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Poster analysis katie mc evoy


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Poster analysis katie mc evoy

  1. 1. The way the font looks like it is painted on rocks, and with the word ‘heavier’ suggests that these things will be like saying ‘you have the weight of the world on your shoulders’. This is even further explained through the way the ‘0’ in ‘you’ has eyes and the tops of the ‘y’ and ‘u’ look like hands, suggesting that if ‘you’ have a problem then you’ll be the only person who will carry the weight of your ’problem’ of yourself. The way the writing and drawing looks like a child's handwriting, emphasises more that it is something a child could relate to and this is for children. It also gives you the shows you that this is for children and you’re not alone, as it uses child’s handwriting, this gives you the idea that children are going through the same thing as you. The use of green and red in the font, suggests that it’s a key part of the poster or company. For example the red font above the child line logo, suggests that it is important and it is their slogan. The way their website is in green and phone number in red, suggests that it is important for children to talk to someone about their problems, and its also in that colour so it stands out to the target audience. The way the word ‘problem’ is in bold and on the biggest bolder, suggests that will be the biggest worry no your mind. Therefore its saying if you don’t tell someone the problem will get heavier and it will get more difficult to try and balance it along with everything else. In the eyes of the ‘o’ they are looking to the right, which is looking at the child line logo. This seems like its saying ‘You, look to child line’. This way it makes children feel like they have somewhere to go and someone to talk to- child line.
  2. 2. The darkness in the room suggests that what the girl on the poster is going through is making her feel like she is alone. The darkness also suggests that she is very sad and the situation is making her feel like she has no-where to go about her problems. The way she is in one corner of a bedroom suggests that she feels alone and feels like she is being crowded by her thoughts and anxiety of being called names. The use of font, shows that she maybe confused and there is a change in tone on the poster. For example the way ‘princess’ is written in slim letters, with curled up ends. Then the contrast of bold letters with capital letters, suggests that when she is being called a ‘STUPID TART’, she is maybe being shouted at, or ‘he’ is angry at her. Having the logo at the bottom shows that if this happens to someone else, know that they’re not alone, and they have somewhere to go or someone to talk to for advise. Having the slogan on the bottom on the page, and in bold, shows people that it is what it is, also having it say ‘you don’t have to stand for it’ tells them that they can get help, or advise. The use of the website search box at the bottom shows that it is online advise so, you can get help there. It also shows that it is modern and digital. The use of pink on the poster, stereotypically targets the female audience. With the use of colour , it shows that it is for females to get advise for.
  3. 3. The ‘NHS’ logo is in the top corner. This is to show the company that is supporting this campaign. The facts and figures are an example of why they are doing the campaign and why they are trying to help people who smoke. Also having the logo of ‘smoke free’ at the bottom of the poster shows that they’re the separate company who are promoting the campaign. The target audience for this poster, would be female smokers, aged 18-30. As it shows a woman around that age range, with a hook going through her mouth and lip, suggesting that she is hooked on cigarettes. The text at the bottom says ‘Get unhooked’. This is implying to the hook through the woman's mouth and lip, it refers to getting unhooked from cigarettes. Having the number for the campaign at the bottom of the poster, suggests that they are there if people need advise, or help in this situation. Also, by having the website tells you that there is online help for the campaign. The use of white, suggests purity. In which it is tells you that if you stop smoking, then you will be free from all the possible consequences of smoking.