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Research task no.1 milli lamptey


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Research task no.1 milli lamptey

  1. 1. 1. Research Task by Milli Lamptey
  2. 2. 1.Introduction to campaign and community • Campaigns are where you promote a product to try and get it some publicity so people will support it. It is also where you publicise an event, raise awareness of an issue in your area/community, educate people about your campaign and why you’re doing it and to provide a public service that is needed but isn’t there. • Community is an area with members in it who are part of the community. It is a place where people come together and help each other because they are in the same community. It also means that there are a lot of people in this community who help with things like campaigns which is why people do so many, so they can try and provide things that the community doesn’t already have.
  3. 3. 2.Conventions of campaigns • A catchy slogan • Images/pictures • A logo • Contact details on all media texts • House style • Persuasive features • Clear purpose/intention • Clear target audience These all help to attract people to the campaign and get them to support it.
  4. 4. 3.Campaign poster analysis It has the logo of the campaign on it- the NHS and this way people knows who is behind the campaign. Catchy slogan, helps people to remember what the campaign is about. It is catchy yet persuasive and draws in the audience. They have a house style and it is set out neatly and doesn’t look messy. The main colours are red, white and black. They aren’t bright colours which match the campaign because the campaign isn’t about a ‘happy’ or ‘bright’ subject and they want people to know that by using these colours. It has a clear purpose which is to make people realise how serious this situation is and that it doesn’t only happen with older people and teenagers but also young people as well. It helps to realise that words can affect people and this poster shows this really well especially with the use of the word ‘nutter’ and how it looks like because he has no mouth it’s like he can’t say anything back. It has a clear target audience and by the poster we can see that it is aimed at younger people, from ages around 6-11 from the child that we see on the poster we can guess that way. He also has a hoodie on which is also generally aimed at younger people. After some information it shows you where you can find more and it links you to a website. This is a good way to get people to know more about the campaign because if they feel like they don’t know enough information then they can look at the website. The child looks really upset which makes people feel sorry for him and this will make people want to help him and others so this is a really good technique.
  5. 5. 4.The issue of regeneration • Regeneration is where you develop a mis-used area or green space and make it into a community area. We need to focus on this because it gives members of the community more places to go. It also means that everyone on the community can get involved with it and help to make their area better. If we don’t regenerate and help our community then some people won’t have anywhere to go and do something. If people were to get involved then it would benefit everybody. Also there are quite a lot of spaces in community areas that aren’t being used and can be used for something positive instead of not being used at all. When there are new areas it will also make other people want to help do something similar with their community. There are lots of things that people and members of communities can regenerate. Green spaces can be generated into parks and playgrounds or even a youth club or community centre.
  6. 6. 5.Analysis of 3 campaigns(first campaign) SAFETY The cartoon ‘teddy bear’ which is imitating a real person has his headphones in and is looking at his cell phone therefore he is not concentrating on the road in front of him. The car has his headlights on and the image of the car is blurry which shows he’s trying to stop as fast as he can because he can see the ‘person’ about to cross the road who isn’t looking where he’s going. It has the slogan ‘STOP. LOOK. LISTEN’ which is seen on a lot of campaign poster and adverts because people often don’t do this. The writing is in bright yellow showing that it is important information for people to know and they want it to stand out. There is contact information on the side so people can ring up or visit the site to learn more information about the cause and what they can do to help people to listen to this campaign as well. They have used a house style which mainly only consists of the colours grey and yellow. The colours aren’t splattered everywhere which allows the audience to concentrate on the important parts of the poster. From the cartoon person and what he is holding and the fact he has earphones shows us that this campaign is targeted at younger people who are always on their phone and don’t look where they are going. The fact that they haven’t used a real person means we don’t actually know the exact target audience for this so it could also be aimed at everybody. They have the name of the company who made this campaign at the bottom so the audience can search for other things that the company has done and also if they want to know more about why the campaign was made.
  7. 7. 5.Analysis of 3 campaigns(second campaign) DRUGS They put the name of the website where people can find out more information about the organisation if they want to. They added the logo of their organisation so people know who they are otherwise they don’t know who made it and where they can go to get information. It’s in white and stands out from the rest of the poster so it’s clear to the audience. The slogan shows us the reason behind the image we see on the screen. It tells us how much drugs and ‘meth’ in particular can affect your behaviour and this will help to warn the people who see the campaign how much drugs can affect the state your mind is in. The image we see is quite shocking and scary especially as we can see the physical impact of what these two men have done and once people have seen this, they can notice how much you can hurt someone when you aren’t thinking straight. The house style has quite ‘damp’ looking colours because they use dull colours such as black, grey, and a worn out red. They have added white in there to try and lighten up the image and colours to make the writing stand out. One of the boys who is obviously on ‘meth’ has quite a scruffy looking appearance and has blood and mud all over his shirt which shows that he could have been doing the same thing to somebody else before this. This brings realisation to everyone that they could do this to many people before the drug wares off properly and this is a scary thought.
  8. 8. 5. Analysis of 3 campaigns(third campaign) POLITICAL They make use of red, blue and white which are the colours of the American flag so it brings the country in to the campaign to get more people to support it especially people who live in America. Barack Obama is looking up in hope as if he’s thinking about something or thinking about the changes he can make for the better of America. The fact that he isn’t looking straight at the camera makes it better for the audience because they don’t feel intimidated by him to vote for him or anything.The words ‘HOPE’ are in capital letters emphasising the point of the campaign which is obviously hope for America now that Obama is president and it stands out. Without this one word the poster wouldn’t have much of a point to it because it wouldn’t show what it is about. There is no logo which means that anyone could have made this campaign. It also means that they thought they put enough detail in the poster that they didn’t need to have any links for more information which is fine because the poster gets straight to the point. They have used a picture of a famous person, even though the campaign is about him, the fact that he is on it brings attention to the poster and the campaign because people want to know what it’s about once they see his face.
  9. 9. 6. Existing Community Campaigns In North Hertfordshire they made a campaign to transform the lister hospital in to a better hospital and it shows who is involved and it was all around that area about what was happening. Hereford and Worcester Action Group made a campaign for their communities against the mass burn incinerator which they felt would ruin the community. In Bedfordshire they made a campaign about the amount of woodland in different areas and how they could make the space more useful for these communities.
  10. 10. 7. Analysis of 4 existing community campaigns(first campaign) This campaign is a campaign against domestic violence. They have a phone number and a website to promote their campaign and people will be able to learn more about it. Before this campaign almost 170 cases of domestic violence occurred in Hertfordshire and around the area during August. After the campaign the cases of domestic violence in these areas were much lower. The target audience is towards people who need help to stop domestic violence especially older people around the age of 20-40 according to the pictures. The campaign was very successful in helping stop this and the cases of this soon lowered. Persuasive techniques they used were with the words ‘choose to stop’ and this drags you in. Also the word respect is quite persuasive because it’s telling you to treat other people with respect. The images are also persuasive because it makes it all a reality. The pictures of people on the phone make people who are causing this see that it is alright to try and get help and be the bigger person by getting helping and owning up to it.
  11. 11. 7. (second campaign) Before the campaign the rural part of England was misused and wasn’t being used for something helpful towards people in the community. However after the campaign rural parts were being redone and made into a useful space. They helped keep its tranquillity. The aims of the campaign were to protect rural England Bedfordshire and keep it’s diversity by ‘sustainable use of land and other natural resources in tow’. The target audience for this is people who own homes so older people because they live near rural areas. The campaign is very successful and they have helped to keep rural areas the same tranquil way and they are still running the campaign so you can see what you can do to help. They put in a bullet point list of ways to help and how to find out about them including other things such as other campaigns they run and the policies. There is a link to follow them on twitter which shows how far their willing to go for the campaign and keeps you updated. ‘25 years of standing up for Bedfordshire’s countryside’ this shows people how many campaigns they’ve done and how they’ve kept fighting for their campaign and what they want. They included their logo in bold so we can see who is behind the campaign and who runs it. Clear colour scheme of green and white which makes it look professional and presentable.
  12. 12. 7. (third campaign) Before the campaign there was a high number of parents who didn’t talk to their children about the effects of alcohol but after the campaign the amount of people lowered because the campaign brought awareness to people. The aim/s of the campaign is to get parents to talk to their children about alcohol. The target audience of this is parents/ guardians who don’t talk to their children about alcohol and how it can affect your actions. The campaign was very successful in lowering the number of adults who don’t talk to their children about the important subject of alcohol. Persuasive techniques used are colour, although it’s a very small technique it does attract people to the poster because the bright colours pull you in. It uses a cartoon picture of a family which shows us who it is aimed at and that this is the target audience. Although it is aimed at parents it’s also aimed at families as a whole who want their parents to talk to them about alcohol.
  13. 13. 7. (fourth campaign) Before the campaign many people didn’t take caution when driving fast. The campaign shows what effects can happen. After the campaign people started to listen and take notice and actually slow down if they were driving too fast to stop an accident happening or something else happen. The target audience is aimed obviously at drivers but from the picture we can see that it is aimed at young adults from the boy we see in the campaign. On the poster it also shows a police officer who has stopped someone for driving too fast and this shows the reality of what could happen to you if you did this. The campaign was successful because now there are less people who speed on the roads now due to the campaign. The colours are grey and yellow and this makes it a contrast between the two. It also makes the words in yellow more noticeable which is good especially since the writing is one of the main parts of the campaign because it gives you the most information. The writing is in bold capital letters which also brings out the writing and makes people notice it.
  14. 14. 8. Photos of areas in Baldock that are community areas.
  15. 15. 9. Areas around school that have been regenerated for student use.
  16. 16. 10. Photos of local places that could be regenerated for the community.