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About Us is a inhouse magazine of Rotary Mysore Midtown. The bulletin is very popular among rotarians

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About us 01-2013-14

  1. 1. Issue : 01Vol. : 33 10-07-2013 Club No. 15742, RI Dist. 3180 gÉÆÃlj ªÉÄʸÀÆgÀÄ «ÄqïmË£ï Rotary Mysore Midtown About UsAbout Us Rotary Vision Date : Pages : 06 Peace & conflict prevention/resolution Disease prevention and treatment Water and sanitation Maternal and child health Basic education and literacy Economic & community development BHANVANTARA Installing officer PDG PHF Rtn. Dr. P. Narayana About 16 years back Midtowners were either toddlers or not yet born!!) Rtn.P.Narayana had visited and has had a successful stint with Rotary Rotary Midtown during movement since. He took up all the posts at club whenheinductedanewface level before becoming the President of the club to Midtown, as the saying during 1980-81, as a President, he initiated a goes “History repeats itself”, residential school for mentally retarded children today he is back to Midtown “Ashakirana” which has helped in rehabilitating to install the same person more than 800 children. He then became the Rtn.Bhanuchandran as the DistrictGovernorofRI.Dist.3180during1996-97.He PresidentofMidtownforthe wasinstrumentalingettingtheclubsfromDist.3180 year 2013-14. Here we present a glimpse of the to participate in Matching grants. In a major grants accomplishedRotarian. program he was able to get grants for school Rtn.Dr.P.Narayana heads popular Sharavati furniture to more than 150 schools at a whopping Nursing home in Shimoga. He joined Rotary cost of $120,0000. Dr.Narayana then became the movement in the year 1973 (many young District Rotary Foundation Chairman from 2001- Board members of Rotary Mysore Midtown for the year 2013-14 Standing (L-R) : Affable & adaptable Rtn. P. Sanjay – Director, . Visionary & resourceful Rtn. N. Narendra – Director, Vocational Service. Diligent & Diplomatic Rtn. Dr. S. M. Ravindranath - Director, International Service. Ingenious & intuitive Rtn. D. Srinivasan – Joint Secretary. Yours truly Rtn. Rakesh Babu K. L. – Editor. Frank & friendly Rtn. T. N. Mohan Kumar - Director, Club Service. Enthusiastic & modest Rtn. Elizar Milton - Sergeant-at-arms. Candid & persistent Rtn. A. N. Aiyanna - Director, CommunityService. Sitting (L-R) : Charmer & exuberant Rtn. K. B. Harish – Vice President. Practical & pioneering Rtn. Dr. K. A. Prahlad - Hon. Secretary. Original “Sakalakalavallabhan” Rtn. S. Bhanuchandran - President. Vivid & versatile Rtn. R. Vishwanath - Immediate Past President. Unassuming & magnanimous Rtn. R. Venkatesh-PresidentElect.Cheerful&enthusiasticRtn.K.Umesh–Hon.Treasurer. Youth Service
  2. 2. Rotary Vision 2003. He has been actively involving in Polio Plus is a Life member of Indian Medical Association (he was programs and has held various posts. He has the president of IMA-K during 1991-92), founder volunteered in most of the programs associated with member & Past president of Family Planning Polio Plus both at the state as well as at the National Association-FPA (Shimoga Branch), Governing council level. member of Shimoga Institute of Medical Sciences In recognition of his active service he has been (SIMS), Director at National Education Society & a recognized with many awards. Few of them being TrusteeatSriAurabindoFoundationforeducation. “Citation for Meritorious Service” award, “Service Dr.Narayana is married to Smt.Shantha and the Above self” award, “Regional award for a polio free couple are blessed with one daughter & one son. world”, “Distinguished Service award” and While daughter Ms.Mamatha is a college lecturer, son “InternationalawardforPoliofreeworldin2013”. Dr.MurthyisaphysiciancurrentlypracticesinUK. Apart from active presence in Rotary, he is Midtown extends a warm welcome to associatedwithvariousotherorganizationsaswell.He Rtn.Dr.P.Narayana Continued from page 1 RI President Rtn. Ron D. Burton Ron Burton, the RI president for the year 2013-14 is a member of Rotary Club of Norman, Oklahoma, USA, retired as president of the University of Oklahoma Foundation Inc. in 2007. He is a member of the American Bar Association and is admitted to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court. Ron is a founder and past president of the Norman Public School Foundation, and founder and past board member of the Norman Community Foundation. He was vice president of the Last Frontier Council of the Boy Scouts of America and received the Silver Beaver Award. A Rotarian since 1979, he has served as RI director, Rotary Foundation trustee vice chair, International Assembly moderator, committee chair, Permanent Fund national adviser, regional Rotary Foundation coordinator, and aide to the president. Ron has received the RI Service “Above Self Award” and the Foundation's “Distinguished Service Award” and “International Service Award” for a Polio-Free World. He and his wife, Jetta, have two children and three grandchildren. Proud Mysorean Rtn. S. Gururaj becomes District Governor of R.I.District 3180 ItisworthytonotethattherehavebeenmanysuccessfulleadersfromMysorewhohad the privilege to take up the prestigious post of District Governor. The elite list of governors from Mysore include PDG. Rtn. Vasudevamurthy R, PDG Rtn. Dr. Shivanna H.S, PDG Rtn. Balakrishnan G.K, PDG Rtn. Guru R, PDG Rtn. Krishna R & PDG Rtn. Lakshminarayan M. Rtn.Gururaj will be spearheading the district for the year 2013-14. There are many other influential leaders from the city of Mysore who will be guiding & assisting Rtn.Gururaj in achievinghisobjectives. Rtn.Gururaj S is a active member of Rotary Club of Mysore for more than 24 years. In his activelifeasaRotarianhehasdonnedvariousresponsibilitiesnotjustintheclubbutalsoat the District Level. He led the club during 2000-2001, being a President of the club he was instrumental in dedicating many meaningful permanent projects to the community, the club eventually won the “Best Club” for that year. He became the Assistant Governor during 2003-2004, took office as District Secretary during 2005-2005, led the Group Study Exchange team to New Zealand, RI Dist.9901 during 2008-2009. Recognizing his contributions RI has awarded him with the prestigious 4 Avenues Citation. He has been a very popular face in Mysore and entire district and promises to create new chapters in service endeavours by leading RotaryDistrict3180during2013-14. Being from a family of teachers, he too began his career stint as a teacher but soon realised his entrepreneurship skills and got into agriculture and poultry. His notable contribution to the poultry feed is establishing co-operatives and a newspaper dedicated to the poultry farmers, a first of its kind initiative in the country.HeisalsothefounderofChaitraHighSchool&P.UcollegeinMysore. Rtn.Gururaj is married to Ann.Pushpalatha, she is also a member of Inner Wheel and also served as a president of the IW club. The couple is blessed with one daughter & one son. Darling daughter Mrs.Charulatha who now resides with her husband Mr.Aditya while continuing her higher education in the U.S. Only son Mr.Shishir is pursuing degree in Engineering. Rtn.Gururaj is a Major Donor and all the four members of the family arePHFs(PaulHarrisFellows).
  3. 3. Rotary Vision Off late I have been pinching myself, I just can't believe and imagine that my tenureasPresidentofthiswonderfulorganizationhascometoanend. Itwasagreatopportunityformetolearnandexecutetheresponsibilitygivento me. All this was possible because of the Guidence of the senior members and support of my Board members, Inner wheel sisters and all of you. Not to forget thewonderfulsupportrenderedbymyfamilymembers. I Thank eachandeveryoneofyou. Mythemethroughouttheyearwas“Work hardandpartyharder”. Wecarriedoutlotofmegaprojectseasilyandalsohad loads of fun at family dinners where the fellowship of Midtown used to be at its peak. Iwouldalwayscherishthisresponsibilitythroughoutmylife,thesatisfactionandmemoriesofthegreat work carried out all through the year. I would seek blessings of the almighty to sustain, support and serve Rotary throughoutmylife.IwishBhanuandhisteamalltheverybest. Thankyouonceagain. Immediate Past President’s Message Wow! what an eventful beginning we had for 2013 as Vishwa closed in style by contributingRs1.25lakhsto RamakrishnaMissionfromtheclubasflood relief fund for Uttarakhand. July 1st we wished our Noble Members in Medical Profession by visiting their work place. The Team had many young turks of MidtownandIthankthemall. July 3rd was another eventful day. A walk to create awareness on dengue was organized in association with RMA which was flagged off by our own AG Bheemanna. Afternoon we had a skin check up camp at RMA conducted by our Doc Rtn Amarlal. He also has given required medicine to the children of RMA. Our Evening Meet was special as our new Interact club of RMA was inaugurated by Dist Secretary Rtn SLR. Chairman of RMA Rtn Alagappan through his efforts brought back a school drop out and Midtown contributedhisfeestoRMA.Ithoroughlyenjoyedeverymomentofit. Today is the Installation of our team with a difference. A noble soul in Dr P Narayana is going to Invest us. Chairman for Installation Rtn Harish has left no stone unturned for the event to be cherished by allofus. Next week we have the Innerwheel Installation. Look forward for the sound of bangles and riot of colors. We wishthemalltheverybest. A whiff of fresh air is whispering across Midtownbringing along the fragrance of youth, energizing us to move forwardinthedirectionwehavesought!Amen! PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE Inner wheel Midtown stalwarts at District level Rtn. M.S. Nandakumar District secretary Rtn. Dr. M.N.Bheemesh Assistant Governor zone 7 Rtn. P.K.Ramakrishna Chairman - TRF Grants Rtn. M. S. Raghu Chairman - Career guidance Ann. Anuradha Nandakumar Distict ISO More about these Midtown VIPs in future bulletins
  4. 4. Rotary Vision It has been 10 years since I donned the editors post of “About Us”, thanks Rtn.Bhanu & Rtn.Prahlad for roping me into this again. Things have become much more dynamic, technology has improved beyond anyone's imagination. Rotary has now adapted the 'Vision' focussing on 6 major areas, Midtown has been consistently raising its standards in its service endeavours. There is an air of anxiety whenever one takes up any commitment in Midtown, but the anxiety is always mixed with confidence that comes in support by the abundantlytalentedMidtowners. It will be a pleasure and a challenge to meet up to the expectations of Midtown families,but I assure you that I willstrive to compile interesting bulletins. I will attempt to surprise the readers with a healthy mix of content ranging from Rotary to Innovation. Your feedback is precious, will wait for the 'frank' reviews after each bulletin. Thanks to Rtn.Ramki,Rtn.Sait & Rtn.Srini for being a part of the Editorial board. A special note of appreciation to Rtn.Srini for bringing in fresh note of design creativity to “About Us” and winning the Best Bulletinaward. “EngageRotary,Changelives”–joinusinanhonestefforttomakeourworldabetterone. aure·voir. –rock~ Editor's column On a busy 3rd July, RMA saw a flurry of activities. The day began with a unique jatha spreading awareness on Dengue to the residents of Hootagalli. During afternoon Dr.Amarlal screened the students for skin diseases, more than 150 students were screened. Thanks Doc!!. Later in the evening the new Interact was installed. Rtn.S.L. Ramachandra installed the office bearers. RMA staff and eager students participated in the event. Rotarians in considerable numbers were present even amidst heavy showers. RMA Chairman Rtn.Alagappanwasbeamingwithsmiles.BirthdayboyRtn.Bhaskargotabirthdaysongfromthegathering. CongratstoRtn.Sanjay P(Director–YouthService)&Rtn.Pavithran(Chairman–interact). Projectbeneficiaries: 150students+residentsofHootagalli(whowitnessedtheJatha) Rotary Midtown Interact installed at RMA Rotary Quiz Answers:ROTARY,BHANVANTARA,VISION,MIDTOWN,THEROTARYFOUNDATION Unscramble the following words: (Clue- words are from the articles in the bulletin) RTRAYO HBAAVNRTNAA VNSOII INTWOMD UONOT DFTETOYARI HRNA
  5. 5. Rotary Vision Know your Rotarian – Rtn. S. Bhanuchandran 'About Us' brings back the popular series 'Know your Rotarian', in its comeback article About Us is featuringtheprolificSBC. Born to a blind father, physicallychallenged mother, prodigy as a sibling who perished at a very early age, lived with an eye sight of minus 20, started multiple businesses only to find failure in third attempt, wait, this is not some figment of imagination, it is the true life story of one of our club mate. Is this all, there are no flashes of happiness, there is – a staunch optimist for a father, a never die attitude in mother, a pampered childhood, adventurous professional life, a loving & supporting soul mate, a cute but brilliant daughter, a comeback in life taking to pinnacles of glory. All this is stuff of a super hit Indian movie, but hey don't forget to giveroyaltyto'sakalakalavallabhan'ofMidtownRtn.Bhanu,forthisishisreallifestory. Rtn.Bhanu Chandran was born in Bangalore, his father worked at the Vidhana Soudha who was popular for his brilliant memory; his mother held a Doctorate in Hindi and was a lecturer in junior college. The movie buffs enjoyed life without bothering about the handicaps and the contagious optimism saw young Bhanu grow up in the suburbs of Bangalore. Bhanu was shifted to Mysore when he was a toddler and grew up pampered in “Ajji mane” till he was 12 years. At the age of 12 he shifted back to join his parents in Bangalore. After the early demise of his father the family decided to shift to Mysore. Bhanu did his pre-university from Sharadavilas, and denied a merit seat in engineering before pursuing B.Sc from Yuvaraja's College. All thru he was into 'everything other than studies', he was a bharatnatyam artist, played cricket too. After securing degree his first stint was with Alembic at Baroda for 1 year, while at Baroda he pursued his PGC in Pharmacology and then opted to become a medical representative in Mysore, coming back to Mysore he took up PGDMM from Mysore University. The first interview he attended at Alembic was with a jacket and longhairgoestoshowthecarefreeattitudethathehadbeforegettingintoreallife,buttalentedBhanutalked thrutogethisfirstjobinthefirstinterview.HethenmovedtoLycaPharmaceuticals. The entrepreneurial part of the brain triggered and Bhanu wanted to start up something on his own, not knowing what to do he along with one of his friends first hired up a 5 x 6 ft shop in Shivarampet. The ideation startedafterhiringthespace,theduogotintoaninnovativebusinessmodel,deliveringstationarytothedoor of customers. The business did well but the partners felt they should do something more and then ventured into a franchise for market network, again a new concept for those days. Relentlessly they then got into stock broking,thenewbusiness'Sunderbhans'graduallygotintoPortfolioManagement,butthenthepartnershad difference of opinion and Bhanu opted out of the venture. He then went on to start 'Vaishak Financial Services', Vaishak grew aggressively and acquired IPO & HNI portfolio management market. The company did extremely well clocking good profits. Not resting at this the now grown 'Vaishak' took up a daringly new business and started “Vaishak International Ltd” which entered into agri business. The new entity managed to produce and export a whopping 2500 tonnes of gherkins. Being an executive director it was all going smooth for Bhanu till the tough times started, due to market conditions and various other reasons the agri business went into huge losses. The defaulters list grew and the outstanding stood at more than 1 crore. It is these tough situations which saw the rise of “SBC”, not having cash to pay back to the suppliers, Bhanu offered to provide consultation services to make up for the losses and many of them accepted. While fighting for the liquidation he learnt the law and financial knowledge which would eventually form the future of his life. At this stage Rtn.Narendra identified Bhanu's talent and got him into consulting with Rangsons group. He thenhelpedREIrisefroma60Lcompanyto14Crorecompany.Thetough lessonsinearlierventuresmadehis financial knowledge so robust that Bhanu got into full time financial consulting to begin “SBC Consulting” along with “Bindu Associates” which now consults corporate clients in various sectors. With more than 30 associates spread across the country, today SBC Consulting helps raise funds ranging from 5 crores to 250 crores. Between all these issues, somehow Bhanu decided to remain a bachelor, reason being that he did not want another person to get into the different situation at home. His mother continued to find proposals and thencametheproposalfromawellwisherfromGokarna.ThephotowasflashedandBhanumadehismindto convincethegirlnottoaccepttheproposalstatingthesituation.AconfidentBhanufacedthegirlandwenton a brain washing effort explaining the situation at home, but to his surprise the “Sringeri” girl not only acceptedtheissuesbutalsoapprovedtheproposal.Ann.Kamalskhi,thebiggestsupportenteredBhanu'slife.
  6. 6. Rtn. S. Gururaj District Governor 2013-14 Rtn. Ron D. Burton R.I. President Rtn. S. Bhanuchandran President 2013-14 Rtn. Dr. Prahlad K. A. Secretary 2013-14 Rtn. Rakesh Babu .K .L Editor Printed at Tech Prints, Mysore - 570 005, Ph : 0821-2330380, 4289380 Email : techprints@rediffmail.com, techprints89@gmail.com About Us In-house Magazine Published by Rtn. Dr. Prahlad .K .A, Secretary, Rotary Mysore Midtown, JLB Road, Mysore - 570 024 EDITORIAL BOARD: Rtn. P. K. Ramakrishna Rtn. Sulaiman Sait Rtn. D. Srinivasan Rtn. Paul P. Harris Founder A science graduate herself, got into supporting the family from the first day she entered her in-laws place. She had refused a secure bank job before coming to Mysore. She has been the biggest support since then, the family had to face rough times and because of her financial prudence, Bhanu learnt to save small for a bigger cause. She is a positive minded person who motivates and inspires Bhanu. She relentlessly took care of Bhanu's bedridden mother for more than 18 years. Bhanu & Kamalakshi are blessed with a daughter who is pursuing her MBBS in JSS, Mysore. The darling daughter who resembles her father both in looks and intelligence is brilliant in academics, responsible person, creative and a goodcooktoo. Bhanu had 3 close pals right from college days before he got into Midtown. Rtn.Harish who was a valued 'investor' in Sunderbhans introduced Bhanu to the club during Siraj's period. He proudly remembers that he was inducted to the club by Dr.P.Narayana (who would eventually install him as the president of the club in 2013). Bhanu had an illustrious stint with Midtown; he has held the post of Club service director, Vocational service director, Secretary, Vice president, President elect and now the coveted post of President of the club. He is probably one of the most popular mouthpieces of Midtown. He along with Rtn.Raghu, have been involved in a unique initiative- R.A.C.E. More than 20,000 students, 7000 teachers and 2000 parents from all over the rotary district 3180 have been benefitted from the career guidance given by the duo. RACE has been one of the favourite activities that Bhanu feels proud of, other projects of Midtown being “Diksoochi” for its intellectual level and “Bhandavya” for its emotional quotient. He has anchored almost all the big ticket events of Midtown and is a regular for introductions, vote of thanks and of course Q&A. The “Wikipedia” of Midtown is a known source of data for many Midtowners. Being in a competitive field which demands lot of travel and in a business that is aggressively growing Bhanu is challenged to balance between professional life and Rotary life, but feels the support and warmth of Midtown would be his biggest asset during his tenure as a president. His dream project is to establish an educational institution which would identify the 'most deserving' students and provide free education. He adores the fellowship, commitment and abundant talent of Midtown. Quip: When Bhanu got the news of the new born daughter, he had to rush to his in-laws place near to Sringeri. He got into a bus and had to get down at a particular stop where his brother-in-law would pick him up. Excited Bhanu got down at a wrong point which was at least 2 kms far. The dark night & heavy rainfall made things worse. He somehow managed to reach the destined rendezvous all thru singing Kannada film hits. Dark night, raining, no street lights, thick forest area, deep valleys, no mobile and still he reached the place by walk, who says he can't see properly ???, where there is a will there is “vision” (punintended) Rotary Information AREAS OF FOCUS The Trustees of The Rotary Foundation have identified six areas of focus for the new grant model. These areas reflect critical humanitarian issues and needs that Rotarians are addressing worldwide. They will align Rotary with other internationaldevelopmenteffortsandwillstrategicallyfurther the Foundation'smission. Six Areas of focus : Peace and conflict prevention/resolution, Disease prevention and treatment, Water and sanitation, Maternal and child health, Basic education and literacy, Economic and community development. Next Week th 17 July Innerwheel Installation Hotel Kings Kourt 6.30 pm Please Attend Wedding Anniversary 11th July Life !! Rtn. Raju Baliga Courtesy Internet