Social media and the future of books


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Social media and the future of books

  1. 1. Social Media and the future of books<br />By: Steven Ramsarup&Danilo Rodriguez<br />
  2. 2. Introduction<br />In the following slides we will talk about and explain to you the future of books based on the progression of Social Media. We will talk about:<br />EBooksTablets/CellphonesInternet<br />Throughout the slides you will start to understand the place books will take in the near future.<br />
  3. 3. Introduction<br />As Social Media progresses we see new ways of obtaining information that we normally would from books.<br />Facebook now has pages dedicated to news reports and almost every newspaper has a website or page to get regular updates.<br />This slideshow will further discuss exactly how Social Media affects books.<br />
  4. 4. EBooks<br /> They are the new books! Think about it, why carry so many with you when you can have all in one? The short answer is you probably don’t and there is a solution for you. Ebooks are great inventions. These devices are capable of holding “electronic books” on the device. Not just one though. No, they can hold many of them on this device.<br /> The next slide will talk about how Ebooks are outdoing books in the current day.<br />
  5. 5. EBooks<br />Advantages of Ebooks:<br /><ul><li>Size of a regular book
  6. 6. Holds more then one book
  7. 7. Clear, bright, and big screen
  8. 8. Price appropriate if you plan to store many books-(Sara Rosso, What Are Ebooks? Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Books)</li></li></ul><li>Future of Books<br />A quote from Vanessa, from the article Are Libraries Dying? Ebooks and the Future of Libraries<br />“… the wide availability of pirated (free) ebooks will keep prices down (Griffey 2009). I can see this argument having merit for consumer purchases: if consumers can easily access a pirated ebook for free, they’ll be less willing to pay inflated prices for a legal version. ”<br />
  9. 9. Future of Books<br /> After reading that statement you can see how Ebooks have a positive look in a negative light. That being said buying it is still a cheaper alternative and the amount that you can hold on an Ebook is still very good. As technology progresses you can see how libraries would not be the ideal place to get/read a book. That’s not to say it isn’t needed as all but The fact that so many books can be held on one device is still something that will drive Ebooks forward!<br />
  10. 10. Ebook Video<br />This video shows the new Kindle and thought of University students from Buffalo about the future of books.<br />The Amazon Kindle and the Future of Books<br />By: liminju<br />
  11. 11. Tablets<br /> Now after talking about Ebooks you’d think they had found a solution to using physical books but now there are new devices out there. These are called Tablets. Think of them as large cell phones that are used for media purposes. This is a great site called GSM Arena that shows you the specifications of a brand new tablet, the Apple iPad 2.<br /> What’s great about tablets is their online integration. They feature internet access for broad ranges. This means that anything on the internet can be accessed by you. With that said you can get your latest Facebook updates, tweets, and watch any videos from Youtube.<br />
  12. 12. Advantages of Tablets<br /><ul><li>Compact, like Ebooks
  13. 13. Internet Access
  14. 14. Fast and reliable
  15. 15. Big screens for easy viewing
  16. 16. Great battery life</li></li></ul><li>Tablets and the Future …<br />“This is all very interesting, and book publishers around the globe are rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of more e-books being sold. However, it’s publishers of newspapers and magazines who potentially have the most to gain from the sales of these devices.” (Stuart Andrews, As Wired unveils its new look for tablets, will such devices be enough to save magazines and newspapers?) This quote is interesting as it talks about the future of newspapers and magazines. We’ll understand why magazines and newspapers can benefit in the next slide.<br />
  17. 17. Tablets and the Future …<br />“News Corporation would introduce fees for access to content on its sites, including those of The Times, The Sun, The New York Post and The Australian: "There's not enough advertising in the world to make all the websites profitable... We'd rather have fewer people coming to our websites but paying." ” (Stuart Andrews, As Wired unveils its new look for tablets, will such devices be enough to save magazines and newspapers?)<br /> As seen above if newspapers and magazines start charging fees to view the news on their online site they can still make a profit. Not only that but there are now alternative ways to viewing newspapers and magazines. No more do people need physical copies of magazines.<br />
  18. 18. Apple iPad 2 Youtube Video<br />This video is the Review for the Apple iPad 2. It details the Specs and also Online Capabilities.<br />Apple iPad 2 Review (Official)<br />By: ChillaFrilla<br />
  19. 19. Internet<br />In this PowerPoint we will talk about the Internet and its effects on books…<br /><ul><li>Google Books
  20. 20. Search Engines
  21. 21. Tutorials and Videos</li></ul>These subtopics are alternatives to books and easier to obtain than going to a library, making them popular options for obtaining information and data.<br />
  22. 22. Google Books<br />The Google Book Settlement <br />- A complex legal document that is founded on the copyrights of published books.<br />- The original allowed Google to digitalized any book published before 2009<br />- Due to complaints, a new version was created that is still being validated for fairness in regards to copyrighted material.<br />
  23. 23. Google Books<br /><ul><li>The latest settlement helps keep books alive
  24. 24. Makes it harder to find recent and popular authors and books online
  25. 25. Forces people to look in libraries and bookstores
  26. 26. Gives you access to books that one would not know existed rather than only popular mainstream books</li></li></ul><li>Google Books Youtube Video<br />This is a video of how to use Google BooksHOWTO: Introduction to Using Google Booksby: thesummitlighthouse<br />
  27. 27. Search Engines<br />- People would traditionally go to libraries and look at books for searching information- Now people usually open up a web browser and use a search engine to find quick answers<br />- Libraries have taken this to account and use this type of system to find certain books within the library<br />
  28. 28. Search Engines<br /> Searches also lead to Forums<br /><ul><li>Forums are a place to get together and talk about a common topic
  29. 29. Forums are a good way to get specific answers to your questions where in a book it would be hard to find</li></ul>- This is a forum for Microsoft<br />
  30. 30. Tutorials and Videos<br />-Now a days teachers have been using videos for learning purposes instead of books.<br />- Many people look for tutorials online instead of hard copy manuals<br />- A lot of people of visual learners so they would rather see how its done than read about it<br />
  31. 31. Conclusion<br />In a fast paced society people want to do things quicker and easier and based on the findings of this projects we, Danilo and Steven, have come to the conclusion:<br /><ul><li>that the future of books is slowly fading away and evolving into a digital world where information is easier and quicker to find
  32. 32. EBooks are becoming more and more popular and easier to access with help of devices such as tablets and smartphones</li></li></ul><li>Conclusion<br />- These devices allow easy and compact access to many books you can download and purchase online<br />- There are copyrights and agreements to help authors still succeed and profit from their published works<br />- Videos have become popular to teach people many things such as making origami or learning complex math<br />
  33. 33. Bibliography<br />Vanessa, (2010). Are Libraries Dying? Ebooks and the Future of Libraries. The Book of Mpub.- This is a very informative site It talks about the future of libraries and books in general. It talks about it from the view of EBooks. It talks about the features of Ebooks and it’s advantages over having regular books. It helped with looking into how books are aging and the beginning of a technologically new way of reading.<br />Sara Rosso, (2009). What are ebooks? Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Books. When I Have Time.<br />- This site was very informative for showing exactly where Ebooks stand in todays world. It states the advantages that Ebooks have over regular books. Also, it shows the disadvantages that Ebooks have as opposed to regular books.<br />Liminju. (2009, June 15) The Amazon Kindle and the Future of Books. [Video File]. Video posted to<br />- This was an informative video. It was a review for the Amazon Kindle but it also showed the insight of students from the University of Buffalo. They talk about their insights about the future of books. You get to see insights from actual people.<br />Josh Quittner, (2010). The future of reading. CNNMoney.<br />- This site talks about how far tablets have advanced. It speaks not only of their capabilities but also questions the future of physical books. Specifically it talks about online sites that have newspaper updates that you can now access on the go.<br />
  34. 34. Bibliography<br />Stuart Andrews, (2009). As Wired unveils its new look for tablets, will such devices be enough to save magazines and newspapers? ITPRO FIT FOR BUSINESS<br />- This site talks about the release of tablets and its effects on newspapers and magazines. The general concern it brings up is whether or not people with still need to buy magazines anymore. With a tablets online functionality magazines wouldn’t need to be bought because they are available online.<br />ChillaFrilla. (2011, March 15). Apple iPad 2 Review (Official). [Video File]. Video posted to<br />-This video shows a video review for the new Apple iPad 2. It details the specs of the device and also the pros and cons. It also talks about online features and Ebook capabilities.<br />Google Books Settlement Agreement(2009 - Present)<br /><br />-These sites talk about the Google books settlement agreement and its advantages and disadvantages. It points for people to really think about what is happening with books<br />
  35. 35. Bibliography<br />Thesummitlighthouse. (2009, July 8). HOWTO: Introduction to Using Google Books<br />[Video File]. Video posted to<br />-This is the link to the Google books tutorial video which talks about Google books and its features<br />John Dyer. (2009, March 8) . Google CEO on Internet Learning vs. Book Learning [Article]<br /><br />-This is an article with a video of the Google CEO giving his thoughts of books vs. Internet Learning. <br />Google and Yahoo logo<br /><br />-this link is a logo of the two most popular search engines<br />Microsoft forum link<br /><br />- This is a link to Microsoft's forums, it is a great example of how a forum works due to its live community and you can find anything that has to do with Microsoft.<br />Google books link<br /><br />- This is a link to Google Books, a great site to find eBooks online, free and paid<br />