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About us 04 - 2013-14

  1. 1. Issue : 04Vol. : 33 31-07-2013Date : Pages : 04 HongiranaSight For The Sightless – A Midtown Project BACKGROUND: As we see around us in the world a sea of humanity, a vibrant nature and a riot of colors we seldomrealizewhatifwecannotseethematall. There are many amongst us who do not have the privilege of enjoying the beauty of the nature in vision. There could be many reasons for their blindness. One of the major reasons for blindness is deterioration of RetinatermedasRetinitisPigmentozaresultingindegenerationofRetinacellsandcausingblindness. HOPE : Attempts are made by Doctors and Scientists to address this ailment. In one such attempt Dr Humayun an Ophthalmologist of repute belonging to the University of Southern California, USA has tried to use Technology effectively to address the issue and restore lost vision. This has provided hope to millions of blind peoplearoundtheworldwiththisproblem HOW DOES THIS WORK : Dr Humayun has developed a micro chip which can be inserted on to the Retina through a surgical procedure. A wireless device containing a micro camera fixed on to goggles captures images and transmits them to the inserted micro chips which inturn triggers the available living cells resulting in perceptionofvisualsbytherecipient. Dr Humayun has been successful in his attempt and helped several get their vision restored. This procedure hasreceivednecessaryapprovalsfromrelevantauthoritiesintheUS THE BENEFIT: Dr Humayun is on a mission and is planning to help millions of visionless people in the developing world. In one such attempthe would visit India to demonstrate this path breaking technology to the medical fraternity. Rtn Narendra as a board member of USC Vitterbi is making attempts to bring in Dr Humayun toMysoreundertheinvitationofRotaryMysoreMidtown. THE OBJECTIVE : Rotary Mysore Midtown intends to explore the possibilities of bringing this technology to India at affordable costs in association with hospitals, medical fraternity andphilanthropistsandhelpmillionsofIndiansgettheirsightrestored. Project Log : July 2013 Ÿ Rs 1,25,000/- donated to flood relief fund of Ramakrishna Mission Ÿ Planting of saplings @ RMA Ÿ Dengue Awareness walk @ RMA Ÿ Inauguration of Interact RMA Ÿ Skin check up camp @ RMA Ÿ Contribution of Rs 6000 worth medicines to students of RMA by Dr Amarlal Ÿ Eye check up camp @RMA Ÿ Rs 15000/- donated to RMA as fees of a school dropout Ÿ Inauguration of RCC Vinyas Koorgalli Ÿ Planting saplings @ RCC by DG Ÿ Contribution of Rs 1,01,000/- to RI Dist 3180 flood relief fund Ÿ Press Meet on E-Hack Program Ÿ Installation of Interact @ De Paul Ÿ Donation of 5 Dictionaries and Not books with Interact Depaul to Pratham Ÿ Inauguration of EHack Webinar Ÿ Part of Guinness World Record at EHack Speaker of the Day Rtn. N. Narendra, MD, Vinyas IT Director - Vocational Service "Midtown donated groceries worth Rs.12000 to "Ajitha Nele" -home for the orphan children at Bogadi on 28-07-13"
  2. 2. Ever wonder why the Rotary year begins 1 July? The international convention initially played a key role in determiningthestartdateofourfiscalandadministrativeyear. Rotary's first fiscal year began the day after the first convention ended, on 18 August 1910. The 1911-12 fiscalyearalsorelatedtotheconvention,beginningwiththefirstdayofthe1911conventionon21August. At its August 1912 meeting, the Board of Directors ordered an audit of the International Association of Rotary Clubs' finances. The auditors recommended that the organization end its fiscal year on 30 June to give the secretary and treasurer time to prepare a financial statement for the convention and board, and determine thepropernumberofclubdelegatestotheconvention. The executive committee concurred, and at its April 1913 meeting, designated 30 June as the end of the fiscal year. This also allowed for changes to the schedule for reporting club membership and payments. Even The Rotarian changed its volume numbering system to correspond to the fiscal year (beginning with vol. 5, July1914).Rotary continuedtoholditsannualconventionsinJulyorAugustuntil1917.Delegatestothe1916 event in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA, approved a resolution to hold future conventions in June, mainly because of theheatincitieswheremostofthemoccurred.Thenextonewasheld17-21JuneinAtlanta,Georgia. The term "Rotary year" has been used to signify Rotary's annual administrative period since at least 1913. An article in The Rotarian that July noted, “The Rotary year that is rapidly drawing to a close has been signalized by several highly successful joint meetings of Clubs that are so situated as to assemble together easily and conveniently”. Since the executive committee's decision in 1913, the end of the Rotary year has remained30June. Article suggested by Ann.Prabha Prahlad Article source: http://www.rotary.org/en/mediaandnews/news/pages/110708_news_history.aspx Why the Rotary years begin on 1st July ? Mottozone Completes 13 Successful years Midtown Congratulates Rtn. Aiyanna. R.M.A News RMA School student Vijayalakshmi has won Silver medal (Under 14 yrs) in 600 mtrs running at district level sports meet held in Oval grounds and qualified for state level competition at Shimoga. Prized moments !!! Ann.Lavanya got goldmedalforMBA&2cashprizesendowedbyInternationalConferenceonRe-engineeringof Management Education, National Conference on Economic Recession and Management Strategies respectively, from the Honorable Governor of Karnataka & Chancellor Sri. Hansraj Bhardwaj at the 13th Annual convocation of KSOU held on 23rd July 2013. As Rtn. Srini quoted, she is the “Golden Girl”and that makes him "The man with the GoldenGirl".MidtowncongratulatesLavanyaforthephenomenalachievement.
  3. 3. Producer–InfySec&RotaryMysoreMidtown Director–RtnNarendra/Your’sTruly Assistant Producers – President Bhanu / Rtn Umesh / Rtn Sanjay/ Rtn Aiyanna / Rtn Mo-Gun (Mohan)/ RtnPrahlad Music/Video– VinyasTeam GuestAppearance–RtnRaghu/ChandrikaRaghu Design–RtnSeenanna WelcomeCommittee–TerminalOneTeam F&B–Narayanbhattru ShowTimings–9.00amto6.00pm Muhurath by – B.M Subbaraya ( V.P Infosys training Centre ,Mysore) First Day First show @ – Bahadur institute Of ManagementScience. Premier show attended by – Students / Faculty & System Administrators. BoxOfficeReport&Rating– E HACK – The Ethical Story was targeted to Student, Faculty & System Administrators and was well appreciated by them , though the show timings got delayed because of the unexpected huge turnout by audience to the show in Chennai ,as the producers were not able manage the crowd. The Muhurath shot inmysorewasgivenbyBMSubbarayawhohighlighted&corelatedtheMottoofthemovieEthicswithLife. The Audience were very happy and engaged with super trailers ( rotary video / motivational videos). This kind of Movie was never released in Mysore , hence the audience were very eager and enjoyed the performances. SUPERAA PERFORMANCE BY - Mr Senthil (Infy Sec, Chennai), Rtn. Raghu / Chandrika Raghu/ Seenanna(MODEL–FAIR&LOVELY) Overall Ratings : **** ½( FOUR & HALF STARS) Report by Rtn. Raju Baliga EHACK – The Ethical Story Installation spree continued with Midtowners assembling at DePaul International School on 24th July. More than a dozen Rotarians including chief guest for the evening AG.Rtn.M.N.Bheemesh, Principal of DePaulInternationalandbuzzingkids.Afterthe meeting was called to order by President Rtn.Bhanu the touching National anthem by differently abled was screened wetting a few eyes. The president welcomed the gathering, secretary Rtn.Dr.Prahlad gave a brief introduction of Rotary International, Interact and the Chief guest of the evening. Video clips depicting Rotary and how we can change lives was screened to motivate young minds. The Principals of High School & Degree College were introduced by Interact Co-ordinator Ms.Mamatha. The dignitaries lit the lamp marking an auspicious beginning. Rtn.Bheemesh installed the new office bearers for the year 2013-14. President of Interact Athena Rose Joseph gave her acceptance speech. Rtn.Bhanu then recognized the efforts of interact co-ordinator Ms.Mamatha. Principals of High School & Degree College then shared their thoughts and lauded the efforts of Rotary. Both of them delivered short, crisp and meaningful thoughts. The members of interact had collected Rs.5000/- and used the amount to donate books to Pratham foundation alongwith Midtowns contribution of set of Dictionaries. A short intro of Pratham followed. AG.Rtn.Bheemesh addressed the gathering and motivated the young minds. He praised theeffortsoftheInteractmembersandDepaulstafffor their support. Meeting was adjourned after vote of thanks. The entire program flowed thru and took a tad more than 1 hour. Congratulations to Rtn.Sanjay P – Director,Youth Services & Rtn.Pavithran – Interact Chairman. (Project beneficiaries – slum children thru Prathamfoundation'sactivities). New board of Interact DePaul International installed
  4. 4. Rotary Information Rotary Quiz Answer:Year-1986 In which year did the Seattle- International District club unanimously voted to admit women in Rotary clubs: (Prior tothisyearwomenwerenotallowedtojoinRotary) a.1976 b. 1980 c.1986 d. 1990 Next Week Please Attend Rotaract Installation at Mahajana's College Venue : Mahajana's College Time - will be intimated later Date - 07.08.2013 Responding to disaster comes naturally for New York Rotarian –As Jim Kushner sees it, there's no choice, not for him. Others may dither when a tsunami hits Japan, an earthquake levels parts of Haiti, or a hurricane like Irene or Sandy demolishes a vast swath of homes and businesses along the U.S. northeast coast. For Kushner, past president of the Rotary Club of Inwood, Manhattan, in the borough's northernmost neighborhood, natural disasters present no options: They demand and deserve immediate and effective action. How could anyonenot drop everything and respond? he wonders.Trained in emergency relief, and resourceful and unimpeded by the ties that bind, Kushner is typicallyoutthedoor,equippedwithsupplies, and on his way to a disaster area before you and I have even begun to fathom the extent of thedevastation. Read complete article at: http://rotary.org/en/MediaAndNews/TheRotarian/Pages/Kushner1307.aspx Practical Innovation We've all been there. You sit down for a long flight, and you just can't seem to get your head to stay upright so you can get a few hours of sleep to pass the time. The fact is, airplane seats aren't built for comfortable sleeping. A new product called NapAnywhere is designed to rectify the situation by supporting your head and allowing you to sleep comfortably,evenwhilesittingstraightup. If you've ever been to an airport, you've probably seen some neck pillows designed to help support your head while you slumber. According to its creator Ravi Shamaiengar, these were his inspiration for the NapAnywhere. "Like many, I would use a U-shaped neck pillow. Unfortunately, the support I needed just wasn't there," he said. So, he sought to design one that actually hadthesupporthedesired. More details at: http://www.gizmag.com/napanywhere-neck-pillow/28307/ Rtn. Narendrababu 31st July Birthday Wishes Rtn. Dr. Raghu 31st July Rtn. Ashok Yadav 2nd August Rtn. Naveen Chand 2nd August Unscramble Popluar projects Unscramble each of the clue words.Take the letters that appear in boxes and unscramble them for thefinalmessage. Answers: Bhandavya,Hongirana,Samartha,Diksoochi,Industrialist,Shramajeevi,Journalist Finalword-Midtown 1. Is it the TRUTH ? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ? Courtesy-Internet