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About us - special issue 2

  1. 1. Vol. : 33 Special Issue 02 Date : 07-11-2013 Pages : 08 Hearty welcome to Mrs.Shameem Kunil District Chairman's visit to Innerwheel Midtown th Mrs.Shameem Kunil was born on 7 January into a very broadminded cosmopolitan and academically oriented family. Mrs.Shameem did her schooling at Baldwin Girl's High School and her college at VHD Home Science College in Bangalore. She is married to PHF Rotary Past President Abdulrehman Kunil, who has his business in Bombay and Mangalore. They are blessed with 3 children – 2 daughters and a son who are all well settled. Mrs.Shameem Kunil's love for social service made her join the Inner Wheel Club of Mangalore North in 1989. There was no looking back after that. Shameem became the club secretary in 1991-92, vice-president the following year, the club president in 1993-94 and did various club projects and filled the coffers of the club by holding two major fund raising programs. Influenced by a sports loving family, she was the games captain at both school and college. She bagged a lot of prizes at Rotary sports meets also. Her love for sports further came to the forefront when she, as president, took up a project and conducted sports and games for Inner Wheel club members in and around South Canara for three years. Naturally, recognizing the well-spring of talents within her, seniors in the club encouraged her to enter the district in 2007-08 when she was elected as district editor. She has taken up the posts of ESO twice, vice-chairman and now the chairman. Her interests are multifarious and her activities are numerous. She is the Chartered Director of the first 'Dakshina Kannada Mahila Co-operative Bank”, Mangalore ; Past President of “AGE-Mangalore”, an NGO for Senior citizens; trustee of “Preethi Nidhi Trust”, an NGO for Lepers in Mangalore. She is the director, partner and proprietor of various family businesses in Mangalore, Kasaragod and Bangalore. She is also running a Play-School and Nursery named 'Step By Step' in Mangalore. She co-authored a cookery book titled 'Coastal Fiesta' in 1999. Her hobbies are varied. She loves to read, has a keen ear for music and enjoys watching sports. Her life is dancing and hence she takes part in all the musical skits and dances however tight her schedule may be. She loves to travel and is good at making friends and believes in the phrase, “FRIENDS ARE FOREVER”. Her genial nature is so appealing that the term 'ajaathashatru'- the one with no enemies, suits her completely. The ship of Inner Wheel is having a smooth, yet eventful sail with Chairman Shameem Kunil as its captain. Inner Wheel Midtown extends a warm welcome to District Chairman Mrs.Shameem Kunil.
  2. 2. District Chairman's Message Dear President, It is my proud privilege to greet all my warm and cheerful Inner Wheel members. I extend my sincere congratulations to you the leader of the club for being elected to this position that I consider a special one, because it gives you the opportunity to guide all the members of your club and have a relationship with them which will last forever. I am sure that you feel proud to belong to this great International Organisation whose members are spread all over the world and I hope that you will be able to pass on such an enthusiastic feeling to all the Inner Wheel sisters because the pride of Inner Wheel Club membership is our strength. New members add new blood to the existing ideas of the club and therefore I request all members to identify and invite their friends and associates whom they think have a passion to serve society and enrich your club. The International Inner Wheel Theme for 2013-14 is 'We, for women' You have certainly realised how sad and worrying the women's situation is all over the world. We, the women of the district can do something concrete for the less fortunate if we really want to. Say yes! We want to!!!!!! Thank you. Please remember... Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts. May the sun shine, all day long! Everything goes right and nothing wrong. Let us together envision, enrich, empower and enjoy Inner Wheel. Yours in Inner Wheel Shameem Kunil IW District-318 Chairman President’s Message Dear Friends, After four months of being the president of the Inner wheel club of Mysore Midtown I have come to realize what an honour and a privilege for me to serve as your President. Much is asked and demanded of those who have been blessed with a lot. The hallmark of civilization is not the riches we accumulate but how we treat the fellow human beings. The need to serve the fellow human beings is never ending and very demanding. We at the Inner wheel club of Mysore Midtown have been fortunate in our ability to contribute to help alleviate the suffering and the struggle of the misfortunate in the society. Every journey starts with a small step and I can proudly state that the Inner Wheel club of Mysore Midtown are the shining example of what collectively we can do to help our neighbourhood. While we cannot solve all the problems of the world what we can collectively give is to help one at a time with conviction, courage and commitment. I want to thank each one of you from the bottom of my heart in achieving this. Uma Vivek
  3. 3. Inner Wheel Mysore Midtown Secretary's Half Yearly Report (2013-2014) Projects carried out in different avenues of service: Sl No Projects Cost Beneficiaries 1. Chartered Accountant's month was observed by felicitating Mr. Loknath C.A for his free services. 2,500 1 2. Monthly remuneration of Rs 1000/- to Miss Bindu for coaching children of Makkala Mane 5,000 25 3. Saree given by Uma on the occasion of Varalakshmi 450 1 4. Water purifier given at AshaBhavan was sponsored 1,900 30 5. Vessels given to the needy tribal people living in and around Nagarahole. 1,250 40 6. 2 sewing machines given to the poor and needy women 5,500 2 7. Uma Vivek gave saree on occasion of Gowri festival to a needy woman 450 1 8. Blankets given to the needy people of GIRIJANA KENDRA. 1,050 6 9. Three genuine, deserving persons were identified with the help of Mr.Sheshadri ACP; These three had to pay money for their release from the jail. Since they had no means to pay the money, club helped them by paying the required money and arranged for their release from the jail. 9,000 3 10. Cooking vessels were given to the Anganvadi centers at Nagapura tribal place. 1,250 11. Blankets were distributed to the women of tribal settlement - Nagarahole 12. On Deepavali day saree was given to a tribal woman at Girijanahaadi . 1. 44 1,000 6 450 1 Educational Help Gave Rs 10,000/- for the school admission of a needy student 10,000 1 2. Helped a girl child for paying the school fees 4,000 1 3. Computer course for needy student2,90014.Anupama our member and also a resource person conducted an interactive session with 10th std students of Govt schools on "Mental preparedness for the exams" 300 Adult Literacy 1. Anupama conducts remedial class teacher training at RMA on every Friday 23 Child/Family welfare/Rights of child 1. 2. Money donated to the purchase of a kit to be given to a family affected by the floods at Uttarakand Conducted competitions at RMA on account of Independence Day. 16,500 Prizes were given to the winners. Sweets were distributed to all the children on the occasion. 2,410 600 3. Wet-Grinder given to Ajitanele 2,900 20 4. A 20 ltr pressure cooker was given to Echo Spandana. Sweets distributed. 4,350 25 5. Donated three blankets to the mother of quadruplets. 1,050 3 6. Wafers distributed to tribal children at Veterans Hosalli, Nagarahole 150 45 7. Stationaries-Pencil, rubber and sketch pens distributed to Government nd school, Gokulam 2 stage 350 70 Environmental Services 1. 12 plants were adopted by our club and planted in hinkal area. 3,000
  4. 4. Sl No Projects Cost Beneficiaries Hospital/ Medical and surgical help 1. Gave Rs. 2000/- for the treatment of cancer patient 2,000 1 2. Rs 15,000 was given to a needy rural woman who had to undergo surgery of the spine 15,000 1 Water bed and sanitary pads ware donated to the little sisters of the poor, an old age home. Medicines like insulin, B complex and multi vitamin were given to the needy inmates. This project was sponsored by MrsPremilla Jain. 8,600 83 300 1 3. 4. Donated Rs 300 to the Asthma patient who was released from the prison, for purchase of his medicines. Disabled and spastic 1. Hyperactivity chair given to the children of Nireekshe 3,500 60 2. Money given to Navajeevana Niketana, Mother Theresa InstituteLittle Brothers of the Poor for building maintenance 25,000 80 Institute-Little Brothers of the Poor 5,000 80 4. Gym ball was given to a special girl child 1,500 1 5. President Uma donated one gym ball to Nireekshe. Distributed sweets to the children there. 1,560 60 Physiotherapy bed given to spastic children of Chinnara Chiguru Charitable Trust 3,100 8 Donated physiotherapy chair to the spastic children of SnehaKirana. Distributed sweets to the inmates 4,570 70 750 60 5,000 15 600 4 1,500 7 1,000 25 Artificial limb is sponsored to one needy person at Mahaveer limb centre every year. 10,000 1 Serving afternoon meal at Bharat cancer hospital every year on charter day 30th Nov 8,000 1000 1,000 1 15,000 15,000 8,000 50 250 22 2,500 1 3. 6. 7. Food served to the inmates of Navajeevana Niketana Mother Theresa Old Age 1. Donated 25kgs of sugar to the Little sisters of the poor 2. Prabha and Anupama gave groceries to BelakuVatsalyadhama old age home 3. Juicer Mixer was given to Puttaveerama 4. Food was served to the inmates of an Old age home. Project was sponsored by Mrs. Anuradha. 5. An entertainment programme by mimicry artist Mysore Anand was arranged for the inmates of JSS old age home Continuous projects 1. 2. 3. Rs 25,000 FD by Renu Agarwal. Interest is used to educate girl child 4. Members Anuradha and Renu working at Help line 5. Roopa our member recognises senior most teacher at RMA by giving cash incentive 6. 7. 8. 9. Member Premilla stitches 50 sets of uniforms every year to the needy children of JSS.. Food is served to Balamandira an orphanage on 18th Feb every year Food is served at Vishranti , old age home, on 16th. June every year Lavanya sponsors a Gold Medal and cash prize to the school topper of th RMA in the 10 Std board exams every year.
  5. 5. Sl No Projects Cost Beneficiaries Conducted fancy dress competition along with Happy Kids Academy on the occasion of Janmashtami 2,000 5 Celebrated Friendship day and Rakhi Festival along with Midtown Rotarians. Fund raising project 3,450 35 Celebrated Janmashtami with Rotarians. The programme was filled with songs and dance, all in praise of lord Krishna. Annets who were dressed as BalaKrishnas added colour to the whole programme . Gifts were given to all the Annets who had participated. Nine Rotarians were felicitated 1,690 15 1,400 35 1,400 28 Indian art and culture 1. 2. 3. 4. Club celebrated “Baby Shower” of our member Shama at Chandrika's house. House was decorated traditionally with mango leaves torana. All members wore green sarees. Shama, star of the day was made to sit on the 'Hasemane' which was decorated with Rangoli and lighted lamps in front. All types of laddoos and snacks were neatly arranged with fruits, flowers and bangles. All the members put haldi, kumkum and flowers on Shama. After putting bangles aarti was performed. She was given green saree on the occasion. Members sang songs befitting the occasion. Traditional lunch was served on banana leaf. This was a surprise for all the other members except the three hosts Chandrika ,Anupama and Prabha . Thanks to Chandrika who planned the special event and it was a touching experience to many Fun and Fellowship 1. 2. Celebrated friendship day with all the IW clubs of Mysore. Conducted salad competition, games and distributed prizes to the winners Teachers' day was celebrated at RMA. Fashion show was held for teachers with 3 best performers getting the prizes.Manasa special teacher was honoured .Sweets were distributed to all the children Personalised services 1. Chandrika Chandrika donated Aquaguard to Ashabhavana 2,000 30 2. Uma 10,000 1 1,060 1 3. Donated amount towards school admission th Anupama Donation towards 6 Std school books rd 4. Chandrika Donation towards uniform for 3 Std child 1,275 1 5. Savitha Donation for 2 students college fees 4,000 2 6. Kusuma Donated towards sewing machine 500 1 7. Prabha Donation given towards treatment of cancer patient 2,000 1 8. Chaitra Donation for admission of an engineering student 5,000 1 9. Roopa Amount donated for the treatment of an accident patient 1,000 1 10. Anupama Counseling was carried out by Past President Anupama for the children of RMA 5 11. Jabeen Gave dress materials to 10 needy girls 8,000 10 12. Jabeen Amount given to a needy person 2,000 1 13. Anupama Amount given to a needy person 2,000 1 14. Vyjayanthi Distributed clothes to the needy college going girls 15. Anitha Donated money to a girl child for her education 4,000 1 16. Meera Served food to the inmates of Chamundi orphanage 3,500 48
  6. 6. Sl No Projects 17. Cost Anupama Gave food to the inmates of Spandana on account of Ganesh Chaturthi Beneficiaries 2,500 23 18. Uma Distributed clothes to the needy college going girls 19. Renu Renu distributed fruits and sweets to Bapuji orphanage. 800 26 20. Renu Renu Agarwal donated sarees to needy women 750 5 21. Renu Seemantham set was given to a pregnant woman by Renu Agarwal 1000 1 22. Hanifa Gave clothes to the needy children of Puttaveeramma school for deaf and dumb 23. Anuradha Anuradha gave 100 kgs of newspaper to AWMD. Children of AWMD need them to make different art items in which they are good at 24. Geetha 25. 47 Distributed clothes to the needy college going girls Prathibha Distributed clothes to the needy inmates of old age home Joint meeting and projects 1. Chandrika and Lavanya attended programme on E-Hacking conducted by Rotary Mysore Midtown. Chandrika also spoke on ETHICS and had an interactive session with the participants 2. Breast feeding awareness programme at VV Mohalla maternity hospital. Joint project with IW Central. Protein supplements given to pregnant and lactating mothers 1,800 60 3. Celebrated Independence day at RMA along with Midtown Rotarians. 4. Joint Project with Rotarians: Career Guidance programme “DIKSOOCHI” was conducted and prizes were given to best participants 1,200 12 A yoga camp was conducted by all IW Clubs of Mysore for the benefit of its members. 3,500 60 60,000 55 5. 6. “Life is calling” marathon in aid of providing job opportunity to the special children was jointly conducted by Rotary and IW and our member Chaitra took part in it 7. Conducted 'Bhagawan Memorial' English debate competition (ongoing joint project) for college students with Rotarian's. Gave away prize for the best speaker Flag exchangeSl No:Names of Clubs 1. IWClub of Mysore West, Dist 318 2. IWClub of Koramangala Bangalore, Dist 319 4. IWClub BangaloreSouth Parade, Dist 319 5. IWClub Vijayapura, Dist 319 6. IWClub Tumkur East, Dist 319 7. IWClub Tumkur, Dist 319 8. IWClub BangaloreWest, Dist 319 9. IWClub Orchards, Dist 319 · IW Club of Mysore North, Dist 318 3. Projects during Chairman's Visit 10. IWClub Hapur Greater - Dist 301 · · · Helping the release of a lady from the jail, the lady who has served her term but could not mobilize cash towards penalty , with Rs.11000/Donating water purifier worth Rs.12,000/- to Vishwadhama old age home. Our membersSudha Vishwanath and Lavanya Srinivasan are donating a Wet grinder and TV to the same place. Helping a rural woman who is mother of quadruplets with cash and clothes. Cost of the project- Rs.12000/Pledging of eyes by Inner Wheel Midtown members
  7. 7. Fund raising Sl No Name of Donor 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Dr. Gnaneshwar Mrs. Mythili Mr. Vivek Mrs. Uma Vivek Mr. & Mrs. Reddy Mrs. NeeluferKhuraishi Mrs. RenuAgarwa RMA Foundation Mrs. Vijaya Alagappan Rtn. Krishna Rtn. Raghavendra Rtn. Sundar Raja Rao Rtn. Alagappan Rtn. Dr. Prahlad Rtn. Dr. Ravindranath Rtn. Ramakrishna Amount 25,000 15,000 20,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 l5,000 20,000 10,000 5,000 5,000 10,000 5,000 5,000 5,000 2,000 Sl No Name of Donor 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. Rtn. Farooq Rtn. Vishwanath Rtn. Srinivasan Rtn. Raghu M.S Rtn. RajuBaliga Rtn. Umesh Rtn. Mahesh Murthy Rtn. Narendra Rtn. Bhanuchandran Rtn. Harish Rtn. Narendrababu Rtn. Mohan Rtn. Nagaraj Rtn. Venkatesh Mr. Vivek TOTAL Amount 1,000 5,000 5,000 2,000 500 1,000 1,000 1,000 1,000 500 500 1,000 500 5,000 10,000 1,97,000 Innerwheel Welcomes new members Savitha Srinath Mrs.Savitha Srinath has done her Bachelor of Science from Siddaganga I n st i t u te o f S c i e n c e , Tumkur and PGDBA from KSOU. She is married to Dr.Srinath, GI Surgeon at Apollo BGS Hospitals, Mysore. The couple are blessed with daughter Rakshitha. Her family moved to UK in 2003 and were there for a period of 6 years. Now settled in Mysore, Savitha is a homemaker who is interested in travelling, gardening, cooking and reading. Dr.Gayathri Gubbi Dr. Gayathri Gubbi, was born in ''Sakkare Nagara'' Mandya. She did her schooling at Carmel Convent School and was a national level Kho-Kho player during her high school days. She studied Medicine at Mysore Medical College and completed her post graduation in E.N.T Specialty from Bangalore Medical College. She got married to Rtn.Dr.Pramod Gubbi in December 2003 and they moved to U.K after a year and a half. They stayed there for 7 1/2 yrs and decided to come back to India and settle down in Mysore. Currently she is working as a consultant ENT Surgeon at Kamakshi Hospital and is also attached to few more hospitals. She loves cooking, gardening, watching TV, outdoor activities and travelling. Nandini Murthy Mrs.Nandhini Murthy has done her Masters in Food and Nutrition and executive in MBA. She has also learnt yoga in nature cure. She is married to Mr.Murthy and is blessed with 2 sons. She has 15 years of work experience as consultant nutritionist at Bangalore. She has 5 years of teaching experience at Maharani's college, Mysore. She is actively involved in nutrition related articles. She is currently working as Senior Centre Head at VLCC Mysore since 2003. She has excellent communication, presentation and interpersonal skills. She is innovative and can quickly adapt to any situation. She has won umpteen number of awards related to food and nutrition. She is good at flower decoration, ikebana,etc. She loves travelling. She has also been a judge at many competitions. Nandhini is a multi-faceted personality.
  8. 8. Inner wheel projects Photo gallery