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Mike Grehan presenting on Search and Local SEO at the Local Social 2014


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Mike Grehan of Acronym was the opening keynote at the Local Social 2014. He dazzled the audience with his fun personality and powerful statements he made regarding search, local SEO and content.

You can visit to read more about the 2014 highlights and other speakers.

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Mike Grehan presenting on Search and Local SEO at the Local Social 2014

  1. 1. Mike Grehan CMO & Managing Director
  2. 2. Mike Grehan CMO & Managing Director
  3. 3. About Mike Grehan
  4. 4. Singapore
  5. 5. First Radio DJ To Do What? Also worked on TV Radio DJ
  6. 6. Meet Your Customer
  7. 7. The Internet & The World Wide Web Networks Crowds Markets
  8. 8. The Hypertext Thinkers “Mendel's concept of the laws of genetics was lost to the world for a generation… this sort of catastrophe is undoubtedly repeated all about us, as truly significant attainments become lost in the mass of the inconsequential Bush argued that as humans turned from war, scientific efforts should shift from increasing physical abilities to making all previous collected human knowledge more accessible.
  9. 9. “I just had to take the hypertext idea and connect it to the Transmission Control Protocol and domain name system ideas and — ta-da! — the World Wide Web.” Sir Tim Berners Lee, 1989 Sir Tim Berners-Lee. 1989 The Hypertext Thinkers
  10. 10. “Google's mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Google Mission Statement The Hypertext Thinkers
  11. 11. The Anatomy of a Search Engine
  12. 12. Vector space model.
  13. 13. Who is an authority? A page written about Beethoven’s Fifth symphony by a music student may have the same keyword density (and relevancy) as a page on the subject written by famous orchestra conductor Andre Previn... Who is likely to write the most authoritative piece?
  14. 14. Jon Kleinberg
  15. 15. Ask the Pope to help!
  16. 16. Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid!
  17. 17. Algorithm 1 – 0 SEO
  18. 18. Link building. So, how important are links now?
  19. 19. Are Backlinks Still Important? Matt Cutts Answers
  20. 20. What is the strongest signal? Text on a page? Link analysis? Social signals?
  21. 21. The strongest signal? YOU ARE!
  22. 22. Develop Content Around Intent Andrei Broder, Distinguished Scientist, Google. • Informational • Navigational • Transactional
  23. 23. Understanding Intent Wheelchair or iPad?
  24. 24. Before big data… There was big data!
  25. 25. Exponential Growth [> 18, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000
  26. 26. Mount Everest
  27. 27. Jakarta
  28. 28. Mobile, mobile, mobile… The first three quarters of 2013 consumers from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia and the Philippines spent the equivalent of US$10.8 billion on nearly 41.5 million smartphones. And among those seven markets Indonesia had the greatest smartphone sales volume and value. Since the beginning of this year domestic consumers have already bought 14.8 million smartphones. A Nielsen study quoted Indonesians as spending 63 minutes every day on communications activities, calls, chat, email and messaging – 51 minutes on entertainment such as games and multimedia activities and 40 minutes using various apps. Turns out that Indonesians are also kings of the selfie with people chronicling their lives through photo on social media and photo sharing sites.
  29. 29. ASCI Red – US Supercomputer
  30. 30. A Better Super Computer
  31. 31. An Even Better Super Computer
  32. 32. About Mike Grehan
  33. 33. Developing Original Content – Holographic Androids
  34. 34. Viral marketing? Is there such a thing as viral marketing. But, really?
  35. 35. Duncan Watts – Computational Social Scientist
  36. 36. Is viral really…Er… viral?
  37. 37. What do people share?
  38. 38. The Internet & The World Wide Web You wake up and check your email on your bedside iPad — that’s one app. During breakfast you browse Facebook, Twitter, and The New York Times — three more apps. On the way to the office, you listen to a Podcast on your smartphone. Another app. At work, you scroll through RSS feeds in a Reader and have Skype and IM conversations. More apps. At the end of the day, you come home, make dinner while listening to Pandora, play some games on Xbox Live, and watch a movie on Netflix’s streaming service. You’ve spent the day on the Internet — but not on the Web. And you are not alone.
  39. 39. The Internet of Everything As the Internet continues to grow exponentially and wearables become more commonplace, people are becoming even more connected to things that are connected to other things.
  40. 40. The Internet of Everything
  41. 41. Summary Local, Social, Mobile, Hyper Local, Hyper, Hyper Local, Hyper Mobile, Hyper Social….
  42. 42. The Ultimate Digital Device Equipped with a Bluetooth receiver, the toilet can deliver audio streaming from your favorite mobile device. The techie toilet also includes a Secure Digital card where you can store your favorite playlist, ambient lighting that can display seven different colors, a USB port for service upgrades and a battery pack that can handle 100 flushes during a power outage. Other goodies include a heated seat, a foot warmer, a deodorizer, an interactive LCD touch screen and an automated open-and-close lid.
  43. 43. @mikegrehan