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Mendix Factsheet

  1. 1. FACTSHEET Mendix® Model-driven Application Delivery A model-driven approach towards building Service-Oriented Business Applications Mendix delivers a powerful, model-driven application platform providing tools and architecture to rapidly design, build, test, Key Benefits integrate, deploy, manage and optimize dynamic business applications in any existing business and IT environment. Unlike Flexibility to Change other platforms, the Mendix technology allows business analysts Changes to existing functionality can be realized in to actively take part in the development cycle —translating hours, ensuring your solutions are easily aligned with business models into executable components that are easily your company’s dynamic requirements. adapted and assembled automatically into a personalized, web- based application Fast Deployment New solutions can be created in weeks and rolled out Dynamic business applications in days. Mendix web-interfaces can be integrated with With the Mendix technology, you can use business models your existing environment, so users need minimal or no – instead of code - to build applications that seamlessly fit training at all. a company’s needs. As functional requirements change and applications need adaptation, Mendix’ Model-driven approach eases implementation of those changes - offering significant time and cost savings. Placing business models at the core of application development, changes are made in hours, instead of days or weeks. “I am impressed with Mendix and their model driven Easily integrate with your existing IT approach towards delivery of business solutions. In Mendix leverages the value of your existing IT infrastructure today’s business climate the ability to deliver business by simply integrating with applications and data inside your functionality through a portal interface is essential in company and across the value chain. Next to that, integrating and engaging with business partners, customers, employees.” exposing Web services is just a few clicks away. It is easy to reuse legacy systems, existing applications and skills in new projects, Dr. Zoya Kinstler extending the life-cycle of your past IT investments and reducing PhD, Harvard Extension School the risk when implementing new business-critical applications. Equipping the business analyst Our goal is to equip business analysts, process owners, developers and system architects with an integrated modeling and application framework that empowers them to effectively “We’ve been experiencing double-digit growth figures work together in designing, building and maintaining scalable annually. Mendix allows us to build our company in our web applications that are highly user-friendly, agile, secure and own pace.” future-proof. Co Konings Business Development Manager Sandd
  2. 2. FACTSHEET Mendix® Model-driven Application Delivery Key principles underlying the Mendix solution framework The Model = The Application Mendix introduces a radical innovation in application development, using human-readable business models, which are directly deployed on the application server without the side-step of generating code. Building a new application becomes an easy configuration task. Not only allows this business analysts and developers to work effectively together by visually defining applications, it also increases application agility and quality, together with a significant decrease of development lead-times. Software agility Most architectures, requirements, improvements and designs emerge from existing IT systems. With the Mendix software, it is Mendix in practice possible to alter applications to changing requirements, even late in the development process, by easily changing the models that Streamline complex business processes across define the application. organizational boundaries Organizations increasingly operate in a networked Application quality, performance & scalability environment. Mendix software is often used to extend Technically, we don’t generate code, we interpret the model. This legacy back office systems to the web and automate also means Mendix enables automatic quality-, regression- and business processes that span across the value chain. consistency management. To ensure run-time performance the Easily design your own workflows and execute them Mendix platform is built with scalability and distributed networks automatically in the Mendix runtime application in mind. environment Security Unleash a next-generation Self-Service Portal to Exposing critical systems to the web requires advanced security your customers, suppliers or employees measures. Mendix includes an extensive and proven security Using Mendix to build interactive Self-service Portals model that stood the test of our customers’ highest security means enhancing collaboration with customers and requirements. business partners. Via a personalized WebTop with interactive dashboard and mash up capabilities each Open standards & interoperability user is tailored to his/her needs. This means improving As central part of our philosophy, Mendix strives to be as user satisfaction and lowering operational costs. All interoperable as possible when it comes to the integration with together. existing platforms, the (re)use of (third-party) components and industry standards. Mendix embraces open standards. Get alerted by real-time ‘event-driven’ management information Web Services Define business rules and validations and have your In accordance with building service-oriented business Mendix application perform automatic tasks such applications (SOBA), we made it very easy to visually design, as sending emails, SMS or triggering workflows. consume, map, expose and monitor Web Services. Also monitor your process using interactive reports, dashboards and KPI´s. Enhanced User Experience The success of web applications largely depends on the intuition, Migrate those Excel, Access and Lotus Notes user-friendliness, richness and performance of the graphical user apps that are flooding your organization interface. Mendix portal applications automatically make use Many organizations shockingly depend on a multitude of a highly advanced rich internet client (AJAX), requiring zero of custom Access, Excel or Lotus apps. Migrate those programming skills to implement. apps into a much more flexible, scalable and future proof environment that is web based and integrated in your enterprise architecture. Extend your ERP Whether you use SAP, Oracle, IBM or Microsoft, stop writing manual code today and use Mendix to build your extension.
  3. 3. Mendix architecture Mendix is a powerful, model-driven application platform suite, designed for building, integrating and extending business applications in renewed agile architectures. DESIGN TIME RUN TIME Mendix Rich Webclient Business Developer analyst CSS based Reports & graphs Rich forms Mendix Business Modeler Mendix Business Server External Interface Business Requirements Meta Model Mendix Process engine Meta Model Rules engine Web services Mobile Model Repository Service agents Service agents Event processor JSR Excel Community Mendix Connectivity Manager Reusable business models Translator Security Mapper Best practice application templates ANY ANY ANY ANY DATABASE APPLICATION WEBSERVICE FILE Mendix product capabilities The Mendix Model-driven application platform consists of user-friendliness. Alternatively you can run Mendix applications multiple components that are fully integrated and built from the in your existing portal environment. ground up in a single, scalable architecture. Key features are: Mendix Web services Powerful & easy-to-use modeling environment Mendix enables you to easily design, consume and expose Central to the platform is the Mendix Business Modeler™: an Web-services with nothing but a few mouse clicks. If needed, integrated, multi-user modeling studio for designing business we can also integrate with existing data stores without the use of applications. Models include: workflows, micro flows, forms, Web-services. reports, business rules, security, web services, mapping and much more. Template library Together with our ISV partners, we offer a fast growing library Open run-time framework of best-practice application and process templates. Examples With “one-click-deploy”, all models are automatically Executed include: complaint management, customer service management, by the Mendix Business Server™ into an enterprise class portal incident management, service management and much more. application. The Mendix Business Server™ is a scalable, platform independent and high-performance run-time environment. To be Mendix Developer Network™ future-proof, Mendix Business Server™ is standards-based, runs Mendix Developer Network, or MXDN™, is our online community on all leading J2EE application servers and has an extensive API. and knowledge-base, built to help our customers, partners and community developers get the most out of Mendix technology. Go 360˚ integration online and join for FREE. Mendix supports a wide variety of integration scenarios, meaning Mendix apps can easily be integrated with your existing databases, files, middleware, applications, Web services and enterprise portals. How we fit in your SOA Mendix Webclient™ and portal environment Mendix is used to rapidly create service-oriented Mendix applications utilize an highly advanced, flexible business applications (SOBA) that integrate seamlessly and personalized Mendix Webclient™, fully based on AJAX with existing platforms. Mendix offers proven technology. Mendix apps are known for their style, rich user integrations with IBM, Tibco, SAP, BEA and Microsoft. experience, performance, browser independence, intuition and
  4. 4. List of standards Examples of customer success Feature Benefits Web services Support latest standards including: SOAP, WSDL Database support Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Progress, DB2, DB2/400, Informix Platform independence Unix, Linux, Windows Application Servers Jetty, Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle Application Server J2EE Web servers Apache, IIS Rich Internet The MX Portal is based on Asynchronous JavaScript and XML-technology (AJAX) enhancing usability. All major browsers (IE6, IE7, Firefox, Opera, Safari) are supported Java MX Platform provides complete support for Java technology, including Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE) , Java 1.6 API, and Java Database Connectivity (JDBC). Standards Mendix embraces the use of (open) standards such as: XML, XSD, XPDL, XPath, XSLT, JSON, BPMN, LDAP, OQL, SQL and JSR-168 3rd party technologies Mendix actively supports tight integrations with 3rd party technologies of SAP, Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, BEA, TIbco, Cordys, BusinessObjects and many others About Mendix Contact us Mendix is a fast-paced software company dedicated to If you’re interested in more information please contact us streamline, automate and integrate complex business processes via or: in the extended enterprise. Mendix products enable a model- driven approach towards business application and portal USA Europe development, empowering business analysts, increasing Mendix, Inc Mendix flexibility, accelerating delivery and reducing risk and complexity. 810 Memorial Drive Westzeedijk 487 Mendix is used by Fortune 500 companies to create dynamic Cambridge, MA 02139 3024 EL Rotterdam rich-Internet business applications that are easily integrated with United States of America The Netherlands existing systems. Copyright 2005 - 2008 Mendix Technology BV. All rights reserved. Mendix, Mendix Business Server, Mendix Business Modeler, Mendix WebClient and the No Code, Just Glory slogan are trademarks of Mendix Technology BV. All other names and marks are property of their respective owners.