Nick's Book Report


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Nick's Book Report

  1. 1. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda Tom Angleberger Reading Time: 2 days
  2. 2. Dwight is an odd boy who sits in holes. He made origami yoda.
  3. 3. Tommy is the main character and made the case file to prove Origami yoda is real
  4. 4. Origami yoda is a puppet made from paper. Everybody thinks he is magic.
  5. 5. The setting is Mcquarrie Middle School.
  6. 6. No one knows if origami yoda is real. ? ?
  7. 7. Everyone decides he is real because he helps everyone at school.
  8. 8. Yoda is liked by all except one person…Harvey, who makes Darth paper in book 2.
  9. 9. I recommend the book to all Star Wars fans.