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About us 20 - 2013-14


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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About us 20 - 2013-14

  1. 1. Vol. : 33 Issue : 20 Date : 20-11-2013 Pages : 04 Visit to Community Centre: Pejawara Sridhama Pejawara Sridhama is located in J.P.Nagar. The centre runs by the blessings of Sri Vishweshathirtha Swamiji of Pejawar Mutt, Udipi. The old age home takes care of senior citizens in a serene, peaceful environment with lot of care and dignity. It nurtures the senior citizens by providing healthy food and proper medical care. Though the centre charges a nominal fee from the residents, due to rising prices the centre seeks support from philanthropists for the noble cause. Today Midtown visits the centre to extend its support. SAMARTHA – ENABLED If a human being is looking around for soul satisfaction and has concern for fellow beings then SAMARTHA 2013 would have been an ideal location. Wet eyes, Contentment lit large on the faces, Total Soul Satisfaction and Reinforcement of Rotary Values were the derivatives Rotarians from Midtown took home on Sunday. SAMARTHA 2013 has given the annual event a definite direction and sustainability with the association of Enable India an NGO dedicated for the cause of rehabilitation of differently abled. As Midtown experimented with Enable India soon after the brainstorm conducted by Chairman Nandoo, apprehensions were too many on the result the event would give and the direction the infant in SAMARTHA would take. Worried Core team planned an extensive coverage of the event through Media, distributing pamphlets and knocking at the doors of enterprises urging everyone concerned to participate in the event. Through the efforts of Rtn.Dr M.N.Bheemesh, Midtown scored the first signs of success as Media covered the pre-event exercise extensively. Midtown's own preparatory exercise with the Task Master in the Chairman and a Business Acumen in the Vocational Service Director were major contributions towards the success of the event. To top it all its partner in the event Enable India turned out to be a very professional and committed team focused on the objective which gave more than the desired results for the event. Continued page 3
  2. 2. Diabetes detection camp - Swasthya 2013 Midtown organized a multipoint diabetes detection camp at 4 places on the eve of World Diabetes Day (14th Nov), the ambitious program was led by Chairman Rtn.Narendra Babu and Co-chairman Rtn.Ravindra Babu. Rtn.Kumarswamy suggested the name for the unique event and after several discussions & preparations 4 team leaders and Rotarians were ready for the camp which was scheduled on 14 th nov. The campleaders assembled at Appollo Hospitals to pick the nursing staff and lancets. The four temas at RMA, RCL, Chamundivanam & Koorgalli were headed by Rtn.Ravindra Babu, Rtn.Harish, Rtn.Kumarswamy & Rtn.Rajesh Shah respectively. The camp started its functioning at sharp 8am and screened 511 patients (RMA-249, RCL-129,Koorgalli-74, Ch vanam-59). 10 diabetic cases were identified in the camps. Rotarians and nursing staff assembled at RCL after the camp concluded. RED FM interviewed Rtn.Bhanu, Rtn.Ravidra Babu & Rtn.Kumarswamy. Interact club – RMA & RCC Vinyas played pivotal roles in organizing and supporting the event, thanks to their efforts that huge numbers turned out at the camps. The event was well covered by media. The idea & brain behind the camp was Rtn.Dr.Prahald. Swasthya-2013 was a grand success and may very well become an ongoing project of Midtown in future years. - Rtn. Ravindra babu Joint Project Innerwheel news A Joint project with Rotary East was conducted at Children of Juvenile home recently. Rtn.M.S.Raghu motivated more than 90 children who participated in the program. Inner Wheel Midtown donated Rs.10000/- to Aashiana, centre for autism children. The project was sponsored by Inner Wheel PP Ms. Neelufer RMA News 68th Kannada Rajyostava was celebrated at RMA on 12th November. Chief Guest Rtn. Bhaskar Sainik spoke about importance of Kannada. Sweets were distributed to the students after an attractive cultural program. A Science Exhibition was organised at RMA from 12th to 14th November on the Eve of children's day. The exhibition was inaugurated by the Rtn.Baskar Sainik in the presence of RMA Chairman Rtn.Alagappan, RMA Secretary Rtn.Ramki, Rtn.Gopal & Rtn.Salil Kumar Das CONGRATULATIONS Rtn.Nagraj won singles and doubles titles in Seniors National ranking tournament held at Mumbai recently. Ann.Anuradha Nandakumar has been elected as executive member of National body of Pariwar, Ministry of Social Justice. She is the only member nominated from Karnataka in the National Body.
  3. 3. 'Talent awards' presented to students of SRVS Midtown think tank thought of a different way of celebrating Children's day this year. The day was dedicated to young achievers in the field of music. Budding stars who have considerable achievements were identified from Sri Ramakrishna Vidyashala. Hot puris and basundi welcomed the young ones, their parents. Colors of midtown turned out in good numbers and few bright eyed annettes also converged at RCL. After due recognitions, the President announced that a premier video was in store for all of us. Annette Amogh Vishwanath and his team had compiled a heart touching video “Jago zara, Socho zara”. The beautifully composed music alongwith touch video of special Olympics stirred everyone. Proud “almost in tears” parents Rtn.Vishwanath and Ann.Sudha were congratulated by everyone. Rtn.Bhanu then announced that Midtown was presented with the citation for 3rd best contributor to TRF in RI Dist.3180. It was time for recognizing the young guests. Dr.Prahlad in deep Marlon Brando voice shared the hindsight of the event and also about Vidyashala. 4 tenth graders and 2 pursuing their pre-university course were called on stage one after another. Each of them presented themselves humbly and gave short and crisp introductions about their interests and achievements. Chief guest of the day PDG Rtn.Lakshminarayan felicitated and recognized the talented youngsters. The charmer himself PDG Rtn.Kumar was asked to address the gathering. In his brief talk Rtn.Kumar expressed his happiness to be at his “Second home club” and tried to share his concern about the state of classical music. He touched upon the influence of technology on music but had to cut short as the youngsters were waiting to present an impressive show. The stage was cleared and made way for the six energetic musicians. A thoughtful way of recognizing budding talents. Midtown adds one more unique program to its long list of meaningful projects. Continued from page 1 The Inaugural Session was vibrant with the Chief Guest Sri G Jayaram very emphatic in his address on the requirement of increased role of the Government in managing the differently abled, our own DG's assurance to take this event to the District Level to benefit the community in large through Rotary and Mr Shekar, Principal of JSS Polytechnic for the Differently Abled extending the hands of the Institution to Rotary Midtown for jointly working towards the objective. The first session of the workshop which was the most vital part of the event did see some industries turn up which was much better than the last year turnout. The satisfaction was the event was audio visual and handled by Ms.Shanti Raghavan a highly motivated co-promoter of Enable India who could drive home the point to even the toughest heart to crack. The result was sensitized businessmen and Rotarians with an urge to give opportunities to the differently abled. The post lunch event saw the Seminar hall full to capacity with prospective employees of all disabilities eagerly waiting to participate in the workshop. Again, very aptly handled, audiovisual driven and interaction based workshop was a joy to watch. As interpreters from Enable India translated all that was said in the workshop, the reactions and the excitement from the hearing and speech impaired was worth watching. The second day saw a large turnout of prospects seeking jobs early in the day, some with their caretakers. The purpose of the day was to profile prospects and match with the available opportunities. 19 different business establishments including Tanishq, Hinduja Global, Café Coffee Day, RProcess, Sysinfo, Chestnut, Myshore, etc and our Rotarians owned Murugan Medicals, Specvin (Vinyas Group), Essar Engineering and Surabhi Chemicals interviewed over 250 prospects and selected 57 of them (including 14 from Rotarian owned firms). Once again Enable India had organized the entire show to perfection as the process was system driven. One could see faces of joy, sorrow, expectations, dejection, hope, etc from the hopefuls. Rotarians many times had to step in to reduce the pressure on Enablers. Whatever the result the candidates and their accompaniers enjoyed a hearty meal before they left in search of their destiny. As at the end of the day a handful of Rotarians assembled with Enable India Team in a thanks giving ceremony, each of them wondered how did it all happen? It must be by the grace of God, but felt satisfied that they have lived true to Rotary Values as a True Rotarian believes. --- Rtn.SBC Chairman Speak - “Samartha-2013 has been a tremendous success. The outcome of second edition of Samartha is very promising with 57 individuals getting placed in various organizations. The support of many Rotarians, JSS Polytechnic, Enable India, Media, Parents and of course the candidates themselves was overwhelming. My sincere thanks to all those who contributed for the success of the event. Having found the success formula, it would be meaningful if we can think of sustaining the results achieved in future editions of Samartha. Presence of Rotarians is a big motivation in any mega event and hopefully all members grace the programs and support the meaningful cause. More milestones to be achieved in the coming years.” - Rtn.Nandakumar
  4. 4. Practical Innovation Rotary Information The Shama Shades sunglasses do more than protect your eyes from UV rays—they also harness power from the sun to top off mobile gadgets. The sunglasses are made from a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses that have been fitted with photovoltaic cells on the plastic ear pieces. The cells collect solar rays to charge a battery embedded in the frame, and the ear pieces can be removed to reveal a microUSB or Lightening connector that can be used to charge an iPhone. Rotary clubs around the world are pledging emergency aid to communities in central Philippines after last week's massive typhoon flattened entire coastal towns and villages, killed thousands of people, and displaced nearly 600,000 more. The situation remains dire as widespread destruction has made food, water, and medicine scarce in remote areas affected by Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest storm to make landfall on record. Rotary President Ron Burton is urging our 34,000 clubs worldwide to continue to assist storm victims. More details at: More details at: Annettes Day Its Annettes day at Midtown. Long pending family get together is here to entertain Midtown families. Come prepared for fun & frolic at family dinner meet on 23rd November 2013 at RMA. Food,fun,frolic - Midtown style. Don't miss the event!!!! Birthday Wishes Rotary Quiz Q: Arch Klumph was …. A. A manufacturer who donated shoes to victims of polio B. First District Governor from the original district C. An RI Director D. Past RI President from Cleveland, credited with starting the Rotary Foundation Answer : Option D Rtn. Rajendra Babu 24th November Wedding Anniversary Wishes Rtn. Sanjay P st 21 November Next Week TRF Speak by PP.Rtn.P.K.Ramakrishna Date : 27-11-2013 Please Attend Time : 6.30 pm 1. Is it the TRUTH ? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ?