Social Media for Small Business


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Social Media for Small Business

  1. 1. Social Media for Small Business Presented by Rodeena Stephens
  2. 2. Marketing & AdvertisingNot only promoting your brand or event, it’s also about Building RelationshipsBrand Clients
  3. 3. Affordable Marketing Options• Social Media• Email Marketing• Social Networks• Blog• Mobile Marketing
  4. 4. Know Your Brand• Define BRAND• What is your service/brand image in the market today?• What do you want your brand image in the market to be?• What do you want your client experience to be with your brand?
  5. 5. Customers• Customers - Who Are They?• Research – What Do You Know About Them?• Strategy – What is Your Plan To Reach Them?• Promotion – How Best to Promote?• Providing Services – What Service Do You Provide
  6. 6. What Do You Want The Customer To Know About Your Brand?
  7. 7. What Do You Want The Customer toDo as a Result of That Knowledge? Use your Product Tell Others About Your Product
  8. 8. Market Your Brand Use Clear, Conci Make the se Sale Compelling Language Be Identify Persuasive Deliverables State Benefits
  9. 9. Marketing Your Company
  10. 10. How You Present Your Brand Is Key to the Success of Your Business• What does your company offer that thecustomer absolutely can’t live without?• What makes your brand stand out from yourcompetitor?• What are you doing to really CONNECT withyour audience?
  11. 11. Steps to Creating a Strong Social Media Strategy1. Research2. Assessment3. Objectives4. Develop Strategies5. Timeline6. Measurement & Analytics
  12. 12. Where Are Your Customers?
  13. 13. Where Are Your Customers?• Facebook – 800 million users. If Facebook were a country, it would be the 3rd largest country in the world (behind China and India)• Twitter – 127 million active users and 462 million registered accounts. It is estimated that it will reach 500 million accounts by March 2012.• YouTube – 490 million unique users.• LinkedIn – 100 million users
  14. 14. What Customer’s ExpectSocial Media allows the Brand anopportunity for customers to see theculture of a company. It’s not a sales tool &too much self promotion is actuallyfrowned upon.
  15. 15. What Customer’s Expect• Be Transparent with your Audience• Be First to inform customer’s of a positive and negative situation.• Use social networks as an opportunity to get to know your business• Establish trusting relationship• Identify ways to meet the demands of a media-driven culture
  16. 16. Facebook• Create a Page for Your Business• Personalize your page so that it reflects personality of your business• Share stories, pictures, videos• Connect – What happens after the consumer LIKES your page?• What will make them keep coming back?
  17. 17. Twitter• Create a Twitter account for your business• You have 140 characters to engage!• Be concise but effective• Connect with others with similar interests• The majority of your tweets should be about building relationships• Do not self-promote… all the time• Create a #hashtag surrounding your brand or product
  18. 18. YouTube• Create a YouTube channel for your business• Use this as a brand building opportunity• Keep content fresh and current• View this channel as major network for your business• Know your message and identify creative ways to share with your customers
  19. 19. Blog• Every business should have a blog• Used in lieu of company website• Extension of your business• FREE• Give readers an insight into your company.• Update content at least 2-3x/week• Have entertainment value in your posts – people get bored easily• Don’t forget the power of video
  20. 20. Tumblr• Great platform to feature photos• Before & After pictures • This works especially well with realtors. Show house with For Sale sign and once it’s sold, upload a picture of you shaking hands with the buyer (connection). Use your customers to tell the story.
  21. 21. Blog Platforms Blogspot WordPress. TumblrBlogTalk Radio – Create an online radio show
  22. 22. Online Portfolio’s About.Me Flavors.Me