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Charles and joel feedbck letter


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Charles and joel feedbck letter

  1. 1. ©opyright Heroes Film house Baldock, Herts SG7 6DZ Web: 14th October 2014 Dear Charles and Joel, Thank you very much for your presentation dated 14th October. It was a good insight into your progress and ideas so far considering how you can help address the problem of digital piracy and intellectual property. From watching your presentation, I can see that you had some good understanding of the task and had researched the issue well. You had clearly planned your presentation and there was evidence of audience research. To be successful, we need more detail about your plans for your own campaign as part of our bigger project and far more links to the brief are needed We need to see your target audience being understood clearly with consideration why your product ideas are suitable for the audience. Joel spoke rather quietly and quickly which did make hearing his information quite difficult. Overall, I feel that the presentation had potential, with some links to the task and brief. I look forward to seeing how your ideas develop and how you take on board the advice given here and the feedback from those also watching your presentation. I look forward to the week beginning 9th December when I get to see the development of your campaign and some draft work. Remember to keep referring to the brief so you stay focused on the task. Sincerely, ESim On behalf of Copyright Heroes.