics will also bedrawn and created as well asthe story lines by Nabeela.
  8. 8.  My idea is to create a four pages of fashion for male and femalefor the sixth to give them advice as well as the new year fashions. The fact is most of teenager in this sixth are in to fashion, mostof them are girls. Thats why I chose do this pages. I have seven section on my four page. I tried to give them advice for what they can wear. One of the section that I have produced is about skin care.
  9. 9. Our unique part to the ‘Current Sports Page’ being theTeam Of The Month section which is dedicated insurveying the sixth form and asking them to name thebest 11 players in the sixth (Year A-Levels, AS) in everyfootballing position e.g. RB, GK.‘The Current Fixtures’ columnwill tell you the weeklyfixtures to come (Monday-Sunday) kick off times andthe channelThat the matches will bepreviewed.The Gossip in theprofessional footballing worlde.g. who’s leaving, who’sarriving.The page colour isgreen why?...1. Originality2. Football pitch3. Distinct
  10. 10. This is a slip where people can cutout and hand in to a member ofthe group or teacher e.g. Want to write an article What they want to see in theeditionThe group logo at the top of the page as areminder of whose magazine they arereading.The interviewing section Q&Ain which 2 students (new, notnew) are asked 3 question.1. Is the common room arelaxing place?2. Do you find the sixth formas an aggressive place?3. Would like to continueyour education inWanstead next year?