Rockhurst University Campus Master Plan


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Rockhurst University Campus Master Plan

  1. 1. Learn. Lead. Serve. Rockhurst University’s Master Plan for Campus Improvements
  2. 2. Strategic Planning • Over eight months, Rockhurst University, the Kansas City planning department and the community worked together to create a 20-year master plan for campus development. • These improvements are one part of the university’s 2007-2012 strategic plan. • The next slides will outline some of the major projects that will commence in the next few years.
  3. 3. Phase 1: Troost Avenue Parking Garage • This mixed-use parking garage will be just north of Rockhurst Road on Troost Avenue. • It will provide 400 parking spaces, in addition to bringing retail opportunities to the neighborhood. • This development will move cars off the street, tie in with public transportation and provide economic opportunities.
  4. 4. Parking Garage Concept Drawing – Northwest Side
  5. 5. Parking Garage Concept Drawing – Southeast Side
  6. 6. Parking Garage Concept Drawing – Southwest Side
  7. 7. Phase 2: Academic Building • The academic building will be built on the Rockhurst campus, on what is now a parking lot. • It will feature a 500-seat lecture hall, black box theatre and faculty offices. • This will be a modern academic space that will enhance instruction and promote interaction spaces that keep students engaged.
  8. 8. Phase 2: Residence Hall • A new residence hall will also be built next to the new academic building. • This will provide more space for our growing population of students.Allowing them to live on-campus means they have more opportunities to be involved at Rockhurst. • The residence hall will also feature up-to-date amenities.
  9. 9. Academic Building and Residence Hall Concept Drawing
  10. 10. Phase 3: Sedgwick Renovations • Sedgwick Hall was the first building on the Rockhurst campus, opening in 1914, and it is an iconic symbol of the university. • After the new academic building is in place, Sedgwick will undergo restoration. • It will become the home of several administrative offices. • Its entrance to Troost will be restored and made accessible.
  11. 11. Strategic Planning • These physical improvements are being undertaken as part of the university’s overall strategic plan. • The critical issues laid out in that plan are: – Transforming lives consistent with core Jesuit values – Enriching and building community – Ensuring financial strength and infrastructure strength – Establishing Rockhurst University’s identity and increasing public awareness