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Conventions of campaigns


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Published in: Education
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Conventions of campaigns

  1. 1. CONVENTIONS OF CAMPAIGNS Billboards- they advertise big brands on things like motorways in London or very often America where hundreds, if not thousands of people pass and see. Leaflets- they give more detailed information on the company or brand that posters wouldn’t necessarily give you. Leaflets are mainly used for businesses or companies, things with more information. Posters- theyadvertisebigbrands,movies,books,music,companiesetc.Theyare used everywhere, bus stops, shopping centres, train stations, outside cinemas or restraunts etc. The main feature is usually the picture because that attracts the audience then usually the logo is on there as it’s the second important feature. Then there’s the text is usually big and bold to catch people’s eyes.
  2. 2. Slogans- Not all brands but most have slogans, something catchy and short and un forgettable, something that sticks in your head. It’s also good if it rhymes because it makes it that much more memorable. Logos- every brandhas a logo,a logogivesthe customerssomething to remember the company by. Products are usually represented by their logos.