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About us 11 - 2013-14


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Published in: Education
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About us 11 - 2013-14

  1. 1. Issue : 11Vol. : 33 18-09-2013Date : Pages : 04 ECHO SPANDANA ECHO-EmpowermentofChildren&HumanrightsOrganization EncouragedbythesuccessoftheirendeavorsinBangalorecity,ECHO-Centerfor Juvenile Justice contemplated the need to expand their activities and reach out to many more children in need. Taking cognizance of the similarity in the milieu in which children live and the various causes that contribute to this scenario ECHO chose to work in the city of Mysore. It was inaugurated in the month of July 2007 by Sri. Praveen Sood, IPS - the then Commissioner of Police, Mysore. Reinforcing the ideologies which lead to the initiation of ECHO, Spandana works towards protecting the rights of children and providing services for their holistic development. ECHO- Spandana provides an ambit of services to help both children in conflict with law andchildreninneedofcareandprotection. Staff from ECHO-Spandana visits the Observation Home, council the children and attempts are made to look for the families of these children, primarily to inform the parents their child's whereabouts. The parents also are counseled before the release of the child. Regular contacts are maintained with the family to help them cope withproblemtheymightfacefromsocietyorthepolice. In circumstances where the child is unable to go back with family children below 15 years are given shelter at ECHO-Spandana, children above 15 years of age are sent to ECHO's Transition Home at Bangalore. Staff from ECHO-Spandana visit the Children's Homes and interact with children. Regular visits to the Children's home, helpsthestaffbuildrapport withthechildren.Thestaffisalsoinvolvedinthedailyroutineof childrenhoused. To help these children forget the ordeal that they have been through, regular cultural programs are conducted & prizesaregiventothem. Moredetailsat: Diks chi 2013Diks chi 2013Diks chi 2013Diks chi 2013 he pet project of Midtown “DIKSOOCHI” was held on 14 Sep 2013, at Rotary Ideal Jawa School auditorium. Rtn Raju Baliga, chairman, Diksoochi 2013 did a wonderful job of meticulously planning Tthe event. He involved the Rotaractors to do the preliminary work of going to the Government schools for registration and participation. The programme started at 9:30am and on the dais were the day's chief guests DDPI Mr. B.K.Basavaraj, Regional senior manager of IOB - Mr Narasimhan, IW acting president Ann Sudha Vishwanath, IW Hon. Secretary Ann Geetha Krishna, RMM president Rtn Bhanuchandran and Joint Secretary Rtn D.Srinivasan. Invocation song was melodiously sung by Annet Smrithi Baliga. Speaking on the occasion Mr. Basavaraju said that this kind of programme was definitely needed for government school children to boost Continued to page 3
  2. 2. RMA NEWS Midtown is associating with the mega marathon event “Life is Calling”. In a first of its kind 40 specially enabled children will be adopted by Rotarian, the more the participants run the more the contribution. Entire collection from this event will be dedicated to Special Olympics which will be held laterduring this year. The unique concept of contributing is the brainchild of R t n . N a r e n d ra N . Pa s t P r e s i d e n t Rtn.Raghavendra participated and shared the details in the press meet of the event held at HotelRegaalison11thSept2013. “Life is Calling” Pre-induction talk for prospective members New Members Dr. Apoorva and Dr. Pramod Gubbi were given orientation on 6th Sept 2013 by senior Rotarians Rtn. M.S. Raghu, Rtn. Ramki and Rtn. Alagappan. President Rtn.Bhanuchandran, Secretary Rtn.Prahlad & President elect Rtn.R.Venkatesh were present. Ÿ RMA team comprising of Akash Suman Das & Shashank of X standard has been selected for State Level Exhibition under the ageis of Distrcit Level Inspire Award – Science Talent Exhibition organized by Department of Science & Technology, Government of India. The students presented a project on “Preparation of Spice oil in small scale” under the guidance of teacher Ms.Shobha. Ÿ Students of RMA – K.M.Meghana, Goutham Gowda, K.M.Sahana, J.Vijayalakshmi & K.Kavya have been selected State level Karate & Yoga competitions. Ÿ National Sports Day was celebrated at Rotary Midtown Academy Hootagalli. Many sports events were organized for both students and the teachers. Prizes were distributed by Rtn.Aiyanna&Rtn.SanjayP RMA NEWS ERROR In Issue 10, Page 1, 'Rotaract Installation' article the installing officer was mentioned as AG Rtn.Nandakumar, instead of District Secretary Rtn.Nandakumar. The error is regretted. - Editor Mr. Suresh a Renal failure patient was given Rs.12,000/- towards his dialysis expenses at Apollo BGS hospitals on 11th Sept 2013. Hon. Secretary Rtn. Dr. Prahlad handed over the chequeonbehalfoftheclub. Community Service Project
  3. 3. Induction & Speaker meet The skies opened up last Wednesday and poured like never before, but the rains did not dampen the spirit of Midtown. Rotarians in considerable numbers dared the showers and enjoyed Hot Channa Batura before settling in the cozy hall for a different kind of a meeting. The tabled agenda had 2 important events, first the induction of new members and then talk by Rtn.Saravanan. After due announcements and introduction, the new members Dr.Apoorva & Dr.Pramod Gubbi, were introduced by Secretary Dr.Prahlad in his inimitable style. The two doctors onstage who were being introduced in a humorous way were seen enjoying & blushing in the limelight. Dr.Prahlad quipped that the number of doctors in Midtown has reached 6 and theycanformavolleyballteam.Theaudiencewentinruptures for the 'different' introductions by the Dr.Prahlad. The young doctors looked confident and willing to contribute to the society thru their association with Rotary.After inducting the 2 new members Rtn.Saravanan elaborated on the significance of Membership development in Rotary. He explained the procedures and formats prescribed for membership development. Later Rtn.Raghavendra shared details of Midtown's participation in “Life is calling” marathon and Rtn.Sanjayshareddetailsof“Diksoochi” September is “Membership Development” month in Rotary and what a way to celebrate - 2 new members joining and the District Chairman for Extension of New clubs addressing Midtown, meaningful meeting!! Continued from page 3 themselves to achieve their goals in life. He also stressed the difference between literate and educated. Literacy is only learning to read and write, whereas education means to learn how to lead a life with confidence. Senior regional manager IOB Mr. Narasimhan spoke about his humble background by saying that he came from a small village and was educated in government school. But with confidence he has attained such a apposition in life. He gave the message to the audience to face life with confidence and succeed. Rtn Bhanuchandran explained the reason for holding such a programme. He told them to take advantage of the teachings of the resource person available on that day. He also said that 10th Std is a crucial junction for them and they need guidance andsupportfortheirsuccessinexaminationandlife. The first resource person of the day was Mr. Niranjana RajaUrsaliasKorani.Amanwithasmileand charming personality he held the audience attention to the maximum. His talk was simple but very effective. He told the students how to face failure and how to remember what they study by correlating them with objects or incidents in real life. The children were very enthusiastic and participated with him in all his questions and answers. The tea break was announced and the children were served hot uddhin vada along with hot badam milk. The second session was held by Mrs. Anupama Ravindranath, whose specialty is counseling the problems of students. A drama was arranged by her and RMA students enacted the drama which was pertaining to 10th std students and the difficulties in daily life regarding home and school. The drama depicted the real life problems of the studying children which was very effectiveanditwasunderstoodbyallpresent.Afterthe drama Mrs. Anupama interacted with the students and replied and solved all the questions posed by the students and also gave tips to them on how to handle stress,parentsandteachers. The third and final session was handled by veteran Rtn M.S.Raghu. He held the audience spell bound and boosted their morale, self-confidence and filled them with positive energy. He advised the teachers who accompanied them to treat the students according to theirstudycapacitiesandencouragethemmoreandto build their self-confidence. Each child was encouraged to write down their simple success and was also made to express themselves on stage. Even the shy students came on stage to narrate their success which itself was agreatsuccessinboostingtheirself-confidence. After the third session lunch was arranged for all. Ann Lavanya anchored the programme along with Ann Geetha Krishna. Ann Amitha co-ordinated with stage management. IW sponsored prizes for deserving students. Writing pads and pens were provided for students to make notes. Rotaractors were present in large numbers and they streamlined the registration process and did a wonderful job during tea and lunch session. Their leadership qualities were very prominent during the programme. Club service director Rtn. Mohan and Rtn Aiyanna had taken great careofteaandluncharrangements. Diksoochi chariman Rtn Raju Baliga and Youth Service Director Rtn P. Sanjay needs a pat on the back forthehugesuccessoftheprogramme. ThreeCheerstothem!!! …Rtn Umesh Kodthuguly Snapshots of the event will be published in the next bulletin -editor
  4. 4. Rotary Quiz Answer:A.True An active member may make up a missed club meeting by attending another club's meeting within 14 days of themissed clubmeeting a.True b.False 1. Is it the TRUTH ? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? Rotary Information Talk on “Food Security” by Dr. R. Balasubramaniam Founder of V-Lead to mark the International Peace Day Date : 25-09-2013 Time: 6.30 pm Next Week Venue: RCL Hall, JLB Road, Mysore Please Attend Seated in a circle of men, women, and children at the base of a sprawling fig tree in the remote Ugandan village of Oduworo, Rotary members Steve and Vicky Wallace ask the villagers about their needs. At least a thousand people have come together at this “meeting tree,” and agree that everyone wants clean water, better food, medical care, and vocational training, especially for the young. The journey that led Steve and Vicky to Oduworo began with a polio immunization trip to northern Nigeria in 2005. The Wallaces–members of the Rotary Club of Lake Elsinore, California, and Rotary Foundation Major Donors–had rarely traveled outside the United States, but the experience would change their lives. “We werenotreadyforitinanyway,”Vickyrecalls. “Polio sufferers crawling in the dirt, children digging through garbage for something to eat.” M o r e i n f o r m a t i o n a t : comfort-zone-bring-aid Two Thoroughbreds for the Midtown stables When Raghu got back home last Wednesday from the Rotary meeting, I noticed his gait – chest out,headupandinfacthumminghisfavouritetune! Some probing and I got to know the reason for this upbeat mood – he got dropped home by Dr Ravindranath in his new Mercedez C class! For the past week, Raghu has been raving about its unique features - The wipers come on automatically when raindrops fall on the windshield, the engine shuts down at traffic lights, the seat belts get adjusted to waistlinesasdissimilarasRaghu'sandthedoc's.The air conditioning goes up and down as per the moods of the people in the car! There are more special features like for a romantic drive on call, champagne and caviar served in candlelight and a clear starlit night at the touch of a button even during Mysore rains!Itglides,itfliesoooh,aaahandwow! AfewdaysbeforeGowriGanesha,Anupamaand I were talking about festival shopping. The stoic lady casually mentioned that she wanted to exchange her i-10 and they were looking around for cars. In her words, “a car is a car is a car, it must have four wheels and a steering wheel.” This is just how easy the shift is for this unassuming, simple and wonderfulcouple–ani10toaCclassMerc! I'm eagerly looking forward to another conversation with another dear friend, Viji Alagappan. This Oh so simple and lion hearted couple have just acquired another German engineeringmarvel–theAudiA4. – Ann.Chandrika Raghu Courtesy:Internet