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About us 02 -2013-14

  1. 1. Issue : 02Vol. : 33 17-07-2013 Club No. 15742, RI Dist. 3180 gÉÆÃlj ªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ «ÄqïmË£ï Rotary Mysore Midtown About UsAbout Us Rotary Vision Date : Pages : 06 Peace & conflict prevention/resolution Disease prevention and treatment Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic & community development Board members of Innerwheel Club of Mysore Midtown for the year 2013-14 Standing (L-R) : Sudha Vishwanath- E.C.Member. Premilla Jain- Vice President. Lavanya Alagappan- E.C.M. Prabha Prahalad- E.C.M. Nagaveni Gopinath- Treasurer. Savitha Venkatesh- E.C.M. Sheela Urs- E.C.M. Chaitra Mohan-ISO Sitting (L-R) : Anupama Ravindranath- Imm. Past President. Uma Vivek- President. Geetha Krishna- Secretary. LavanyaSrinivasan-JointSecretary Installing officer PDC.Mrs.Geetha Kuttappa Mrs.Geetha was born in the “Land of Brave warriors” - Madikeri. She did her schooling from 5 different schools in different parts of the country, thanks to her father's postings in different location as an Army officer. She got her Bachelors in Science from Avinashi Lingam Home Science CollegeinCoimbatoreandlatermarriedDr.Kuttappainlate60's.The“Happycouple”couplehave 3daughters(Sangeetha,Rtn.Rachana&Tarana),3granddaughtersandonegrandson. Mrs.Geetha became the Innerwheel Chairman during 1993-94. She has travelled widely. Apart fromenjoyingInnerwheelactivities,shehasinterestsinMusic,Gardening&Reading.Beingafriendly,pleasant and well know personality she is very hospitable too, when Innerwheel members visited her to invite for the installation ceremony, Mrs.Geetha served the team with delicious mysore pak & homemade Chocolates, Rain Orange juice & of course warm “Smiles”. Midtown extends a warm welcome to Installing Officer Mrs. Geetha Kuttappa. Out going President's Message Looking back on my Presidential year, I feel truly honoured to have represented our club at the IW District 318. We have knowledgeable and dedicated senior members who have been a pleasure to work with and who have provided invaluable support. We also have vibrant and enthusiastic new members who have added the extraspark.Mysincerethankstoallourmembers. Good Luck to Mrs. Uma Vivek and the new board. I am sure she will enjoy her year as much as I have mine with alloursupport.Here'stotheNewYearandNewTeam!!! -Anupama Ravindranath President's message “What would man be without womansaid”-MarkTwain But, What would be the world withoutWomaniswhatIask. The world has come to understand the Contribution made by woman. Yet therearemanywomenwhosedreamsandambitionsgo unfulfilled. we for women are at a critical juncture to help women who need all the love, support, and nurturing. It isourday,ourfuture,andthefutureofmankind. Weareonthemarchandcanachieveit. -Uma Vivek
  2. 2. Rotary Vision Know your Innerwheel member : Mrs Uma Vivek Mrs Uma Vivek is a true Mysorean, born & raised in Mysore City... She did her Masters in Home Science from Bangalore University and returned to her hometown to begin her fulfilling anddistinguishedcareeratthefamedMaharanisCollege,Mysore. After a long and fruitful tenure as Assistant Professor, Home Science she decided join her family business including the famous Kings Kourt Hotel & Kings Sanctuary to seek newer challenges. She joined her husband Vivek in their hospitality business and lent him a hand in the expansionoftheirbusinessinterests. During this time, she also raised 2 children, a daughter, Dr Chytra who runs a chain of successful and well known skinclinicsKosmoderma,basedinBangaloreandasonVyshakwhoisanIvyleaguegraduateandbasedinBangalore currentlyworkingonastartup....DrSpine She is known to be an expert in Bonsai, Floral designing and desert making for which she has conducted numerousclassesandspreadherknowledgeamongstmany. She has been actively involved in her personal time in a number of social outreach programs like Old Age Home, Little Brothers of Poor Orphanages and in Rehabilitation programs for children of prisoners.... She has helped numerouspoorchildrenbysupportingtheireducation. ShehasbeenapartofInnerWheelsinceherinductionin1992. Herhobbiesaretraveling,listeningtomusicandcookingexoticrecipes. New Member Joins Innerwheel Mrs. Sheela K.P is a Computer Science graduate, she did her graduation from SDM College and is currently pursuing MCA from IGNOU. She married Rtn.Sanjay in 2008 and the couple are blessed with twin darling daughters Aditi & Aarna. She actively participated in social service movements in her school days thru NSS. She is a good singer and has qualified (junior grade) in Classical music, she is also passionate about cooking. Warm welcome to Innerwheelfold. Innerwheel Projects for the year 2012-13 PROJECTS BENEFICIARIES AMOUNT SPENT COMMUNITY SERVICE 1295 Rs. 47190.00 PERSONALISED SERVICE 2005 Rs. 202500.00 EDUCATION HELP 1912 Rs. 51021.00 ADULT LITERACY 19 Rs. 9000.00 CHILD/FAMILY WELFARE/RIGHTS OF CHILD 76 Rs. 4195.00 ENVIROMENTAL SERVICES 136 Rs. 6340.00 EYE /BLOOD DONATION 11 Rs. 37500.00 HOSPITAL/MEDICAL/CERGIC AL HELP 571 Rs. 8537.00 DISABLED/SPASTIC 1,416+ Many Rs. 27729.00 OLD AGE 219 Rs. 13923.00 CONTINUOUS PROJECTS 93+Many Rs. 116222.00 PULSE POLIO 27 Rs. 1640.00 AIDS AWARENESS 75 Rs. 2600.00 INDIAN ART & CULTURE 49 Rs. 4383.00 FELLOWSHIP 193 Rs 22580.00 DRUG ABUSE AND AWARENESS 15 Rs. 1313.00 TOTAL 8112 Rs.558491.00 Projects which were close to our heart : Community Service- A Gentleman, A true friend of the community Mr. Prakash runs a school for 3000 children in Bannur. We donated Rs.10,000 for renovating the school kitchen as part of Rotary Midtown's project. Personalised Service- A whooping Rs 202500 benefitted 2005 people. A generous gesture by our members. Mrs. Anuradha Nandakumar and Mrs. Renu Agarwal are volunteers at Helpline giving 156 hours each providingmuchneededrespite Educational Help- Throughout the academic year 2 MSW students helped children of Makkala Mane- A home for the childrenofprisoninmates-inbothcurricularandco-curricularactivities.Wealsoconductedatrafficawarenessquiz for students of RMA. Hopefully no precious lives are lost when they grow up to be adults due to negligent driving. PDC Mrs. Chandrika Raghu sponsored the finals of Y. Bhagavan English debate competation, which was a joint projectwithRotarians Adult Literacy- Teachingthe teachers at RMA. A rewarding project that should have long termimpact on teacher – student interaction. Dr. Gowramma of RIE spoke about challenges faced in the class rooms and tackling problem behaviorofstudentseffectively Continued to page 3
  3. 3. Rotary Vision Child Family welfareRights of child- Children of Makkala Mane and Spandana both homes for the economic andsociallyweakersectionofsocietyweretakentoKarighattatoflykitesandenjoyasumptuouslunch Environmental services- Flowering bush Seeds were scattered at Karighatta and saplings planted at RMA, Spandana.MemberswerepartofcleaningMysoreunder'Let'sDoit' Eye Blood donation- 3cataract operations were sponsored by our members and 8spectacles were given to elderlymen HospitalMedicalSurgical Help- A joint project was conducted at RMA along with Rotarians. We distributed dentalkitstoall530students. Disabled Spastic- A joint project along with Inner Wheel club of Mysore Central was carried out. Together we donated a 1000 litre capacity water tank to the differently abled at AWMD. We also sponsored prizes of Special OlympicsconductedbyRotaryMysoreMidtown Old Age- Throughout the year we have entertained the elderly at J.S.S. Old age home by taking noted artists like Mysore Anand and mimicry artist Geetha at regular intervals. It was pleasant to see a smile on the face of the elderly Continuous Projects- Along with all other continuous projects we have started a new one. A medal, citation andcashprizewillbegiventothetopperof10thstdstudentatRMAonSchoolAnnualday Pulse Polio- An awareness program about immunization and polio vaccine was organized at SMT Hospital on J.L.B.Road.PediatricianDr.ShwethaNayakspoketopregnantwomen andexplainedindetailthebesttheycando fortheirchildrentoprotectthemfromdiseases. AIDSAwareness-WevisitedAshakiranaanexclusiveHIVhospitalanddonatedTiffinboxestochildreninfected withHIV IndianArt&Culture-OurmembersperformedaRajasthani danceinZonalculturalcompetitionandwerealso part of the singing group. We secured 1st place in the competition. During Inner Wheel District conference our clubwasinchargeofwelcomingtheChiefGuestwithadelightfulDandiya Fellowship- We never missed a chance to promote Friendship and Fellowship. We celebrated Friendship Day, Diwali, Children's Day, Men's cooking Day Valentine's Day and Women's Day with other Inner Wheel clubs and Rotarians.WealsotookpartincompetitionsarrangedbyIWCMysoreWest. Drug Abuse and Awareness- We visited River Valley Rehabilitation Center with some of their requirements. Thestaffstherearedoingcommendablework. Fund Raising Projects- Due the generous help from our ROTARIANS and contributions from our members therewasnoneedtoorganizeaseparateFundRaisingevent.OnthedayofourinstallationwereceivedRs.95000 Other Related Activities- We are a lively, enthusiastic bunch of people. We attended District Assembly, TriennialConference,InstallationCeremoniesofotherclubs,Chairman'svisitofotherclubs. Co-Operation with Rotary Assisting other organizations- It was a great year with Rotary. Our members are also part of Helpline, Integers, Chetana Trust for mentally ill and handicapped, Mahila Mandali and J.C. International. Interesting information of Innerwheel Inner Wheel is an international organisation closely linked to Rotary that was founded to unitewivesanddaughtersofRotarians. Before year 1989, Rotary generally prohibited women as members. Therefore another organisation was established for the wives and daughters of Rotarians, known as Inner Wheel. DespitewomennowbeingabletojoinRotary,InnerWheelClubscontinueinmanycountries. The International Inner Wheel objectives are (a) promoting true friendship, (b) encouragingtheidealsofpersonalservice,and(c)fosteringinternationalunderstanding. - 103 countires - 3895 clubs - 1,00,000 members - Executive committee with 5 elected members & 16 elected Board Directors Margarette Owen Founder of Rotary Innerwheel Gabriella Adami IIW President 2013-14 Abha Gupta IIW Vice President 2013-14 Kapila Gupta IIW Treasurer 2013-14 Proud Indians in International Innerwheel Source: http://www.internationalinnerwheel.org Continued from page 2
  4. 4. Rotary Vision Glimpses of Midtown Installation
  5. 5. Rotary Vision Team lead for programming & coding the entire program : Rtn. K. B. Harish, Hardware team : Rtn. Mohan, Rtn. K. J. Ramesh, Rtn. Gopinath and all members of Midtown. Music & facilitation : Annette Anusha, Annette Akhil, Annette Prerana, Annette Pranav, Annet Saanvi, Content Programming team : Anns of Board members Project was prepared & delivered on behalf of : President of Rotary Myosre Midtown Rtn. Bhanuchandran Program delivery status : 100% successful, client is very happy
  6. 6. Rtn. S. Gururaj District Governor 2013-14 Rtn. Ron D. Burton R.I. President Rtn. S. Bhanuchandran President 2013-14 Rtn. Dr. Prahlad K. A. Secretary 2013-14 Rtn. Rakesh Babu .K .L Editor Printed at Tech Prints, Mysore - 570 005, Ph : 0821-2330380, 4289380 Email : techprints@rediffmail.com, techprints89@gmail.com About Us In-house Magazine Published by Rtn. Dr. Prahlad .K .A, Secretary, Rotary Mysore Midtown, JLB Road, Mysore - 570 024 EDITORIAL BOARD: Rtn. P. K. Ramakrishna Rtn. Sulaiman Sait Rtn. D. Srinivasan Rtn. Paul P. Harris Founder Next Week Please Attend Birthday Wishes Rtn. Sanjay .P 20th July TheAmir Khan of Rotary Midtown Every now and then, he comes up with a new production – each one a masterpiece and each time totally different from the earlier ones! His ingenuity, creative genius, quest for excellence and most importantly his belief in the abilities of all the other players is incredible! He makes you believe that you can actually do it. A keen observer, our dear Harish knows to tap talent. A spirited learner, he is always open to suggestionsandideas. With such a brilliant dawn, Bhanvantara is bound to dazzle! Thank you Harish for your involvement and your attention to detail – every bit of the evening's deliberations went off with clockwork precision. I would say the installation ceremonywasanepiphanyofsorts! Let us fasten our seat belts as we expectantly await the next production from the HarishStudios. I'veknownHarishforclosetothreedecades now and I've seen him grow, evolve and mature to become a gentleman Rotarian. Short in stature but walks really tall – that's Rtn K.B.Harishforyou.You'vedoneusproud. “Jahanpannah Tussi Great Ho.” Affectionately -Chandrika Rotary Information Changes for 2013-14 : ŸRotarians will be allowed to form satellite clubs, whose members meet at a different time and location from their parent clubs. The change, approved by the Council on Legislation. In April, is intended to make it easier for members to develop the core for a newclub. ŸDistricts will be able to form an unlimited number of e-clubs. The Council removed a limit of two e-clubs per district. The change is designed to bring in new members and appeal to young professionals, who may be less able tomeetinpersonweekly. ŸThe name of Rotary's fifth Avenue of Service will change from “New Generations. Service” to “Youth Service.” This change was also approved by the Council. In 2010, this avenue of service joined Club Service, Vocational Service, Community Service, and InternationalService. ŸThe dues Rotary clubs pay Rotary International will increase US$1 to $53 per member. ŸA redesigned Rotary website will be launched inlatesummer. Rotary Quiz Answers:January10th.CelebratedinmemoryofthefounderofInnerWheel,MargaretteGolding When is World Inner Wheel day celebrated? Mother = R.E.S.P.E.C.T Courtesy - Internet Rtn. Raju Baliga 23rd July a. January 9th c. January 11th b. January 10th d. February 11th Midtown congratulates Rtn.Narendra Babu and Team Murugan Medicals for completing meaningful 30 years in existence. We join citizens of Mysore in appreciatingMurugangroup. “About Us” reporters informed that a swanky new 'Duster' was added to Murugan's stable on the occasion. Murugan medicals celebrates 30th Anniversary Chief Guest & Installing Officer DG Rtn Gururaj Guest of Honour AG Rtn Dr M N Bheemesh Date: 21st July 2013, Sunday Time: 11 AM Venue: Vinyas IT Pvt Ltd (New Building), Koorgalli, Mysore. Lunch at 1 PM RCC - Vinyas Koorgalli Inauguration & Installation of Office Bearers Installation of Office Bearers of Interact Club Venue : De Paul International School Time : 3pm 24-07-2013