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Smash-up or evolve


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Published in: Technology
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Smash-up or evolve

  1. 1. Smash-up or EvolveROC® Star computing tribeMatt
  2. 2. Paradigm Shift: IP/Ethernet dismisses ATM
  3. 3. Large Scale Computing: Early Ideas Jini technology can be used to build adaptive network systems that are scalable, evolvable and flexible as typically required in dynamic computing environments.
  4. 4. Emergence of dual-tier Web
  5. 5. ROC® Star: Large-scale computing today
  6. 6. Scale of Abstract Address Space Logical Address of 1 individual light-bulb with binary stateLogical Address of all light-bulbs on 10th floor near window
  7. 7. Building the tribe• Actively looking for people wanting to get involved in Resource-Oriented- Computing® in London• @rocstarco• Please contact me at• Invite me to demo the concept anywhere in UK• Real technology in large scale use today• User Groups / Meetups• O’Reilly book : Author Tom Geudens, pub. May 2012 (est)