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About us 26 - 2013-14

  1. 1. Vol. : 33 Issue : 26 Date : 01-01-2014 Pages : 04 Bhandavyotsava-2013 All roads led to Oval grounds on Sunday, the venue wore a festive look thanks to the hard work by many Rotarians and tasteful deck up by CAVA students with infrastructure support by Azim. Many stalls were arranged at strategic places. The mammoth crowd started swelling well before 9am. More than 1200 people relished the morning breakfast served by Sathya Sai Seva Trust. As the centre stage buzzed with busy bodies, participants and their caretakers started to assemble around. Chief guest of the day Dr.Malathi Holla with her electrifying smiles and contagious positive attitude mingled with the assembled kids. She was beaming with smiles and confidence. Assistant Governor Rtn.Dr.M.N.Bheemesh was the guest of Honor. President Rtn.Bhanuchandran, Secretar y R t n . D r. P r a h l a d , E v e n t C h a i r m a n Rtn.R.S.Vishwanath, Community service director Rtn.A.N.Aiyanna and all the Rotarians were seen frantically moving to ensure smooth flow of events. Rtn.Vishwa explained the significance of the event and how the event took its new avatar, added features of entertainment was to ensure that all participants and their caretakers would enjoy the day long program. Rtn.Dr.Prahlad introduced the illustrious chief guest of the day in his inimitable style. After inaugurating the event by releasing colorful balloons chief guest of the day, international athlete Dr.Malathi Holla lauded the efforts of parents and caretakers for their efforts, she particularly mentioned the role of a mother and lauded her efforts. Participants from more than 20 different schools came in huge numbers, weeks of meticulous planning paid off as systems took care of the smooth functioning of the programs. After the inaugurals, specially abled children were in for a different kind of experience. There were stalls offering fun games ably handled by volunteers of Soften (Infosys), mouth watering masala puri, groundnuts, ice cream (sponsored by Joy Icecream), sugarcane juice, tea-biscuits and not to forget the blaring “drum beats” (tamate). The stalls buzzed with activity while volunteers from Infosys handled the games efficiently. Interactors & volunteers lent their valuable support all thru. Volunteers from RCC Vinyas played a crucial role as they handled the information centre providing valuable information on Government schemes for specially abled. ….continued in page 3 Januar y is Rotar y Awareness month emphasizing the importance of Rotary information to club members and awareness of Rotary in the community Annual day at RMA Rotary Midtown Academy celebrates School day on 3rd Jan 2014. MLA Mr.Vasu will be the chief guest . All Rotarians are invited for the Annual day at RMA premises on 3rd Jan at 6.30 pm. Your participation will be a big motivation to the youngsters. Please attend.
  2. 2. Innerwheel project Lunch was served by Inner wheel President Uma Vivek to the inmates of Siddaganga Education Trust, Tumkur which gives free education, free food and free stay to the needy boys of all communities in the month of December. Cost of the project was 3.5 Lakhs. Rtn.NagarajatSaradavilas Rtn.R.Nagaraj was the chief guest at annual sports day at Saradavilas recently. Speaking to the students of the college, Rtn.Nagaraj emphasized on the importance of sports and urged the students not to get addicted to electronic gadgets. He also stressed on practicing healthy eating habits. “Frank talk” with Dr. Malathi Holla In a rendezvous with Dr.Malathi Holla, Editor of “About Us” caught up with the international athlete and exchanged thoughts. Here are excerpts of the conversation: Editor (Ed): There are many service organizations, what is your opinion about “Rotary”? Malathi (Ma): Yes I know many organizations which work with motto of service, but find Rotary is different. Rotary is like a family, an international family. They involve deeply in whatever areas they focus upon. In fact I feel Rotary does the work what governments often fail to do. Rotary conducts health camps, eye camps and many service events which government machinery often does not undertake Ed: What is your first feeling when you entered the “Oval grounds” today? Ma: I felt at home. There are so many disabled people, friendly people around. I instantly felt that I am among my people Ed: You have seen many international events, are there any suggestions to make our event match the international standards? Ma: Experience makes us perfect. I am sure that Rotarians have vast experience in conducting these events. As such I do not see any particular lacunas. Any event that you do for these special children is a great help to them. Sports is all about discipline and punctuality, if you are conducting only a sports event, I would suggest providing uniforms or Tshirts Ed: Can we expect to see more of you in Midtown events? Ma: Call me any time, I am always there for Rotary Midtown Ed: One last question- do you have any message to all of us? Ma: I always tell people, that we may be paralyzed physically, our self confidence is not, our self respect is not, our ambition is not, our zeal is not, our dreams are not. JUST LOOK AT US , we are as capable as all if not more Ed: Thank you Dr.Malathi, your positive attitude is something that we all should emulate Ma: Thanks, it was my pleasure to be a part of this wonderful program
  3. 3. ……Continued from page 1 Serpentine queues were specially seen near the sugarcane and ice cream stalls. Innerwheel sisters actively involved in various capacities. A separate counter offered attractive tattoos to the participants and smiling innerwheel sisters were happily sharing the colorful pieces with the participants. Elaborate arrangements by the food committee (and able support by Narayan Bhattru's team) saw smooth flow of the lunch session. Yummy 'soan papdi' was sponsored by Mahalakshmi Sweets. Post lunch, athletics sports events were conducted by team Sanidhya University Colleg of Physical Education volunteers followed by prize distribution. Hot tasty badam milk was served in the evening before the valedictory function. AG Rtn.M.N.Bheemesh was the chief guest for the valedictory while President Rtn.Bhanuchandran, Secretary Rtn.Dr.Prahlad, Event chairman Rtn.R.S.Vishwanath, Community service director Rtn.A.N.Aiyanna Mr.Vasanthkumar were others present onstage. Later parents of specially abled children shared their thoughts and feelings bringing smiles on Rotarians faces who toiled for the event. All the participants got a attractive bag, thanks to the sponsors N.Ranga Rao Sons, Zeus Biotech Soften (Infosys). The bag also contained pearlpet bottles sponsored by People for People and Jain Aprons. The unique event saw a total footfall of more than 1800 people including 700 kids who participated in various events. Newspapers, local channels FM provided good coverage of the event. Kudos to the meticulous planning and execution by Chairman Rtn.Vishwa and special appreciation to the invaluable support by many Rotarians. (Next week meeting is to recall and recognize the efforts of people who contributed in all ways to make the event successful. Watch out “Reminiscences of Bhandavyotsava 2013” next week) At the end of the day Rotarians, Anns, Interactors, Rotaractors, RCC Vinyas members, Volunteers well wishers returned home feeling “Mission Accomplished”!!!!! (Statistics data contributed by : Rtn.A.N.Aiyanna)
  4. 4. Practical Innovation Rotary Information Rotary International recognised Her Majesty The Queen on Monday December 16 with the Rotary International Award of Honour to celebrate the 60th anniversary of her Coronation. Her Majesty The Queen, who graciously accepted the prestigious honour, has been a supporter of Rotary's polio eradication and humanitarian programmes. The award was taken to Buckingham Palace by Rotary International Director, Mike Webb and Rotary Representative to the Commonwealth, Judith Diment on behalf of Rotary International President, Ron Burton. Adem Onalan conceived of the Life Box as a holistic solution that can be quickly deployed after natural disasters when relief providers are unable to reach the disaster zone due to distance, weather conditions, and the destruction of roads. The air-droppable, foldable polyethylene box houses two cardboard boxes that contain relief goods such as food, water and sleeping bags. When it is unfolded, it turns into an inflatable shelter. The outer layer of the shelter functions as a parachute during the airdrop, while the polyethylene foam interior provides insulation. - See more at: http://www.ribi.org/news/ribi-news/queenreceives-award-of-honour Rotary Quiz More details at: http://inhabitat.com/life-box-anair-droppable-pop-up-recovery-shelter-for-victims-ofnatural-disasters/ Q: He gave Rotary its wheel in 1905 - Answer : Option A a) Montague M Bear b) William Stuart c) Arch Klumph d) Paul Harris Today'sTeaHost: Rtn.L.M.ManojKumar Next Week Reminiscences of “Bhandavyotsava 2013” Date : 08-01-2014 Wednesday Time : 6:30pm Venue : RCL Hall , JLB Road Mysore Courtesy : Internet Please Attend 1. IsittheTRUTH? 2. IsitFAIRtoallconcerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. WillitbeBENEFICIALtoallconcerned?